Types of abortions – which abortion is safer, make a choice

Pregnancy is a wonderful period in the life of every woman. But it is not always planned and desired. There are different situations in life that force a woman to have an abortion.

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The concept of “abortion” from a medical and philosophical point of view

Types of abortions - which one to choose?Medically. Abortion refers to the process of terminating a pregnancy. Distinguish spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) and artificial, implying medical intervention in the course of pregnancy. By the term of termination of pregnancy, abortion is classified into early (up to 12 weeks) and late (from 12 to 28 weeks). Termination of pregnancy after 28 weeks is called premature birth.

From the point of view of philosophy and morality. Abortion can be considered real murder… In the embryo, the neural tube forms as early as 21 days after conception. An abortion after 21 days is the deprivation of the life of a living human being, who feels and experiences terrible pain during the abortion process. It is not for nothing that sincere believers are categorically opposed to abortion.

Types of abortion

There are the following types:

Medical, or pill, abortion

Types of abortions - which one to choose?This is the termination of pregnancy, during which surgical intervention in the body of a pregnant woman is not carried out.

How is it carried out: The effect of medical abortion is based on the fact that when the medication is taken, the production of the hormone progesterone, which is vital for the development of the fetus, is blocked. This leads to spontaneous disclosure of the cervix and, as a result, the release of the ovum.


  • This method of termination of pregnancy is limited in time up to 7 weeks… In addition, despite the seeming harmlessness and safety, medical abortion has some side effects;
  • All drugs used in medical abortion are hormonal (mifepristone, mifegin, and mithyprex). Taking them leads to hormonal disruption in the body.

Side effects: headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.

In what cases is a tableted abortion indicated: recommended for young and not yet given birth girls with early pregnancy, since this type of abortion is characterized by a minimum list of negative consequences. Read more.

Vacuum abortion

Vacuum is also called mini-abortion. It is believed that this type of termination of pregnancy is more gentle than surgical, and has fewer consequences.

How is it carried out: It is performed without opening the cervix using a special vacuum aspirator device, which significantly reduces the likelihood of various complications after the abortion procedure. A special probe connected to a pump is inserted into the uterine cavity. The fertilized egg is literally sucked out of there.


  • This method of terminating a pregnancy is recommended when up to 8 weeks… There are a number of side effects;
  • It is characterized by a shorter period of patient rehabilitation in comparison with the instrumental type of abortion.

Side effects: inflammation, bleeding, infertility, etc.

In what cases it is recommended: A mini abortion is recommended for early termination of pregnancy (up to 8 weeks).

Surgical, or instrumental, abortion

Types of abortions - which one to choose?This is the most dangerous and, at the same time, the most common method of terminating a pregnancy.

How is it carried out: The cervix is ​​dilated with special instruments. And then the contents of the uterine cavity are scraped out with a surgical instrument (curette).


  • It is performed under anesthesia and ultrasound control;
  • Surgical termination of pregnancy by term is allowed up to 12 weeks;
  • This method is very imperfect, since there is a high probability of mechanical damage to the walls of the uterus, infection and rupture of the muscles of the cervix.

Side effects: infertility, bleeding, rupture of the cervix.

In what cases is it carried out: Recommended for later termination of pregnancy (up to 12 weeks).

What is the safest method of abortion?

Undoubtedly, the safest and most sparing for the female body modern method of abortion is medical abortion. The method became especially popular in 1990.

Benefits of medical abortion:

  • The possibility of terminating an unwanted pregnancy at the earliest stage, when the fetus has not yet formed;
  • The early term for this abortion avoids surgical intervention and does not injure the endometrium of the uterus.

The second most secure is a vacuum abortion.

Instrumental abortion – the most dangerous because of the need for surgical intervention, which very often entails negative consequences for the health of the female body.

Is it worth it – or not?

Types of abortions - which one to choose?Before making such a responsible decision, it is necessary to think well and comprehend the essence of the procedure. Lack of necessary living space, financial capacity and stability are not weighty arguments for getting rid of an unborn child.

The opportunity to have children is not given to every woman. Many married couples who have achieved a lot in life (financial position, career, prosperity) undergo treatment for years, spend fabulous sums in order to be able to get pregnant and bear a child.

Maybe not everything in life is as scary as it seems. Prosperity comes over time, and late pregnancy is not always successful. There will always be people who will be ready to help and support in a difficult situation.

This is not the case if the abortion is medically necessary. Modern methods of medical research make it possible to diagnose various abnormalities of the fetus in the early stages of pregnancy. In case of detection of intrauterine diseases and pathologies of fetal development, doctors strongly recommend resorting to abortion in order to avoid the birth of a sick or underdeveloped child.

Nevertheless, many women, even with this kind of threat, do not dare to have an abortion and refuse to terminate their pregnancy.

To have or not to have an abortion is a personal choice for every woman. But, before deciding on this procedure, it is worth weighing the pros and cons. Another conversation, if this is a forced procedure and the woman simply has no choice. Then you should pull yourself together and not delay the operation.

If you are in a difficult situation and need qualified advice, go to the page ( and find out the helpline or coordinates the nearest Maternity Support Center.

We wish you not to face such a choice. But if suddenly you are faced with this procedure, and want to share your experience, we will be glad to your comments.

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