Visual Test – What painting would you like to hang in your home?

Psychologists have long noticed the relationship between a person’s personal preferences and his character. What can your tastes tell about you?

Bologny invites you to take this interesting visual test, which will reveal the secret of your personality and let you know how strong your energy is.

What do we have to do? It’s simple: take a look at 5 paintings, imagine that they were painted by a famous artist, choose the one that you would happily hang at home.

TEST What kind of picture would you hang in your house? Find out if you have a strong nervousness
Bologny illustration by Lara Lauren

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Visual Test: What painting would you like to hang in your home?  Find out if your energy is strong

Scene number 1 – Dog

At this moment in your life, you are filled with a very powerful energy of creation. Subconsciously or consciously, they are convinced that they have a certain life purpose, which means they must leave something valuable to the world after their death. Perhaps you are passionate about creativity or a work project.

It is extremely important for you to give your best. Trash, avoidance of responsibility – this is not about you. When your efforts pay off and you get a high-quality work result, you feel moral satisfaction.

Since you have a powerful energy, it is difficult for you to concentrate on performing any one task. Know how to do several things with high quality at the same time.

Scene number 2 – Goat

At the moment, you can hardly be called a workaholic or a creator, since you do not feel moral satisfaction from what you are doing. Something in life is clearly not going the way you would like it to be.

You are an executive and responsible person who will never load a load on your shoulders that you cannot lift and drag. This means that you are not one of those who offer help to others, just for the sake of altruism. Therefore, when someone asks to provide you with some kind of service, you analyze your chances of success. Feel free to say no to people.

Scene number 3 – Mouse

You are a very diligent person. We are accustomed to doing work efficiently and on time. An excellent leader. You know how to organize not only your own, but also someone else’s work.

At the moment, you are driven by the energy of fuss. If you have chosen this picture, then, most likely, now your mind is busy with some important task. You are in trouble. Constantly pondering what to do and what instructions to give to other people. You are a restless person who lacks communication skills to solve serious problems. No, you get along well with people, but you never ask for help, but in vain.

Painting number 4 – Rooster

You are a top-notch business man. Co-workers set you up as an example to young employees and are proud to do business with you. You are a very purposeful person you can rely on.

Know how to concentrate on one main task. It is not easy for you to spray your attention on secondary objects. You are a single-tasked person. Do not take on a new business until you complete the old one.

Now you are dominated by the energy of focus and performance. Most likely, your mind is completely immersed in work moments.

Scene number 5 – Elephant

Good endurance, inner core, perseverance and excellent intelligence – that’s what is characteristic of you. The elephant depicted in the picture symbolizes stability and tremendous strength. If you chose him, it means that you subconsciously identify yourself as a person with these qualities.

The energy of peace and strength dominates in you. You are like a huge stone that will not budge until a hundred people make an effort to do so. When someone or something challenges you, take it with pride. But, until then, you will be in the energy storage mode. Subconsciously, you save your inner resources for a future breakthrough.

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