Wash chocolate from white or colored clothes quickly and easily

Removing chocolate stains from clothingAll fans of sweets probably know what chocolate stains are on clothes and how difficult it is to deal with them. In fact, there is nothing difficult. The main thing is not to delay washing, and responsibly choose the product depending on the material and color.

If done correctly, even old stains can be removed almost completely.

The content of the article:

  1. Basic rules for washing chocolate
  2. How to remove chocolate from cotton
  3. How to remove chocolate from synthetics
  4. How to wash chocolate off jeans
  5. Removing chocolate stains from wool

How to remove chocolate stains from clothes

Basic rules for washing chocolate from things

To begin with, you should understand that you can get rid of the stain without leaving a trace, without damaging the fabric, only immediately after the chocolate gets on your clothes. If it has already dried, it is most likely that a faint stain will remain after washing, or the chocolate will be completely removed, but the fibers will be partially damaged. Therefore, the wash should never be postponed!

To safely remove a chocolate stain at home, read the basic rules:

  1. Chocolate contains a protein that will begin to curdle when exposed to high temperatures. This means that washing stained clothing in hot water will cause the stain to bite even more into the fabric.
  2. Before starting washing, brush the area around the dirty area with a special brush. This will remove dust and grime that could aggravate stains during the wash process.
  3. Before washing, the excess sweetness must be gently cleaned off with a teaspoon.
  4. You need to start washing the stain from the edge, slowly moving towards the center. This should be done only on the back of the thing.
  5. When choosing a washing mixture, you need to build on the type of fabric and its color. Those products that are applicable to synthetics can ruin a wool item.
  6. If the fabric is combined, you cannot fully predict the outcome of the wash. Therefore, the selected washing mixture must be tested somewhere at the seams, and then used on the contaminated area.
  7. Start washing with the least aggressive products. If the sweetness stain does not give in, you need to move on to stronger products.
  8. The chocolate penetrates deeply into the fibers of the fabric, so strong friction can increase the stain. The friction should be fast, but not harsh.
  9. The thing must be rinsed as often and thoroughly as possible.

Regardless of the material, you can remove the chocolate stain using table salt. Thin material should be wiped with a damp cloth dipped in salt water, and coarse material should be simply rubbed with salt, and then proceed to a full wash.

But for the complete and safe removal of the stain, it is better to select a tool and method based on the material and its color.

How to remove chocolate stains from clothes

How to remove chocolate stains from cotton – white, solid, colored

Before doing anything, be sure to examine the tag on the clothes… There, the manufacturer always indicates recommendations for washing: method, product, water temperature, and so on.

If the tag is missing, you need to follow the general rules for washing this or that material.

How to remove yellow, white, stubborn sweat stains from clothes with home remedies

There are several ways to remove chocolate from white clothing:

  1. Milk. Spread the garment in one layer and treat the stained area with 2 tsp. milk. Then wipe it off with a cotton pad, thick cloth or white cloth and proceed to your regular wash.
  2. Hydrogen peroxide. This is a more aggressive, but equally effective way. Peroxide works great even on old stains. Spread the clothing in one layer and pour 1 tsp on the contaminated area. peroxide solution. Leave the clothes on for a quarter of an hour, then rinse and wash.
  3. Add 1 tablespoon to a container with water. gel for washing, 2 tbsp. sodium bicarbonate and the same amount of ammonia. Mix all this, moisten the sponge and gently wipe the dirt from the edges to the center several times.

To wash chocolate off colored cotton clothes, use a mixture of ammonia, glycerin and water in equal proportions. Rub the resulting gruel onto the sweet spot that has been previously soaked in water, leave for a couple of minutes and rinse under the tap.

Laundry soap is also suitable for plain cotton clothes.… Grate the soap or chop it into small pieces and mix with a little water. With this, smear the stain and leave for a quarter of an hour.

How to remove chocolate from fabric

How to remove a chocolate stain from synthetics

You can remove chocolate from synthetic fabric using mixtures of ammonia and medical alcohols… Pour 3 tsp into a container. medical alcohol and 1 tsp. ammonia. Lay the item in one layer and place a thick white napkin under the sweet spot. Dip a sponge in a mixture of rubbing alcohol and treat the stain. The napkin should be periodically replaced with a clean one.

There is another harmless ammonia combination… In this case, it must be mixed with glycerin, about 5 tsp each. both. Then pour 1 tbsp into the resulting gruel. sodium bicarbonate without a slide. Apply all this to the stained area and leave for 20 minutes. After the time has passed, rinse the item well under the tap. If there is a faint mark left, wash your clothes as usual. If you can’t get the chocolate out, you should try the rougher methods.

If the ammonia doesn’t wash off the chocolate, you can try the aggressive method:

Before removing the stain, dampen a white towel with hot water and scrub anywhere on the item. If the towel is not stained, this method will work for you.

Also note that this method is only recommended for tight items.

The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. Soak a cotton swab in clean gasoline / kerosene.
  2. Wipe the stained area until the sponge stops staining.
  3. Fill a bowl of clean water, add 3-5 tbsp. ammonia and rinse the thing.
  4. Hand wash to eliminate odor.

If the material is thick enough and there is no risk of discoloration, the stained area can be washed Stoddard solvent… The solvent can be purchased at any home improvement store. Place a thick cloth under the stain, preferably white. Apply the solvent to a cotton swab, treat the stained area and let sit for a quarter of an hour. Then, in the same way as when processing with regular gasoline, rinse the clothes in water with ammonia and wash them fully.

How to remove chocolate stains from clothes

How to wash chocolate off jeans

If you stain a denim thing with chocolate, you need to remember the main thing – while washing it you can’t rub hardotherwise it will partially lose its color. This is due to the fact that white and milk chocolate contain tanning components that lead to discoloration of denim.

Below are the options for removing chocolate from denim clothes:

  • A generic method using table salt perfect for denim wear. Mix 3 tablespoons in a container. water and 1 tbsp. salt. Pour the resulting liquid onto the stained area and rinse the item after a while. If the stain is old, you need 1 tbsp. add salt 1 tsp. water, spread the resulting gruel on the dirt and leave for about 20 minutes.
  • There is another way to wash clothes in chocolate. Smash egg so that you can separate the yolk from the protein. Then beat the yolk in a convenient way, add 1 tsp to it. warm glycerin and stir again. Spread the resulting mixture on the stained area on the back of the garment and leave for a few minutes, then rinse it under the tap.

How to remove chocolate stains from fabric

Removing chocolate stains from wool

Wool needs a special approach, since things made of such material are very easy to ruin.

  • The most common and effective remedy is glycerol… Heat 1 tbsp. pharmacy glycerin and apply to the sweet spot. After half an hour, rinse the contaminated area with tap water. The operation can be repeated until you are happy with the result.
  • If you cannot completely remove the stain with glycerin alone, dilute it ammonia
  • Table saltdiluted in a small amount of water is another option for removing chocolate from wool.

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The most important rule to remember is do not postpone washing chocolate-stained items for later… This sweetness quickly eats into the fibers, and the longer it stays on the fabric, the more difficult it will be to wash it. For old stains, you will have to use aggressive methods, and this negatively affects the integrity of the fabric fibers.

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