types of modern families and their characteristics

In the modern family, not only has the traditional role of women changed, but the role of men has also changed. For example, in Western Europe they are no longer surprised if a man takes parental leave. Psychologists believe that it is important to be aware of how spouses perceive new situations, whether they are ready for a redistribution of family responsibilities and what leadership in your family depends on.

Social psychologists tell us what types of families exist in Russia.

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By the nature of the distribution of family responsibilities and how the issue of leadership is resolved in the family, sociologists distinguish the following classification of types of families in Russia:

  • Patriarchal type, earner husband.
    In such a family, the husband earns much more than his wife, but they have common interests. They have a great free time together. Psychologists note that with small ambitions of the wife, such a family will have a long and happy history.
  • Patriarchal type, golden cage.
    It differs from the previous version in the absence of common interests between the husband and wife. They spend time apart, and only meet in bed and in the kitchen. Such a model can suit a woman who is interested in financial gain for a long time.
  • Patriarchal type, loser husband.
    The wife earns more than her husband, but he considers himself to be in charge of everything. Of course, a woman is not happy with this situation, while a man develops an inferiority complex. Such a family is doomed to conflicts, the result of which is divorce or daily scandals.
  • Matriarchal type, wallet keeper.
    The wife earns more than her husband or equally, she herself manages the finances. For example, the wife makes a decision about the renovation, and the husband starts moving the furniture.
  • Matriarchal type, householder husband.
    The wife fully provides for the family, and the husband takes care of the household with the children. For a happy long-term relationship, it is important that this situation suits the husband in order to avoid an inferiority complex.
  • Matriarchal type, alcoholic husband or gigolo.
    The husband does not work, and if he does, he spends all the money on himself. The wife is not only the main earner of the family, but also the keeper of the hearth. See also: How to recognize a gigolo?
  • Affiliate type.
    Most ideal for most people. Both partners are working. The earnings itself does not matter, because the relationship is built on complete equality and trust. The family budget and household responsibilities are shared between both partners.
  • Competitive type.
    There is no main thing in this family, but there is a constant struggle for power. These families are built on adrenaline because of the reluctance to negotiate and compromise. Usually, self-centered individuals are involved in this type of family, but other people can come to this result for various reasons.

Now you know the definition of family type, and perhaps pay attention to fair distribution of responsibilities and duties… After all, the main one is not the one who decides, but the one who is responsible for the consequences of decisions.

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How to determine the type of your family – a commentary from a social psychologist

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To determine the type of family, it is enough to conduct a short observation of each of the household members in everyday life. It is always easier for an outside person to determine who is in charge, a man or a woman. He will analyze who is responsible for the distribution of roles, who controls the situation and who makes decisions.

In any social group, and the family, without a doubt, is such, there is a leader or a leader. He has followers, followers who share his interests.

  • In a matriarchal family, the leader is a woman.
  • In a patriarchal family, a man is the leader.

How to understand that a person is a leader in a family? Very simple: analyze the degree of his interest in the welfare of the household. The leader will always be more concerned about this than anyone else. Determine who is the leader in the family, man or woman, and you can understand your type of family.

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