Vladimir Konstantinov Net Worth

You may be wondering how much Vladimir Konstantinov has made as an NHL player. The Russian-born, 54-year-old Russian was raised in Murmansk, Soviet Union. He made his fortune playing for the Detroit Red Wings. His first professional team was the USSR-based CSKA Moscow. Later, he signed with the Detroit Red Wings. He has since amassed a net value of approximately $16million.

Despite his wealth, the ice hockey star is still single. He has one daughter, Anastasia Konstantinov. His net worth is estimated at $10.5million in 2022, which is quite high for an unmarried celebrity. In 1997, however, the NHL star was involved in a car accident after hiring a limousine to celebrate his Stanley Cup victory. The driver of the vehicle was suspended because he was driving drunk. The car then struck a tree at the Woodward Avenue median in Birmingham.

Although his NHL career was cut short after an accident involving a limousine, the hockey star continued to earn a high net worth. He also married Irina, his long-time girlfriend, and married Johan Franzen, a former teammate. With his net worth in mind, it’s time to see how he plans to spend the rest of his life. He’s still on the men’s side but he plans to spend more time with his wife.

Despite being unable to play hockey after an accident, the Detroit Red Wings still honored the disabled player. The team honored Konstantinov by engraving his name on the Stanley Cup, and he later played with the Dallas Stars. His legacy is also recognized in the NHL’s playoffs. To honor his contributions, the team even engraved his name onto the Stanley Cup.

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