Waxing at home – how to do it correctly? Waxing – videos and recommendations

One of the most convenient hair removal methods is waxing. But not everyone can afford waxing in the salon, and a modern woman has very little time to go to the salons. Therefore, many today carry out the procedure right at home. How to properly wax at home, and what you need to know about it? Experts in the field of beauty and practicing hair removal experts talk about it.

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Waxing at home – the pros and cons of waxing

To the undoubted merits waxing in your home can be attributed to:

  • The duration of the procedure. The skin remains smooth for up to 3-4 weeks.
  • Affordability. The procedure is cheaper than in the salon.
  • Simplicity of the procedure. Enough instructions on the packaging of wax and following the basic rules.
  • Thinning hair and slowing down their growth after the procedure.

Concerning disadvantages, of course, wax epilation has them, like any other epilation procedure:

  • Soreness.
  • The need to grow hairs up to 0.5 cm (otherwise the result will not be satisfactory).
  • Ingrown hairs due to improper care. Read: How to properly treat and remove ingrown hairs.
  • Redness that persists on the skin for the first 3-4 days.

Doing waxing at home – video

Hot, warm, cold wax for home hair removal – how to properly prepare wax for home hair removal?

  • Cold wax epilation differs in more time and a high level of pain. This method is not recommended if you have too sensitive skin. The effectiveness of the method is very high – down to the shortest hairs. As a rule, for the procedure, strips of paper / fabric are used, plasters, on which wax has already been applied.
  • Hot wax epilation also has limitations – it leads to vasodilation, which is not recommended for varicose veins. The method is more complex – it takes skill to apply hot wax evenly and in a thin layer. The wax is preheated in the microwave (in a water bath) and, after application, is removed with a special napkin. How to cook it yourself at home? Very simple: melt beeswax (0.1 kg), paraffin (50 g) and rosin (0.2 kg) in a water bath, cool and apply to the skin.
  • Epilation with warm wax. The most popular, hygienic, fastest and least painful method. The downside is the cost of wax. The most convenient is wax, which is in special cassettes with roller attachments.

Preparing the skin for waxing at home – how to rinse off the wax after epilation?

The effectiveness of waxing will depend to a large extent on the preparation for the procedure.

Waxing at home - how to do it correctly?  Waxing - videos and recommendations
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How to prepare your skin properly?

  • Make sure the hair length is correct for waxing.
  • Steam the skin in the shower.
  • Using a scrub / hard washcloth, remove the layer of dead cells.
  • Treat the desired areas with lotion (alcohol can be used), which degreases the skin for better adhesion to the wax.
  • Heat the wax in a water bath (microwave) or rub the strips in your palms (if it’s cold wax).

How to rinse off the wax correctly?

This question also worries many girls. There are several options for removing wax residues:

  • Special napkins.
    They can be purchased separately or bundled with an epilation kit.
  • Fatty cream.
    3-in-1 product – removes wax residues, protects against irritation and moisturizes the skin.
  • Olive oil.
    It is enough to apply it on a cotton pad and wipe the skin.
  • Special gels and lotions.
  • Soap with water.
    The method is not the best, because it contributes to dry skin.

Basic rules for waxing at home. Video tutorial for waxing

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To avoid trouble and to ensure maximum effect, you need to remember the following nuances of waxing:

  1. Hot wax causes burns, cold wax is ineffective, so watch the temperature of the wax – it must be warm. After warming up, check its temperature on your wrist.
  2. The epilation paddle should be wooden, with a concave side for treating the legs, flat – for the bikini area, angled – for the upper lip, rounded – for the armpits.
  3. The wax is applied only according to hair growth – in a thin and even layer.
  4. The wax remover should be longer than the wax strip.
  5. Do not apply wax to the entire area at once.
  6. After you have applied the napkin to the wax, smooth it over your hair growth.
  7. Remove the tissue with a sharp jerk against hair growth.
  8. Do not epilate before leaving home.
  9. Do not wax the same area more than twice in a single session.
  10. Do not sunbathe after the procedure.

Baths, solariums, antiperspirants and perfumes are also contraindicated after the procedure.

Remember the contraindications for waxing!

