Vogue was hailed for the video with Ida Galich

A couple of days ago, 30-year-old Ida Galich appeared in the new issue of the beauty and style magazine Vogue.

But the girl was convicted for the harmless video. Either she really behaved too “in a country-style”, or people are simply not used to seeing in the magazine people of unfashionable appearance who have achieved everything on their own.

“Doubtful tips” and “obvious life hacks”

The singer starred in a traditional section of the magazine, where celebrities share their beauty secrets and tell you how to repeat their signature make-up. In her 7-minute video, the blogger shared life hacks about face makeup, eye accent and skin care.

Ida Galich
Photo @ galichida

However, the choice of the hero was harshly criticized, considering the Weinersha too “unfashionable” for a glossy magazine. Allegedly, there is no aesthetics in it, and the speech is illiterate, and the advice is dubious – to do this massage, according to the sofa experts in the comments, “is simply contraindicated”!

Ida Galich 2
Photo @ galichida

Public reaction: “Is this really Vogue?”

Vogue’s social media administrators are deleting offensive comments, which causes even more questions from readers: “Has Galich paid for it?” Haight is growing with renewed vigor, and they simply do not have time to cleanse negative comments:

  • “Apparently, the concepts of beauty have changed in modern society”;
  • “I would like more cultured and filled people on your covers, because the media sets the fashion, the bar for social values. Don’t identify yourself with chaos and vulgarity and harsh speech. Be selective with your ambassadors. Such a wish ”;
  • “Oh, well, I don’t like it. I really don’t like it ”;
  • “Is this really Vogue?”;
Ida Galich 3
Photo @ galichida
  • “Vogue has gone mad. Yes, I’ll raise the page rating with my comment, but believe me, it’s impossible to watch the video. You are a magazine with a name, so keep the bar, please! This is not your level “;
  • “It would be funny if it weren’t so sad”;
  • “I really don’t like this illiterate person, she has nothing to do with the beauty sphere!”;
  • “Ida and Vogue? There used to be magazines – “Krestyanka”, for example – that would suit her better “;
  • “I also think that this is not the level of the magazine, even just outwardly. Let Forbes write about what she has achieved, and such characters are unacceptable in a glamorous fashion magazine. “
Ida Galich 4
Photo @ galichida
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