Treatment of stuttering in children – how to help a child cope with logoneurosis?

Treatment of stuttering in children - how to help a child cope with logoneurosis?Not everyone is familiar with the term “logoneurosis”. As a rule, they first learn about it by studying the causes of stuttering in children, because logoneurosis is one of its forms, arising on the basis of neurosis or other “push” reasons. It manifests itself as stuttering in general, with a delay in words, syllables or sounds.

What if such a diagnosis was made to a child, and is stuttering treated at all?

The content of the article:

  1. When to start treatment for stuttering in a child?
  2. All treatments for stuttering in children from 3 years of age
  3. Therapy of severe logoneuroses in a child
  4. Massage in the treatment of stuttering in children

When and how to start treatment for stuttering in a child?

In most cases, logoneurosis is characterized by inconsistent manifestations – most often, it makes itself felt in a stressful situation, with psychological discomfort in communication, and so on.

But it is important to understand that …

  • Logoneurosis, in most cases, is accompanied by other neurotic disorders.
  • If untreated, stuttering persists for life.

Games, exercises and folk remedies for stuttering in a child at home – what will really help get rid of logoneurosis?

When to start treatment?

Even a small “bell” expressed in the symptomatology of logoneurosis is a reason to see a doctor.

There is no need to wait for the “alarm” – consult a doctor before the symptoms have taken hold!

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How is logoneurosis treated?

Given that the treatment of this disorder should be complex, one should contact not one, but several specialists at once. Among them:

  1. Psychotherapist. Its tasks include: “dig up the root of the problem,” help the child eliminate anxiety, help build new communication skills, taking into account the violation, and teach how to relax.
  2. Neurologist. The main tasks: making an accurate diagnosis, referral for MRI, rheoencephalography and EEG, prescribing drugs.
  3. Speech therapist. This specialist should help the child to relax, eliminate speech defects, help in the formation of the correct breathing and articulation technique.
  4. Psychologist. His task: to build the right relationship between the baby and the parents, as well as lead to help the child stabilize his psychological state.

In addition, you may need to consult a physiotherapist, massage therapist and reflexologist, and even an acupuncturist.

The child stutters – what are the reasons, and how to help?

How is stuttering in children treated?

All treatments for stuttering in children from 3 years of age

Stuttering can be cured only through the complex work of parents, specialists and teachers. Any “weak link” in the process of treatment pushes the successful result into a distant box and resets the applied efforts to zero.

Therefore, the issue of getting rid of this violation should be approached with full responsibility, providing the child not only with the correct treatment prescribed by specialists, but also providing an appropriate microclimate in the family, as well as choosing a class (group) in school or kindergarten, in which the teacher will understand the importance of teaching the child based on the diagnosis.

Among the classic methods of dealing with logoneurosis, the following can be noted:

  • Respiratory gymnastics (approx. – according to A.N. Strelnikova, etc.) It is needed to control breathing, articulation apparatus, vocal cords. The main requirements for gymnastics: a gradual increase in intensity and complexity, consistency for the formation of a stable reflex, stability and continuity of the course, taking into account the age and characteristics of the baby.
  • Drug therapy. The goal is to improve metabolism and normalize the blood supply to the nervous tissue, stabilize the functions of the nervous system, and reduce the activity of the focus of excitation in the region of the brain.
  • Speech therapy massage. Purpose: switching the main excitation by acting on certain points of the body, eliminating increased excitability of all speech centers, restoring speech regulation. The earlier you start the massage, the more effective it will be. Classic scheme – 3 courses of 15 procedures. Between the first and second course – two weeks of rest. And before the third course, you need to pause for 3-6 months. Next, you should repeat the massage course every six months for the next few years.
  • Speech classes with a speech therapist. As for the set of exercises, it should be developed individually for the child after examination and determination of the degree of pathology.
  • Logorhythmics. It is used as an additional therapy to the main classes of a speech therapist.
  • General health promotion: physiotherapy and sleep / nutrition, climatotherapy, baths, hardening, walks, gymnastics and physical activity, etc.

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Other techniques used to treat stuttering include:

  1. Created for children, special computer programsapproved by experts. The task of such programs is to influence the children’s speech apparatus through playing with a simulator. Recommended programs include Demosthenes, Speak gentle and Dr. Fluency, Breeze Maker. The greatest effectiveness of programs is observed when they are used at the very beginning of the disease. You need to do it with your children. The developers promise positive dynamics after a couple of months of constant training on these simulators.
  2. Hypnosis. This method is usually effective in cases of precisely neurotic forms of stuttering. Treatment is usually effective if the baby does not stutter while under hypnosis. Then the specialist can “load” the key speech therapy rules into the kid. Experts do not recommend using this method for babies under 7 years old. Important conditions for hypnosis: matured psyche of the child, careful choice of a professional (reputation, treatment in the presence of parents, etc.), further studies with a neuropsychiatrist and speech therapist to consolidate the effect.
  3. Aromatherapy… One of the relaxation techniques.
  4. Alternative psychotherapy.
  5. Sand therapy. In this method, relaxation occurs through playing with sand.
  6. Art therapy. This includes all types of creativity that allow the child to relieve stress, calm down, express himself.

Also, when correcting and treating, methods such as a course of relaxing baths, meditation and yoga, reflexology and acupuncture can be used.

The child started to stutter - what to do?

Therapy of severe logoneuroses in a child – drugs that a doctor can prescribe

Drug therapy for the treatment of complex logoneuroses is carried out exclusively in special cases and, of course, in combination with other methods.

What can a doctor prescribe?

  • Piracetam or Nootropil. Task: inhibition and suppression of pathological foci of excitation in the corresponding centers.
  • Tranquilizers. Action: powerful effect on the central nervous system. There are side effects and many contraindications. Babies under 6 years old are not prescribed them.
  • Sedatives. They are also used for the younger age group. Among the sedatives – valerian root, motherwort.
  • Homeopathy: Tenoten.
  • Anticonvulsants.

Also, the doctor may recommend:

  1. Electrophoresis in combination with antispasmodics or potassium iodide.
  2. Psychostimulating therapy.
  3. Electric sleep.
  4. A course of baths with oxygen, pine needles or carbon dioxide.

How to treat stuttering in young children?

Massage in the treatment of stuttering in children that can be done at home

Among the main methods for correcting speech, massage is distinguished as one of the most effective methods of treating logoneurosis. It is not only useful for the general strengthening of the body, but also plays an important role in the normalization of the speech center and relieving muscle tension.

Two types of massage are used in the treatment of stuttering.

Option 1: acupressure

Simple, useful, gives good results after the first course. You can do it at home after small courses with a professional.

  • The principle of massage: the effect of the fingertips on certain points by means of circular movements.
  • What will we activate? 17 points on the face and back.
  • Number of procedures in the course: 15.
  • Course outline: 4 lessons daily, then – execution every other day.
  • Number of courses in the first year of treatment: 4.

To consolidate the result, you need to repeat the course of treatment after a pause.

During the year, you will need to undergo a massage course four times.

Option 2: segmental massage

This type of procedure involves targeting the speech muscle.

  • Performed only by a certified specialist.
  • The scheme of procedures is built in increments: from 5 minutes and then up to 12 minutes.
  • The course is repeated for chronic stuttering.

This article is by no means a substitute for the doctor-patient relationship. It is informative in nature and is not a guide for self-medication and diagnosis.

If in a child you notice signs of stuttering or logospasm, speech impairment – seek the advice of a specialist!

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