These 7 signs in the palm of your hand are signs of an ideal husband

Once, 5 years ago, a girl called me and in an alarming voice began to talk about her problems … She really wanted to get married. And since she had been burned more than once in this matter, she decided to contact me so that I could choose the most successful, talented, intelligent, funny, generous, loyal …, in general, the most ideal out of the three applicants.

Of course, I could not come and start examining the hands of men, it would be very strange, so I decided to write her a mini-instruction on which you can make a portrait of an ideal man. So…

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1. Long finger of Jupiter / index finger should be higher than the finger of Apollo / ring (1)

Jupiter’s long finger endows the satellite with extraordinary penetrating power, it will be active, independent and self-confident. At the same time, he will not allow himself to be guided and in any situation will strive to play the role of a leader. This person knows how to look at the situation from the outside and observe, as a result of which he comes to balanced and correct conclusions.

Yes, the material component of life is important for them, since for them it is a guarantee of their security and stability.

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2. The long finger of Mercury / little finger should be higher than the fold of the first phalanx of the Apollo / ring finger, or equal to it (2)

With such a finger length, a man is able to easily self-actualize in life. Here a love for languages ​​and verbal communication is expressed, he will also be very witty and will have increased sexuality. They make good organizers who, with the help of their eloquence and natural charm, can inspire people to take certain actions. They are excellent storytellers, able to easily gain trust and become the soul of any company. These are merchants from God who can sell anything and benefit from it.

3. Rounded heart line (3)

If you see a rounded, curved heart line on your hands, then such a man will vigorously express his feelings and emotions, mainly focused on family, long-term relationships.

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4. Ideal line of fate (4)

If the line of fate is even, clear, departs from the bracelets and rises to the center of the hill of Jupiter, then a man endowed with willpower and strong character will be marked with significant merits. Such men are born in order to go beyond their contemporaries thanks to their immense energy, ambition and determination.

5. Smooth, crisp wrist bracelets (5)

Be sure to pay attention to the man’s wrist, there you will find 3 bracelets that should not be defective. The first is an indicator of good health and excellent fertility. The second bracelet indicates material wealth. If the third bracelet looks straight and well-defined, then this indicates one great love of a lifetime. The relationship with a partner will be held in love and harmony, without scandals and quarrels. If all the bracelets are parallel to each other and clearly marked, then you will have a prosperous life with your loved one.

6. Money triangle (6)

The most sought after and desired sign on the hand. It is formed by the intersection of the line of Life, the line of the Head and the line of Destiny. If the money triangle is clear, the lines are deep, then in this man’s hand, there will definitely always be money.

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7. Loop of humor (7)

If you are looking for a man with an unconventional sense of humor, then pay attention to the Loop pattern, which is located between the finger of Apollo and Mercury. If such a pattern is present, then your man walks through life with humor, he will always be optimistic, because his nature requires that activities in his free time be exciting and memorable. With such a man, you will definitely not be bored.

After reading the instructions, my client did not find all 7 characters in her companions, but she identified a partner according to her needs and interests. They have been living in perfect harmony for 5 years already.

Lovely girls, remember in order for a man to have an incentive to be ideal, you yourself need to try to correspond to the female ideal

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