Top 6 budget highlighters – reviews of the best low-cost highlighters

Highlighter is a miracle tool that can add shine, glare and volume to makeup, and highlight accents.

Highlighters are available in liquid, cream and dry. Today we will focus on the latter.

Budget highlighters

What should be a good highlighter?

A quality product of this kind should have a pleasant texture, a range of popular shades – and, in my opinion, not have large sparkles. Delicate glow should be achieved through shining microparticles.

And, of course, the low price always pleases – especially if the product is good.

Here is a list of dry highlighters that meet these requirements.

1. Estrade

This highlighter is often compared to a more expensive product – the legendary Mary Loo Manizer from the Balm.
However, unlike Mary Lou, which costs about 2,000 rubles, a highlighter from Estrade can be purchased almost ten (!) Times cheaper.


Like its more expensive counterpart, the highlighter gives the skin a delicate and natural glow, has finely ground glitter in its composition, which makes the makeup look more noble and elegant.

Cost: 200-250 rubles

2. Catrice

The German manufacturer of inexpensive but very high quality cosmetics also released a highlighter – High Glow. The product is presented in large volume (about 10 grams).


It is highly pigmented for a strong and intense shine, which is especially suitable for lovers of bright makeup, as well as for use in a photo shoot.

Important! However, the highlighter does not have a transparent texture, but includes a white pigment in its composition, therefore, when applied to the skin, it is better not to layer it.

Cost: about 350 rubles

3. NYX

DUO CHROMATIC by NYX is a unique product with an interesting texture and unusual effect on the skin. As the name suggests, the highlighter is a duochrome. This means that it contains particles of several shades that make the highlighter shine beautifully when applied to the skin.


The product has a rich palette of shades, including tones that are suitable for blondes, brunettes and red-haired girls, as well as shades for creative makeup: blue and lavender.

Product cost: about 850 rubles

4. Pupa

The product has an interesting texture: half cream, half dry. This makes it easy to apply (the highlighter lays down pigmented, but at the same time in a thin layer) and increases the durability.


The dry highlighter of this brand is presented in the three most popular shades, suitable for girls of different color types.

Convenient packaging is equipped with a small mirror, which is quite rare for highlighters.

Cost: about 800 rubles

5. Belordesign Smart Girl

The product gives the skin a delicate glow, which is very important for natural make-up.

Belordesign Smart Girl

The product gives a somewhat satin glow, which is achieved due to the fact that the highlighter contains both shining particles and a pearl shade. Thanks to this, the highlighter smoothes the skin, invisibly fills the enlarged pores.

Suitable for use on the neck and collarbones.

Price: about 400 rubles

6. Elf

The highlighter has a somewhat “dry” texture, so only a small amount of this product can be applied to the skin.

However, it is very suitable for lovers of inconspicuous makeup, or girls with very fair skin.


The product has a fairly large volume in the package, and it is consumed very slowly, which makes its use extremely economical.

Cost: about 350 rubles

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