Veronica Castro Net Worth

Veronica Castro is a Mexican singer, actress, and former model. She is the mother to filmmaker Michel Castro and singer Cristian Castro. Veronica Castro started her career in television and was a star in many telenovelas as well as photonovelas. In 1988, she received the Silver Goddess “Leopoldo Meraz Award for Best Comedic Performance. Besides her acting, Veronica also recorded music, and has toured the world.

The net worth of the comedian and actress from Mexico is substantial. Her net worth was estimated at $30 million in January 2018. She is five feet one inch tall and maintains a toned body. Her net worth has increased significantly over the years. In the years ahead, Veronica Castro is expected to appear in more films. Castro, who is still single, lives alone in her Bosques de las Lomas home in Mexico City as of January 2018.

Veronica Castro was first known for her appearance in the Spanish version of “We Are The World”. In 1986, she released her ambitious album Simplemente Todo, which featured her most popular songs. Castro was a pioneer in Latin America’s MTV age. She played a role in telenovela Rosa Salvage, which became her biggest hit. During the 1990s, Castro recorded many singles. Today, she continues to host variety shows and appears on different television shows.

Although her children are her main source of income, Veronica Castro prefers to keep her private life a secret. She prefers to keep her private life secret as she doesn’t want to reveal whether she is married or divorced. She has two children with comedian Manuel ValdEs. Veronica Castro net worth is likely much higher than the sum of her other earnings. The Actress has made millions of dollars from her primary career as a Soap Opera Actress.

Aside from her acting career, Castro has also recorded several songs. In 1987, she appeared in ‘La Rosa Salvaje’ with Laura Zapata, which became a hit in Latin America. In 2006, she recorded a single titled ‘Por Esa Puerta’, which was a worldwide hit. She made a comeback in 2008 with “Chiquita Pero Picosa”. Later, she returned to Broadway with the Broadway play “Applause”.

Cristian Castro has a considerable net worth, earning income from various careers. Born on December 8, 1974, he is 5 ft. 5 in tall. He is a huge fan of heavy metal music and grew up in Mexico City. As a child, he was diagnosed with autism. He has received many awards for his work since then. This is a great accomplishment for an actor, but there’s more to come. He has earned millions of dollars!

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