Valentine’s name – numerology, psychology and origins

Each person has a name that influences the formation of his character traits and life events. What does the name Valentine mean? What will a woman so called be like? We asked these and other questions to experienced psychologists, esotericists and numerologists. Bologny’s editors share this valuable information with you!

The meaning and origin of the name Valentine

Name Valentine
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Valya is a primordially Russian criticism, which, fortunately, is becoming popular again. It is believed to have an Orthodox connotation. However, this name is of Latin origin.
According to the widespread and quite logical version, it is a derivative of the male name Valentine and means. In translation it means – “strength”, “influence”. But there is another version, according to which this name is translated as “strong” or “healthy”.

Valentina is a very beautiful gripe that is considered old-fashioned in the post-Soviet countries. However, today more and more mothers call their newborn daughters with it, and they are right! A woman with this name has a huge number of advantages.

According to astrologers, Valya, like no one else, is capable of virtue. Women like her are said to have big hearts.

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Specialists in the field of esotericism are sure that this name has divine energy. This means that its bearers have a special mission – to make our world better, kinder. The Valentine woman is a bright, affectionate person. She almost never experiences anger or hatred. In return, the Universe presents her with generous gifts in the form of life’s benefits.

Valentine Numerology

Numerologist of Bologny magazine Lyudmila Bakalina presented the female name Valya in numerical terms. What, in her opinion, will a girl with that name be?

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Dear Valentines! Your Destiny Number is 3.

You are energetic, purposeful and self-sufficient. You are able to quickly and efficiently adapt to any conditions. You easily achieve success in different areas of life thanks to your charm and charisma. You are lucky, therefore you are happy. People are drawn to your energy because they feel your strength. You have the gift of persuasion.

Also, the triplets are characterized by inexhaustible optimism. You do not like to plan for a long time, because you think that life is too unpredictable.

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Valentina’s character

The surrounding young Vali consider her a mysterious personality. She is kind, affectionate, but in no hurry to share her experiences with everyone she meets. Parents adore their baby and strive to pamper her. They cannot help but feel the energy of kindness that it radiates.

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As you know, many children at an early age show aggression towards animals or even towards each other. Valenka is an exception. On the contrary, she always seeks to protect the weak, and the bully and bully – to put in place.

One of its main advantages is the pursuit of justice. A young bearer of this name will never pass by an unfortunate person in need of comfort. She never hides her good intentions.

The bearer of this name has a well-developed speech apparatus, so she will gladly agree to spend time in the company of friends for several hours, exchanging information with them. However, boring chatter tires her. Towards the age of 20, the girl shortens the list of her social contacts.

Valentina has one more valuable quality – excellent logical thinking. She does not take on faith any information she has heard; she seeks to double-check it from a more reliable source. Despite her good heart, the bearer of this name is in no hurry to trust everyone. Since childhood, she relies on authorities, often her senior mentors become them.

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Such a woman will not allow the community to make the wrong decision, in her opinion. The desire for justice pushes her to prove her innocence. She is strong in spirit, persistent and purposeful.

In society, Valya is cheerful and playful. She likes to laugh, but if annoyed and upset friends come to her, she will share their negativity with them. They see her as a kind and loyal friend who will always listen and support. And the bearer of this name is a master of giving valuable advice to others. Vali’s friends know that she is wise and fair, so they often turn to her for guidance.

Despite having a strong core, Valentina is not prone to conflict. She can express her disapproval to others, but if they perceive her as hostile, she will end the argument.

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Family and Children

Young Valya, like all girls, dreams of a long and bright love. She closely looks at the representatives of the opposite sex to determine “the same”. Often falls in love too early and, unable to control feelings due to a young age, makes a mistake – early marriage.

Many Valentines get married several times, as they are often mistaken when choosing a life partner in their youth. The second marriage turns out to be more successful for them.

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For the bearer of this name in a love relationship, the sexual aspect is extremely important. She tries to be indispensable for her husband, so she agrees to any experiments in bed. Often they end in a furore for each of the partners.

Important! According to esotericists, Valentina will be able to conclude a successful marriage only with a man with whom she has good sexual compatibility.

From early childhood, the girl Valya loves to play as mothers and daughters. As a young woman, she often envisions how she will bring up her children. In fact, her mother is caring, affectionate and fair. She infinitely loves her offspring, but does not allow them to sit on her neck.

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Career and money

Valentina’s true mission is to bring kindness and justice to the world. Thanks to the presence of such character traits as tenderness, caring, attentiveness and compassion, she can become a first-class physician, even a surgeon.

The bearer of this name must work with people. She feels important when she helps them. He can also find a career in the field of public service and charity.


Valentine's name - numerology, psychology and origins
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In general, Vali is in good health. She is not susceptible to such common ailments as nervousness and migraine. Nevertheless, even she has an “Achilles heel” – the intestines. Due to irregular nutrition, the bearer of this name may disrupt the digestive function, hence – flatulence, heartburn, unpleasant belching, etc. The best prevention of intestinal diseases is proper nutrition.

And as she gets older, she may develop skin or lung problems. That is why it is recommended to give up bad habits, especially smoking.

Have you found a resemblance to yourself, Valentina? Share with us in the comments!

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