Valery’s name – psychology, numerology and influence on fate

It’s no secret that the fate of a woman and her name are interconnected. Numerologists noticed that the girl, named Valeria from childhood, has a number of character traits inherent in men. What is the reason for this? We turned to psychologists and numerologists to find out more about this name.

The meaning and origin of the name

Valery's name
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Lera, Lera are popular diminutive forms of the name in question. It is of Latin origin and translated means “power“,”health“.

Interesting! Valeria is a popular female form of the male name Valera, hence the formation of masculine character traits in her bearer.

It is understood that in the old days they called girls born without any pathologies, that is, physically strong. A few decades ago, newborn girls were extremely rarely called Lerams, but now this name is back in fashion.

The early assignment of this grievance to a girl is directly related to the formation of a strong inner core in her, popularly called “fortitude”. She is single-minded, patient, tenacious and fearless.

The Leray woman is patronized by the planet Mercury. That is why she demonstrates her leadership qualities to those around her from early childhood. The influence of this planet also determines the presence of character traits characteristic of men.

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Numerology named after Valery

Numerologist of COLADY magazine Lyudmila Bakalina presented the female name Valeria in numerical terms.

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Dear Valerie!

Your destiny number is 3. Threes are characterized by pronounced emotionality and excellent intuition. You have a great imagination, which is why you love to dream and fantasize so much. All Lera are endowed with a great sense of humor. They love to laugh and have an active time. They are very courageous, decisive, purposeful. They are not afraid of difficulties. They are sociable and eloquent.

Valeria’s character

The bearer of this name has a difficult character. In early childhood, little Lera often argues with her parents about what clothes she should choose today. Anyone will find a reason for unleashing a quarrel with household members.

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She is very mobile and emotional, loves to play catch-up, hide-and-seek or knock-out. Being in a team, he tries to dominate the rest. He proudly demonstrates his leadership potential to his comrades. They are often offended, feeling depressed after communicating with her.

Growing up, Lera gradually learns to control emotions and tries to restrain her internal energy. But, due to an overabundance of emotions, he can seriously offend others with a rude word or even action.

She is a contradictory nature, however, being in a comfortable environment for herself, she becomes calm and reasonable.

The carrier of this gripe is very strong, and not only physically, but also morally. This is due to the influence of the planet Mercury on it.

In the individuals whom she patronizes, over time, such character traits are formed as:

  • Fearlessness.
  • Purposefulness.
  • Shocking.
  • Assertiveness.
  • Leadership.

Valeria also has disadvantages. Among them are excessive vulnerability, resentment. If someone joked unsuccessfully, Lera will get very angry and may secretly harbor anger at the “joker”. She will not miss the opportunity to take revenge on him in the future.

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But that’s not all. She is quite capricious and fickle in her desires. Today Lera is cheerful and dreaming of a trip to Prague with friends, and tomorrow she is aloof and striving to retire. People around often offend the bearer of this name for her excessive contrast, but in vain, because such is her nature.

It is extremely important for her to make a pleasant impression on others. If Valeria tries to find the location of a particular person, she will work hard on her image and will not forget to practice the greeting speech.

Although, for such a spectacular and interesting girl like Lera, it is not at all necessary to fall asleep in a solarium and stand in front of the mirror for hours, choosing the best outfit. She radiates powerful feminine energy, so she is never left alone. Those around her strive to find their patron in her, as they intuitively feel her power and subtle feminine care.

Valeria organically combines 2 types of energy:

  1. Male fortitude.
  2. Feminine affection.

Marriage and children

You cannot call the bearer of this name amorous, nevertheless, with the onset of puberty, she seeks to regularly interact with men. She likes to communicate with them, exchange information and energy.

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At school, young Lera will surely fall in love with a high school student, she can suffer from unrequited love for many years. Having experienced this feeling once, it will keep the memory of it for life.

The first marriage can be concluded early, at the age of 17-25. In this case, there is a high probability of a gap between the spouses, and with a violent scandal. Having matured, Valeria begins to focus more on her mind, and not on feelings. Thanks to this, closer to 30 years old she chooses a man worthy of her.

It should be:

  • Fair.
  • Moderately funny (have a sense of humor).
  • Seeks financial enrichment.
  • Faithful.
  • Consistent.
  • Attentive and caring.

Due to Valeria’s excessive vulnerability, her first partner may leave. But the second will turn out to be more patient and loving. As a wife, she is practically ideal. She likes it when the house is clean, and the kitchen smells delicious food.

Lera is in no hurry to have children, she believes that first you need to make a fortune. Feeling solid monetary ground under your feet, he will agree to the first-born. She feels great love for her newborn baby, never leaves him alone for a long time.

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In her family, she is a leader, a leader. Requires respect for her person, she is very upset when household members do not appreciate her efforts. However, she herself reserves the right to neglect family needs in favor of work.

Work and money

Lera has excellent working capacity. She is tenacious, stress-resistant and very talented. She has excellent logical and analytical skills, as well as a good imagination and striving for beauty.

Important! The bearer of this name has very high chances of success in almost any type of activity, but subject to long-term work on herself in her youth.

Valery's name - psychology, numerology and influence on fate
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Professions that suit her:

  • Financial analyst or banker.
  • Mathematician, physicist.
  • Doctor.
  • Engineer.
  • Director of the enterprise.
  • Chief Accountant.
  • Editor, writer.

Revealing her leadership potential, Valeria becomes happy.

Valeria’s health

The carrier of this gripe is not prone to complex chronic diseases. She is patronized by the planet Mercury, hence – good physical shape and endurance.

If Lera has health problems, this is the result of her improper lifestyle, for example, the abuse of fast food. If you feel unwell, you need to adjust the daily routine, diet and develop good habits!

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Recommendations from COLADY:

  1. Sleep at least 8 hours a day.
  2. Be sure to have breakfast, but not hearty.
  3. Be outdoors often.
  4. Eat more vitamins and fruits.
  5. Exercise throughout the day.

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