Titanic – a new image of the main characters

As part of the Star Experiment project, we decided to present what the main characters of the film would look like in modern times.

The love story of Jack and Rose from the movie “Titanic” is familiar to many. This pair is truly synonymous with sacrifice and sincerity. Despite the fact that the film was filmed in 1997, many revisit it in the current 2020, falling in love with the heroes again and again.

The first look is Jack in a modern style of clothing that reflects his creative yet ambitious nature.

Jack option 1
Option number 1

Next to such a Jack, Rose could look like this. Trying on a light and slightly sloppy look, the heroine of the film possessed just such a character.

Rose option 1
Option number 2

Jack, in turn, could have looked different. A brutal leather jacket would emphasize the hero’s impudent character and his rude lifestyle.

Jack option 2
Option number 3

Rose, in turn, could look feminine and sophisticated. Because in the original, the heroine makes just such an impression.

Rose option 2
Option number 4

And this is how the heroes might look at a modern party. By wearing matching suits, they would create a great drop bow. Jack could try on long hair, and Rose could have a slightly funky, scruffy high ponytail.

Jack and Rose
Option number 5
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