Video lessons for age-related makeup for every day and for going out – rules from stylists

How to do day and evening age makeup for a woman 50+Make-up for women over 50 fulfills the task of masking age-related changes that occur with mature skin. It visually removes excess years, hides pigmentation and smoothes wrinkles. This make-up gives the face freshness, the appearance of the skin becomes attractive and more beautiful.

We will tell you how to properly make age-related makeup.

The content of the article:

  1. What should be the correct age makeup
  2. Face preparation and tone application
  3. Face contour correction and blush application
  4. Eyebrow and eye makeup rules
  5. Lip design, choice of lipstick
  6. Evening makeup rules 50+

What should be the correct age-related makeup – what should be avoided in makeup for women “for”?

Age makeup has some peculiarities.

Video: Age makeup, its features

Women should remember the rules that must be followed when applying cosmetics:

  1. Choose light or pastel shades. They will visually rejuvenate. For example, these include gray, beige, ivory, olive.
  2. The transition in tones should be smooth, soft. Clear lines and features can only accentuate wrinkles.
  3. Choose cool shades for your eyes.
  4. Use only foundation that is light in texture. More dense in structure can emphasize age-related changes.
  5. Use less mother-of-pearl.
  6. Dye only the upper lashes. By coloring the lower eyelashes, you will make your eyes heavy and accentuate the bags under the eyes.
  7. Use correctors, concealerswhich will help to hide wrinkles, age spots, vascular networks and give the face the correct shape.
  8. Use only basic mascara… Bulky – will not work.

There are a number of limitations that should not be avoided in makeup as you age:

  • Don’t wear too much makeup. Too much foundation, powder, and blush can lead to unnaturalness. Makeup should be light and airy.
  • Several zones cannot be distinguished visually. Choose what you want to emphasize – lips, eyebrows or cheekbones.
  • Don’t draw thick lines if using eyeliner or pencil.
  • It is better not to do eyebrow tattooing. The eyebrows must have the correct shape. Be sure to pluck them before makeup. Do not use too dark shades of pencils and make thin eyebrows.
  • Do not focus on your cheeks by applying blush. You can use a light blush in a minimalist way.
  • Lips cannot be highlighted with dark or very bright colors.

By memorizing these simple makeup artist tips, you can create your right makeup for mature skin.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with a video lesson on preparing a face and applying tone in an age-related make-up:

Preparing the face and applying tone in age-related makeup

The preparatory stage takes place in several steps.

Make-up should be started by following these simple steps:

  1. Use a tonic, toner to cleanse the skin of the face of impurities. Even if you think that the face does not need to be cleaned, then remember that it is the tonic that will remove the greasy, oily shine.
  2. Apply a serum or moisturizer. Apply with a gentle, patting motion with your fingers. It is worth remembering that the cream must necessarily nourish the skin, moisturize it, because with age it becomes dry and fading.
  3. Don’t forget about special eye creams. They are designed to treat puffiness, dark bags under the eyes.

Let all the products you apply absorb into the skin.

Wait about 15-20 minutes, and then proceed to the next steps:

  1. Pick up and apply a makeup base to your face. It will help level the surface of the face. The make-up base is presented in various variations, but almost all are made on a silicone basis. This substance perfectly masks imperfections and makes the skin smoother. It is better to use colored primers, correctors. Pearlescent products should be discarded, as they add age.
  2. Apply foundation. Of course, it’s good if it matches the tone of your face. Discard pink shades.
  3. Powder, if desired, face. Remember, too many products can lead to ugly, ridiculous makeup.

Face contour correction and blush application

Women “for” probably noticed that with age, their face began to lose shape. Of course, you can hide imperfections and restore the shape with the help of cosmetics.

You should use tinting agents of different colors:

  • The first is the general, fundamental tone. You applied it in the previous paragraph. Remember, the foundation should be the same as your complexion.
  • The second is a concealer or bronzer. Its color will be slightly darker than the first.
  • Third – on the contrary, it should be lighter than the first shade.

With these three different tones, you can emphasize the face, smooth it out, lighten it – or, conversely, darken some areas.

Apply tinting according to your face type. Contouring is best done with light-textured products.

All applied tones should be shaded. Clear lines and transitions should not remain!

Don’t forget the blush. Should only be used light shadesto give your face a fresh look.

Video: Correction of facial contours in age-related makeup

Eyebrow and eye makeup rules for older women

Many complain of a drooping eyelid, fuzzy eyebrows that are completely invisible.

Follow these rules, then the makeup will hide all the flaws and highlight your features:

  1. Find the shape of your eyebrows that suits you best. Use an eyebrow pencil – lengthen or widen.
  2. Accentuate eyebrows you can apply light, matte shadows or a highlighter under the eyebrows.
  3. Use light, matte eyeshadow for the inner side of the eye. Not pearlescent at all!
  4. For the outside dark matte shades of eyeshadow will do.
  5. Draw an arrow, thin and smooth to accentuate the eyes. Better to draw it on the upper eyelid. The arrow must not point downwards.
  6. Maximize upper lashes using mascara.
  7. The lower eyelid should not be touched or highlighted.

In fact, too much makeup on your face can lead to scary makeup. Use and count wisely without putting too much makeup on your face.

Video: Correction of eyebrows in age makeup

Lip shaping – which lipstick should be in age makeup?

Of course, you shouldn’t forget about the lips.

Should be used with makeup:

  • Pencil. It will help to define the lip contour. If you want to make the lips more plump, then draw the outline above the lip line, especially in the corners. It is better to shade the contour.
  • Lipstick It must definitely match the color of the pencil.

Makeup artists advise using light shades of lipstick. Perhaps even a colorless shine will come in handy for age-related makeup.

For daily, casual makeup use cosmetics with a more natural color… Less often, for solemn, evening events – bright colors. How to choose red lipstick and how to wear it correctly?

You can choose any lipstick by type – it can be matt, lacquered

Remember that in age-related makeup, one area should be highlighted. If you have already focused on the eyes, then the lips should be made more invisible.

Video: Lessons for age-related makeup

Evening makeup rules for an older face

Evening age makeup can be created on your own, if you adhere to the following rules:

  1. Contour the face, hide imperfections.
  2. A light shade corrector will help to cope with lip wrinkles.
  3. The lips should be highlighted. Use bright makeup. Lipstick can be scarlet, red. It is this color that will add elegance to the image. Don’t forget the pencil too.
  4. Try not to highlight your eyes. You can not use shadows that emphasize attention. You can apply beige eyeshadows in light and dark colors. The first is for the inner, the second is for the outer eyelid.
  5. Use volumizing mascara on the upper lashes or make false eyelashes.
  6. Carefully tidy the eyebrows with a pencil, without highlighting them too much.
  7. Use a light pink blush so as not to accentuate your cheekbones.

Video: Evening version of age-related makeup

These tips will help you create the right evening makeup for your aging face.

But the main thing is to remember that the most memorable image consists of a sincere smile and burning eyes!

We will be very pleased if you share your experience or the results of your favorite beauty recipes!

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