Two unhappy love stories of Lera Kudryavtseva

Lera Kudryavtseva became a guest of the new issue of the show “Beware, Sobchak!” In an interview, she told a long story about her two unsuccessful marriages: the first husband cheated on her while she was carrying his child, and the second young mother married out of revenge, and he turned out to be a criminal … Read more in this article!

First marriage at 19 years old with a world star: “The guy immediately fell in love with me”

The 49-year-old TV presenter was married three times, and perhaps her most talked about love was Sergei Lenyuk, a member of the Tender May group. They fell head over heels in love with each other, they had a son, Jean, but two years after the wedding they parted.

Lera Kudryavtseva
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When the young people met for the first time, Lera was 17 years old, and her chosen one was 21. According to the guy, all the girls in the country are fans, and Valeria is still surprised that of all Seryozha remembered her.

The future lovers met thanks to their mutual friend:

“Then everyone listened to Tender May. Well that’s it! Therefore, of course, I was among them. And when the group “Laskovy May” arrived in Ust-Kamenogorsk, in my favorite town, my girlfriend, who studied in St. Petersburg, knew the director of the group. And she said: “Lera, I know Sasha! He will make tickets for us, we are going to the best seats! ”- said the actress.

And, with the company of underage teenagers, they went to the Sports Palace. And suddenly the director of the synth-pop group brought the performers to acquaint the visitors of the concert. The fans took the musicians’ autographs, took pictures (the significant frame has survived to this day!), And all went for a walk together.

Screenshot from the YouTube show “Beware, Sobchak!”

After the walk, Seryozha could not find a place for himself.

“He fell in love. Then there were no mobile phones or even pagers. We called on our home landline phone. And he flew to me in Ust-Kamenogorsk … And at some point, when I realized that I was pregnant, he took me to Moscow, ”said the blonde.

Lenyuk acted nobly: he was delighted with the child, put the 18-year-old pregnant woman with him, legalized marriage with her, and looked after the future mother of his child in every possible way.

However, with the birth of a child, their family life was not strengthened, but only collapsed. According to the girl’s story, she put up with her husband’s infidelities for a long time, but in the end, she could not stand it.

Especially her husband’s mistress brought her, who came to the pregnant Lera’s home and told in detail exactly how he cheated on his wife. After that, this girl even came to the wedding of Kudryavtseva with her second husband and tried in every possible way to spoil the celebration, for example, everywhere she “poked needles”!

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But the point is not so much in the numerous mistresses as in Sergei himself. The divorce proceedings lasted a long time and conflicted: as the ex-spouses shared earlier, Sergei and his mother forcibly left the child, Jean, and only after a while Lera was able to take her son. After this event, the father absolutely did not participate in the upbringing of the heir and did not even help financially.

It seemed that it was impossible to remain friends after such an act, but, as Sergey stated in 2018, he and the artist are not enemies at all.

“After the divorce, which took place more than a quarter of a century ago, we have maintained excellent, even friendly relations. I am not being cunning when I say that I wish that everything in Lera’s family was fine, ”Sergei said.

This was the girl’s first love: passionate, beautiful, but fleeting.

False second love: rapist and criminal

The second marriage also lasted only three years. But he was not for love, but for revenge … Great start to a dramatic story, isn’t it?


Matvey Morozov, the dancer’s second husband, turned out to be a swindler and a swindler with a long legal history: it turns out that at the age of 17 he was already in prison for rape. But it is clear that when Lera stood in the registry office and swore eternal love to a man, she did not even suspect about his dark life.

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At first everything started beautifully again. The couple met in a rather unusual setting: Lera ordered headlights for her car, and her future husband was the owner of a car service. He took the girl’s phone and insistently began to call her. The lover achieved his goal: he gave the girl headlights, and they went to a cafe. Very soon, the couple legalized their relationship.

“I met Matvey, and suddenly I quickly decided to marry him – in spite of one dude from MGIMO … So he proposed to me a few months later, I say:“ Come on! ”… but I didn’t love him,” she frankly admitted female.

It turns out that she was never even interested in the life of her husband – she didn’t care about him:

“I then starred in the series“ Street of Broken Lanterns ”and lived in St. Petersburg. That is, I constantly wandered around Peter-Moscow-Peter-Moscow … We [с Матвеем] they have never been in the same apartment for a long time. He allegedly had some kind of business, but I didn’t particularly like him, and I’m not interested in how he makes money there ”.

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The time has come, and Lera nevertheless involuntarily had to find out what her husband was doing. Once Morozov was supposed to meet his wife from the airport, but could not. I called her and asked her to drive up to him by bus, they say, the police stopped him, he will tell the details later.

The girl, who could hardly stand on her feet after nine hours of flight and was hung with suitcases, arrived at the place. Matvey calls and asks to get into the car.

“I sit down, the door closes, and we only take two steps, and the doors open from both sides, they say to me:“ Calm down, sit still. ” Him at once [вытаскивают] from the car, face down to the floor, handcuffs, masks … In a second! ”- she shares.

And the husband was taken away. What to do is unknown.

“I climbed into the front seat with trembling hands, went home, called his mother. And this night I will find out all the details about what happened. His mother told me, and then the lawyers. It was a dissonance for me. I was so dumbfounded that I only brought him a parcel to prison once. And after that incident in the car, I never saw him again, ”concluded Valeria.

Today Lera is happily married to hockey player Igor Makarov. 2 years ago they had a long-awaited daughter Maria.

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