Varia Ksenia Sobchak – guilty or not. Numerologist’s opinion

This bloody incident left an imprint on the fate of Sobchak, since indirectly she may well be the culprit of this accident.

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Because, perhaps, she was in a hurry to the airport. Probably, she was rushing the driver, who made the accident, which claimed two lives. Now all the hats are flying at the driver.

Sobchak birth card

In Sobchak’s Birth Card, not everything is as smooth and cloudless as everyone thinks at first glance. She has a karmic Code in the Destiny Codes and is very serious.

Here he is just in the period in which she lives.

Let’s go in order.

Tarot Numerology

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Now in 2021, her personal codes are 12 “The Hanged Man” and 21 “Peace”. What do they mean to her:

  • Code 12 is responsible for trips, the road already has a match. And this is also the Code associated with stress, depression, etc. Perhaps Xenia and a psychologist will have to visit, and more than once. Such events do not just pass without leaving a trace, without affecting the psyche.
  • Code 21 “Peace” is in the “Danger” channel again, a match. She was injured on the road. This channel gave her a warning to be careful this year, especially on the road.

The puzzle was fully formed in the forecast of the Codes of 2021.

Incident codes

What the Codes of the day of the incident say specifically for her, that is, October 9, 2021.

Code 18 “Moon”. The accident happened late in the evening, that is, in the dark, and also does not give a complete picture of guilt (even if she is guilty, it will be very difficult to prove it, since 18 gives secrets).

Code 18 participates in her in several positions:

  • the period of life in which she lives now;
  • The “Gifts” code (it will “blur” the eyes of anyone and come out dry from the water) has creative talents and the ability to convince anyone and prove her innocence.

Her Birth Code 5 “Hierophant”, most likely, became in an inverted negative position, since she is impossibly proud, hypocritical, caustic on the tongue.

She considers herself always right, often uses her official position for selfish purposes. Much has been given to her, but she will also be asked a lot.

Ksenia Sobchak

And the karmic task in her life is as follows:

“If fate rises to the top, do not do bad deeds and do not be proud of yourself, otherwise you can fall from the top to the bottom. You need to be honest with yourself and with other people. “

This is echoed by another karmic Code, which itself is karmic in any position, and here in her Birth Chart in a karmic position. And this is Code 8 “Justice”.

She has it in this period of her life (third). If she is guilty of something, then she will definitely be punished (even if not now, then definitely later).

This Code is her main and will remain until the end of her life. Do not think that I have an antipathy for Xenia. Fate had just disposed of her. And how she will correct or change it, this is her decision.

She also has Code 8 “Justice” in the “Stumbling” channel. That is, what you first need to pay attention to in life and not do anything illegal, what she will be most afraid of or what she will step on like a rake. There will be punishment already in this life, and this is the law of this karmic Code.

What Chinese Astrology Shows

She was born in the month of the Earth Dog and is now the month of the Earth Dog. The duplicate most often has a negative coloration. It is especially manifested more in that period of life when a person lives in it. She now lives in the monthly pillar.

The accident happened at about 21:00, and this is the hour of her “Noble Man” (a symbolic star in the form of a Pig). Therefore, even if she is indirectly guilty, nothing will happen to her. Here she was fabulously lucky. She remained alive and well.

These are my thoughts from the point of view of esotericism. And you want to, take into account, but you want not.

Share your reading experience.

I write on the stream and what comes to me I give out. Maybe it looks harsh at times, but this is a fact that cannot be closed and dismissed.

Why was Xenia compared to Efremov?

What I see is the same karmic lesson in this life, which they must go through without fail, otherwise fate will present it in the next life, but with a completely different color.


This article is based on studies of the date of birth and fate of a person according to the systems of Numerology Tarot and Chinese Astrology Ba Tzu, and has no hidden messages, discrimination or condemnation. Materials for research are taken from open and accessible sources on the Internet. The analysis is based solely on my knowledge, research and analysis, as a specialist in reading the fate of a person by date of birth and may not coincide with your opinion.

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