Top 10 highest paid jobs for women

Earlier, as soon as it came to women’s professions, stewardesses, nurses, educators and cooks came to mind. Times change. Today, no one will be surprised by a woman – the head of a serious company, a woman driver, a pilot and even a president. The division into male and female professions (with the exception of those that women are not physically capable of) is in the past. And the key points for modern girls when choosing a future profession are prospects and salary. And, of course, interest in the work itself – how much without it.

COLADY presents the top 10 highest paid jobs for women for 2021-2022.

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  • Top managers
    Or, to be honest, rich but tired workaholics. Company directors, bank chairmen, etc. Positions are very, very “profitable” – salaries will be enough not only for sandwiches with caviar, but also for “making dreams come true.” Of course, it will not work just like that to “jump” up the career ladder to the head of, for example, a bank. The requirements for such positions are quite high – economic higher education, a certain age, solid work experience (about 10 years) in the relevant field, fluency in English and, preferably, a couple more languages, etc.
  • IT specialists
    Not only men today represent specialists in the field of programming – girls are already quite successfully competing with them. The profession in our time of high technology is more than profitable, and the demand for professional employees from this area will only grow in the coming years. Particularly valuable are the level of professionalism, the availability of international certificates (proficiency in programming languages). A big plus of the profession: the higher the talent level of a specialist, the more “concessions” to him in the form of a free schedule, uniforms, etc.
Top 10 Highest Paid Professions for Women 2021-2022
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  • Internal Communications Manager
    As for these specialists, the demand for them is high, as a rule, at large enterprises. The main functions are the formation of a corporate style, work on establishing contacts “management-subordinates”, maintaining employee loyalty to the company itself, etc. The requirements are also very clear and severe – serious experience in projects for maintaining / developing internal communications, knowledge of all the features of personnel audit, experience (often) in the preparation of corporate publications, the ability to work in a large team, etc.
  • Accountant
    A profession that will be in demand for many, many years to come. Functions: financial accounting of property, calculation of fees, taxes, control of internal / external salaries, maintaining an accounting archive.
  • Lawyer
    Again, always a highly demanded and highly paid job. The most lucrative position is a derivatives lawyer (functions – financial documentation of production). This position today is the most scarce and, accordingly, in demand. Requirements for a candidate for the position are experience and relevant education, knowledge of languages ​​and (including international) legislation, as well as the ability to support agreements with foreign investors.
  • Makeup artists, stylists, manicurists, beauticians, etc.
    Fashion and beauty workers in salons and fitness centers. With a certain work experience, talent, reputation, the presence of its own circle of clients and the device in a respectable place.
Top 10 Highest Paid Professions for Women 2021-2022
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  • Marketer
    Functions – promotion of goods by professional methods, market analysis, development of an advertising strategy, promotion of a company brand, etc. That is, work to identify a buyer and deliver information about the company to him. The main requirements are work experience (serious) and recommendations. Oddly enough, education does not play a significant role – according to statistics, a good specialist may not have an economic education at all.
  • Logistician
    The task is to track the goods in stock, store them and deliver them to the right point at a certain time and with a minimum of time and financial costs. The profession is modern, in demand, well paid. Requirements – responsibility, experience.
  • Account Manager. An interesting job for a woman, a high chance of career growth, communication with colleagues.
  • Purchasing manager. Responsibilities – quality control of goods at the enterprise, monitoring and analysis of market pricing policy, selection of suppliers. Requirements – special education (trade), the ability to make instant decisions, an analytical mind, knowledge of the basics and nuances of the customs system and logistics.
Top 10 Highest Paid Professions for Women 2021-2022
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And, of course, it is worth noting other “profitable” professions and occupations:

  • Organization of your own business (women are doing well today – for example, a wedding agency, a fitness center, workshops, etc.).
  • Fashion industry, show business (actresses, singers), work in glossy magazines, on TV or radio.
  • Personal tutors.
  • Designers (landscape, interior, web).
  • The sphere of tourism.

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