Tough guy Ed Whitlock set 2 world records for the most veteran veterans (80+) in the 5K and 10K!

Celebrity runner Ed Whitlock continues to expand our understanding of human capabilities.

After Whitlock broke the 80+ marathon veterans’ world record in the spring, Ed attacked track world records at the Canadian Masters Championships.

On June 18, Ed Whitlock ran the 10,000m in 42:59.16!

Prior to this, the world record in the 80+ category was 44:29.4 and has stood since 1988 (Ed Benham, USA).

On June 19, Ed Whitlock, after resting 25 hours, crushed the 5000 m world record – 20:58.12!

As a result, Ed Whitlock runs 10000m at a pace of 4:18 min/km, and 5000m at a pace of 4:12!

It’s fast! You can check for yourself 🙂

So, dear runners and runners, there is absolutely nowhere to rush, we all have plenty of time to get ourselves into excellent running shape! Ed Whitlock is 80 years old.

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