Victoria Bonya about the world conspiracy, father and relationships

Now the ex-star of “House-2” Victoria Bonya lives in France and already calls this place her home. There, she runs an Instagram blog in two languages ​​with 7.7 million subscribers, runs beauty marathons and sells her own courses.

Victoria Bonya
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The girl flew to Russia for a very short time – to visit loved ones and celebrate the 41st birthday in their circle. But for a small visit to her homeland, the artist still managed to give an interview to Alena Zhigalova.

In the new episode of the show “Alena, Damn!” Bonya spoke about her personal life, conspiracy theory, relationship with her deceased father and 5G towers.

About 5G towers, coronavirus and “those who rule the world”: “It’s not so simple”

In the spring, Bonya immediately published a series of posts that instantly spread throughout the media and became scandalous. Her words were even discussed on the TV news.

In the videos, the girl spoke about the connection between the coronavirus and 5G towers, which negatively affect people. She felt that people around the world are too intimidated by the infection to then “vaccinate everyone and install the chips.”

Six months have passed, and Bonya is still associated with conspiracy theories. Of course, this interview was not without discussion of those words. “Are you kidding like that or do you really believe it?”– asked Alena. And Victoria replied that she was absolutely serious.

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It turns out that at first she spoke about this frivolously. I just read an article on the Internet and decided to share new information in my stories while driving to the store. But this caused such a resonance in society (the police even came to the girl’s home!) That Vika decided that something was wrong here. Someone wants to hide it. She enthusiastically began to study the information, and now she is absolutely confident in her position.

“Everyone just started talking about it, and on such a scale that it surprised and alarmed me a lot. Apparently, something is not right here. But I don’t just don’t believe in the coronavirus, but I don’t believe that it is something natural – I’m sure that this is some kind of leak from the laboratory, most likely even a biological weapon. Maybe the story of the coronavirus is connected with 5G, with this attempt to divide and count everyone. 10 years ago, a video was filmed at the Pentagon where Bill Gates says: “If we work right, we will be able to reduce the world’s population.” That is, they have it as a program! ”, – the artist convinces her interlocutor.

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And, in order not to be a “puppet” in the hands of people from above and not be monitored, the presenter noted that she would not switch to the new iPhone 12 and all other new models of smartphones because of 5G, and would use an old Nokia.

The girl added that she will not get rid of her home computer, but she will only connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi.

“I have six-meter walls, not a single connection catches. And I won’t let you hang 5G outside my house, ”she added.

Victoria Bonya 4
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The artist also touched upon a kind of “deep state” – “those who rule the world.” They say that it is they who, together with the World Health Organization, are engaged in human control and the development of coronavirus.

For those who don’t know, the Deep State is a conspiracy theory according to which there is a group of civil servants in the United States who influence world politics and to whom the presidents of all countries are subordinate. Allegedly, it is there that all decisions are made.

Victoria Bonya 5
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Bonya deeply believes in this theory and advises everyone to read about it. “Not so simple. There is something here “, – she concluded her reasoning.

About dad: “My sister and I were not told that he died for six months.”

In September, Victoria published a series of photographs of her dad in his youth, closing comments and delivering the sad news: he passed away. And even half a year ago.

“I have never felt so badly in my life. Blessed memory of my father, a kind and loving person. I will never forget our sneak meetings in the kitchen of our apartment when he came after work, and postcards in the mailbox with congratulations for every birthday! He loved us very much. Forgive me, Dad, for something was wrong, ”the artist wrote.

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In a tragic post, Bonya noted that his father had a different family for a long time, and he and his sister did not get along with his new wife: “Apparently, it was incomprehensible to me jealousy of my children, or excessive concern. But I don’t judge her. “

When the daughters came to visit their father, after a couple of hours she asked them to leave. She rarely smiled and “was always unhappy.” But Anatoly – that was the name of the man – still loved this woman more than life. He always listened to her, to the last he tried to reconcile everyone. He didn’t succeed.

