Tunercult Net Worth

Tunercult Net Worth

The Tunercult net worth has been estimated based on its revenue, which ranges from $10M to $25M on a gross merchandise value basis. Its products are primarily in the apparel category, which it competes with brands such as American Giant, Boathouse, Nick Fouquet, and Passenger Clothing. Its venture funding has contributed to its growth, and its valuation has been valued at $175 million.

Revenue in 2021 & 2022

Using a gross merchandise value (GMV) calculation, Tunercult expects its revenue to grow between $10M and $25M in the next two years. The company competes with American Giant, Boathouse, Nick Fouquet, Passenger Clothing, and Tiger Sports Shop. The company has both venture funding and a public stock market listing. Its revenue is expected to be between $10M and $25M.

Fourth-quarter revenue increased 46% to $90.6 million. The revenue for the entire year rose 119% to $422.5 millions. GAAP net income was $12.8million, compared with $5.3 million in prior year. The adjusted EBITDA rose 82% to $34.5million. Revenue for 2022 will be between $415 million to $445 million. The range of adjusted EBITDA is between $30 million and $35 million is expected.

With sales of apparel and accessories targeted at automotive fans, Tuner Cult expects to continue growing. Although this accessory and apparel company isn’t the biggest in the world, they do have loyal fans. Tuner Cult offers monthly giveaways to car enthusiasts. These monthly giveaways are expected to increase revenue. In addition to these products, Tuner Cult will offer free membership to a growing list of car clubs.

Selling price

Having an apparel and fashion business model, Tunercult has a gross merchandise value (GMV) of approximately $10M to $25M. The company sells apparel and competes against American Giant, Boathouse and Nick Fouquet. As a public company, the company has raised venture capital to fund its growth. But the company has struggled to increase its revenue, which remains below expectation.

Tuner Cult is a popular clothing brand for automobile enthusiasts. It sells apparel as well as accessories for motor vehicle enthusiasts. The company also conducts monthly giveaways of free prizes. You can sign up to become a member to support this company and purchase their products. However, before you purchase anything, be sure to check the company’s C.V. report to see whether it’s a trustworthy online store.

The CGS (Cost of goods sold) is a measurement of a company’s total costs. It includes direct expenses such as materials and labor, as well as costs for manufacturing overhead. It excludes costs related to sales force and distribution. Listed below are some of the common COGS journal entries. For those who are just starting out, the examples below will help you understand how they impact a company’s C.G.S. calculation.

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