Waxing is prohibited if you have thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, skin lesions (plus moles / scars / warts), diabetes

Video tutorial: waxing at home

Depilation with wax at home – commentary by the practicing master of depilation Lilia Ivanova

Waxing at home - how to do it correctly?  Waxing - videos and recommendations

Waxing is suitable for both women and men. Depilation is designed to remove unwanted hair from any part of the body, be it legs, arms, underarms, back or chest, and even a bikini. Wax can also remove unwanted facial hair, such as antennae. Also, some girls, women prefer wax rather than tweezers for eyebrow correction.

The most accessible part of the body for self-waxing is the legs. Depilation of other parts of the body is best done with the help of a specialist, otherwise you will not be able to fulfill some of the conditions (good stretching, careful application and removal of wax) for high-quality and successful hair removal.

It is better to carry out the procedure after critical days, since the pain threshold is higher during this period, therefore, the procedure will be less painful.

Before carrying out the depilation procedure, it is necessary to prepare the skin:

  1. Before the procedure, if you have a low pain threshold, it is worth taking pain relievers.
    2. For easier hair removal, it is worth taking a hot bath, as this leads to enlargement of the pores.
  2. It is advisable to treat the area from which we remove hairs with lotion or gel, tonic “before depilation”. These products serve primarily to degrease the skin, and also contain antiseptic components.

Before the depilation procedure it is FORBIDDEN:

  • do skin scrubbing;
  • Apply moisturizers or nourishing creams or lotions per day;
  • it is forbidden to sunbathe in the solarium or on the beach for 3 days.

There are several types of depilation, depending on the wax used in the procedure.:

  1. Hot wax. It is not suitable for a home procedure, since there are many nuances of its use. One of them – the wax is heated to a certain temperature, which must be maintained throughout the entire procedure.
  2. Cold wax (e.g. wax strips). Most often, this method is chosen for home depilation, since it does not require special devices.
  • The wax strips are first heated with the warmth of the palms and then opened.
  • The sticky side is glued to the skin surface.
  • Then it smoothes for 10-15 seconds and breaks down as sharply as possible against hair growth. You need to do it quickly so that there are no bruises and feel less pain on yourself.
  1. Warm wax. For the procedure, it is necessary to heat the finished wax in a water bath or in a microwave oven to 45-60 degrees. To avoid overheating the wax, you need to use a thermometer. You will also need a spatula to apply wax for the procedure.

When the skin and wax have been prepared, you can start the procedure:

  1. pick up a small amount of wax with a spatula;
  2. spread the wax in a thin layer over the skin, according to hair growth;
  3. until the composition is frozen, apply a special paper strip and smooth it well;
  4. after 10-15 seconds, we make a tension and hold the skin from the end, for which we pull and abruptly tear it off against the growth of hair. You need to pluck it parallel to the surface so that the hairs do not break off.
  5. If there are hairs on the skin, then you can repeat the procedure again.
  6. Next, it is worth treating the skin with a special oil after depilation to remove the stickiness from the wax. In no case should you use an antiseptic, otherwise it will be very painful !!! After using the special oil, you can blot the rest of this oil with paper towels. After that, you can apply any moisturizer to your skin.
  7. Polymer wax. Polymer wax has a big advantage – it is able to remove hairs as long as 2 mm. Before the procedure, the wax must be heated to 38-40 degrees. Prepare the skin for the procedure in the same way as during the warm wax procedure.
    After about 5-10 seconds, the wax will stop sticking to your hands – this means that it can be removed. We pull the skin over ourselves, and tear it off in any direction.

Care after the procedure

After the procedure, you should not sunbathe, take hot baths for two to three days. It is also worth refusing to visit the pool, chlorine can lead to irritation. It is worth giving up tight-fitting clothing. You need to remember about moisturizing, the skin should not be dry. Be sure to do scrubbing 3-4 days after the procedure (to prevent ingrown hairs). If you suffer from ingrown hairs, then scrubbing can be done once a week on a regular basis.

So, we can say that waxing is an affordable and reliable way to get rid of unwanted hair. Wax depilation at home is recommended to be done on the legs, as you can make the correct skin tension. But already, for example, the armpit zone – it is better to do it from the master because it is a hard-to-reach place. The main thing during the procedure is to follow all stages, from skin preparation to care after the procedure. If necessary, seek the advice of a specialist.

After home waxing: cleansing and caring for the skin

After treating the skin with wax and removing its residues, apply a special serum to the epilated areas, which slows down hair growth and reduces irritation. Thanks to the serum, you will provide yourself with a wider interval between treatments. The best effect is achieved by applying the serum every day after water treatments.

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