The wife hid from the heiresses of her deceased husband the fact that her father passed away in March of this year, and did not let him say goodbye for the last time.

“I believe that not a single person has the right to make a decision to deprive relatives of the opportunity to see their relative on their last journey. This is very painful!”, – the woman wrote with bitterness that day.

“You know, I believe that every child and every family member has the right to bury their relative. Communicated, did not communicate – it doesn’t matter. Nobody has the right to deprive you of this. I think it was very ugly of her, ”she added in a new interview.

Victoria Bonya on the world conspiracy, relations with Marat Safin and her deceased father:
Photo @ victoriabonya

Despite the fact that the model was never particularly close to her father, she was extremely worried about his loss. Especially due to the fact that so much did not have time to tell him – in recent years the man suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and simply did not recognize his daughters.

“It hurt so much. I cried for several days in a row and could not calm down, I was hysterical. Then I read his interview, which they took from him many years ago, where he says that he is proud of his daughter … I am sorry that I did not have time to show him my child. After all, he really wanted to come to us last fall, ”Vika recalls, trying to hold back tears.

Screenshot from YouTube
Screenshot from the YouTube program “Alena, damn it!”

Although the girl recollected herself late, she felt her father’s departure almost immediately – during the ceremony, which is popularly called “communication with spirits.”

“I started doing all sorts of practices, working through my past, and I realized that there was a lot of things there after my father. And I worked, worked, and it turned out so strange that in July I went to Italy to do ayavasca, and my father came to me. And then I did not know about anything yet. Comes, and I tell him: “Dad, forgive me for everything! Sorry!”… And I start to cry. Just a fountain, I couldn’t even stop crying. If I wiped them, it would be possible to wring out. I apologize and cry. Minutes 30-40. And after this ceremony, I got up and thought: “Something is wrong”, and I asked my friend and journalists to find out. But it turns out that my father had already left then, ”the celebrity said.

About dreams, the man of dreams and Marat Safin: “I want a strong and strong family”

Finally, the businesswoman reacted to rumors about an affair with ex-tennis player Marat Safin, which arose after the stars went on a trip in September and actively shared joint photos.

“The way I laugh with him, I don’t laugh with anyone.”, – wrote Victoria in the description of their pictures.

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Vika has known Marat for a long time, but they communicated only on the Internet. And so, in the summer, a man wrote that he would soon arrive in Monaco. “If you come – write to me urgently, call me. We have something to discuss “, – the girl replied to his message. And they really had something to discuss.

And so, casual correspondence led to the fact that now he and Marat are best friends. They support each other in difficult times, help to find a mate, and even wanted to go to “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” – only Safin does not like television.

“He is so beautiful. I tell him: “Marat, do you understand that you are a sex symbol, a star, a legend?” He replies: “Everyone is tired!” And I told him: “Nothing, Marat. You haven’t met that one yet. ” Well, he’s such a handsome man! Now let’s go eat khachapuri, ”the girl laughs.

But Bonya preferred to answer all the tricky questions of Alena with a riddle. It seems – “no”, but it seems with a hint:

“- Did you have an affair with him?

– Why should I talk about it? Was I romantically involved or not …

– Everyone is interested in this question. You post photos of you with Marat, mysterious captions …

– Marat is my friend. We are friends.

– And nothing?

– There is friendship

– And over time, you became close?

– And what are you getting closer?

Victoria Bonya 9
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On such a wonderful note, the interview of the talented blonde ended, and finally Victoria Bonya spoke about her innermost dreams – so simple and sincere:

“I would like to find exactly the man with whom I will spend the rest of my life – powerful, strong, intelligent, spirited, decisive, my soulmate. For life. Here’s my challenge. If this is carved out of someone who is close and familiar to us, then why not. I want a strong and strong family. And I want to give birth to a son. “

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