TikTok makeup – popular trends of 2021

TikTok is one of the most popular platforms that sets trends for teenagers and dictates fashion rules for all young people. That is why most of the fashionable makeup options came from short videos where professionals and amateurs try to create something interesting. Which TikTok trends are worth repeating and which can be used in life, we will tell you in this collection.

Cute freckles

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While some have spent their entire lives trying to get rid of red spots on their face and get an even skin tone, others are trying all kinds of different ways to paint them. The fake freckle trend has become one of the most popular on social media as it makes the look cute and cartoonish.

To try this idea for yourself, you can use a tan pencil, hair spray paint, or a freckle marker. There are also special temporary tattoos that allow you to get a natural and lasting pattern in a couple of minutes. If you are going to a party, you can make freckles out of glitter glitter in gel format.

Lines of youth

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One of the healthiest trends at TikTok is rejuvenating makeup to freshen up your face and hide wrinkles and signs of fatigue. Its essence is to draw with a light concealer “lines of youth” – directed diagonally upward from the edge of the lips, outer corners of the eyes and wings of the nose, and also directed downward under the eyes to mask bruises. Thus, you can improve the look of your face in a matter of minutes, even without foundation.

To successfully bring this idea to life, you need to find the right concealer. It should be 1-2 tones lighter than the skin, so that even after oxidation it retains the freshness effect. It is also worth choosing a product with a light consistency that can be easily shaded and which does not accentuate peeling and fine wrinkles.

Blush fans

Perhaps blush is the favorite product of TikTok make-up artists. It was they who created a frenzied demand for cream blush in tubes and made everyone fall in love with monomake-up. This trend is perfect for every day, because it takes a minimum of time, allows you to slightly adjust facial features and is suitable for people of all ages and color types.
7 TikTok makeup trends to try

To make a mono make-up, just use your fingers to apply pink blush on the eyelids, cheeks and lips, and then complement the image with mascara and eyebrow gel. If you want something brighter, add blush also on the bridge of the nose and decorate everything with fake freckles.

Watercolor paints

2021 introduced the fashion for bright and neon shades in eye makeup, and TikTok users went further. Using bright, well-pigmented pastel eyeshadows, they create watercolor patterns on the lids and around the eyes. Thanks to this, it is possible to create a modern image that combines tenderness, courage and creativity at the same time.

If you want to repeat this makeup, pay special attention to the shading. The edges of each color should be invisible, smooth and fade as smoothly as possible. To achieve this result, you should use clean fluffy blending brushes and be patient.

Multicolored eyes

Who said eye makeup should be the same? The trend for multi-colored eyes was set by Harley Quinn, but bloggers successfully integrated the cinematic image into life and began to experiment. This option is perfect for a party, an evening walk with friends or for bright shots during a photo shoot.

For maximum contrast, use very rich professional shadows in bright and neon shades. The combination of yellow and pink, orange and green, blue and pink looks great.

7 TikTok makeup trends to try

Arrow – like art

The black sharp arrow is too boring for the restless TikTok bloggers, so they decided to complicate it a bit. So there were double or neon arrows, arrows in the form of a flame or repeating the contour of the movable eyelid. There are a lot of options, because each author of the video is trying to come up with a unique pattern, and celebrity makeup artists support this trend.

To create an interesting arrow yourself, you need an eyeliner-felt-tip pen in black and any bright color. Choose rich options that create a contrasting streak from the first movement. It is also worth practicing so that the line turns out to be even and the same in both eyes.

Makeup makeup

Makeup is one of the types of modern art that allows you to try on different images and reincarnate every day. That is why in TikTok you can see thousands of videos where guys and girls demonstrate their talents, in particular, they create makeup on their favorite hero’s face, paint fruits or reproduce incredible pictures.

To try yourself in art make-up, you need to have a great desire to learn this, a lot of patience and a basic set of the artist – a large palette of bright shadows, a base for makeup and pencils of different colors.

Feel free to experiment. In the vastness of TikTok, you can find many trends with useful life hacks, interesting ideas or inspirational works. They will make your makeup more interesting, and your image bright and stylish.

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