Victoria Lopyreva is pregnant by Igor Bulatov

Victoria Lopyreva is pregnant by Igor BulatovVictoria Lopyreva, 35-year-old TV presenter and fashion model, is preparing to become a mother for the first time. The baby will be born in a clinic in Miami this spring. Rumors that Victoria was pregnant appeared back in September. However, until December, the ambassador of the World Cup did not confirm them in any way.

Now everyone is interested in who the father of the unborn child is, since Victoria refused to comment on this.

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Last week, on one of the beaches in Miami, Victoria Lopyreva was noticed along with a businessman Igor Bulatovwhere the couple enjoyed their vacation.

Only after that, Victoria admitted that he was the father of her child.

Victoria Lopyreva is pregnant by Igor Bulatov

At the same moment, a flurry of criticism fell upon them. The fact is that Igor Bulatov was married to Tate Karapetyan, daughter of a well-known businessman, founder of the Tashir company, Samvel Karapetyan… They have a common son, and 7 months ago a daughter was also born.

Apparently, the romance of Victoria and Igor began at a time when the former wife of a businessman was pregnant. The public was outraged that Victoria began a relationship with a married man.

The wave of criticism was supported by many famous people. These include Olga Buzova and Andrei Malakhov… Victoria herself hastened to respond to their attacks, explaining that Igor broke up with his wife before they began an affair with Victoria.

Andrei Malakhov said that most of all he felt sorry for Nikolai Baskov, with whom Victoria had a long-term serious relationship. Together they were preparing for the wedding, which Nikolai so dreamed of, but postponed it for a year and a half. To which Victoria gave her answer. She and Nikolai have not been in a relationship for over a year. This was also stated by Nikolay Baskov, adding that despite this, they remained good friends. Nikolai even managed to congratulate Victoria on her future addition.

Everyone was puzzled not only by the fact that Victoria had taken away a married man, but also by the fact that she and Tata were good friends. Thus, it turns out that Victoria stole her husband from her friend. But, according to Victoria herself, they have never been friends and saw only two or three times at various events, but they have known Igor for about 10 years.

viktoriya-lopyreva-beremenna-ot-igorya-bulatova-kak-otreagirovali-tata-i-samvel-karapetyaniktoriya Lopyreva and Tata Karapetyan

She also hurried to assure everyone that at the moment when their romance with Igor Bulatov began, she and his wife were already living separately.

Tata Karapetyan, the ex-wife of Igor Bulatov, studied abroad. She studied her father’s business while studying at the Financial University. As one of the most promising business women, Tata Karapetyan at the age of 25 was published on the cover of Forbes Woman magazine. Great striving and hard work made her vice president at her father’s firm.

Igor Bulatov and Tata Karapetyan met at the university. For a long time they met in secret from the girl’s parents. When Tata introduced him to her parents, they were not too happy about this option, but they accepted it for the sake of their daughter. After the wedding, Tata’s father took Igor into his business for a high position, and also gave a fairly large share of assets.

However, now, when Tata’s father Samvel Karapetyan found out how Igor Bulatov treated his daughter, he decided to deprive him of his position in his company. Many are sure that, in addition to his position, Samvel Karapetyan will try to take away from his former son-in-law everything that has been accumulated over the years of work in the company.

At the moment, Tata and her children went to the resort, away from all scandals.

Various rumors were caused by the fact that Igor and Tata did not report any problems in the relationship. The fact that the couple broke up was announced by Evgenia Vyacheslavova, the representative of Igor Bulatov.

And Victoria Lopyreva is in anticipation of the birth of a child. She shared with her fans that Igor is very caring, and now she wants to enjoy her situation.

Victoria Lopyreva is pregnant by Igor Bulatov - how Tata and Samvel Karapetyan reacted

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