We do shopping in Estonia – what to bring from Estonia as a gift and for yourself?

What is profitable to buy in Estonia?Traveling to Estonia for our compatriots is always an opportunity not only to see the sights, but also to go shopping. Estonia, of course, is far from France or even Germany, but for those who like to wander around the shops there is everything – from fashion boutiques and famous shopping centers to tiny shops and regular sales.

So, what to bring home from Estonia and where is the best place to shop?

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Where is it profitable to shop in Estonia – and in particular in Tallinn?

Most of the Estonian stores are concentrated in Tartu, Narva and Tallinn.

  1. In Narva you can look into Rimi and Prisma supermarkets, Fama and Astrikeskus shopping centers.
  2. In Tartu: TC Tartukaubamaja, Sisustuse, Lounakeskus, Kaubahall, Eeden.
  3. V Jykhvi: Johvikas shopping center, Johvitsentraal.
  4. In Rakvere: Shopping centers Vaala and Tsentrum.
  5. To Parnu: TC Kaubamajakas, Portartur, Parnukeskus.
  6. In Tallinn:
  • Viru street, replete with a variety of shops. Souvenirs (in a wide range – handicrafts and factory production) should be found in the part of the street that is closer to the Old Town.
  • Port shops… They can buy foreign-made goods (from the Baltic Sea countries).
  • Crambuda’s shop. Here you can buy souvenirs created according to unique samples of medieval artisans – glass and leather, porcelain, wood or metal.
  • Designer clothes shop Hand made Nu nordik.
  • Shop with products from the forge (forged metal items for the interior) – Saaremaa Sepad.
  • Mida kinkida (funny sneakers made of dried wool, various glass souvenirs and pointed hats).
  • Krunnipea Butiik (textiles with Estonian patterns).

Shopping center in Estonia:

In shopping malls and department stores, you can buy anything you want. The advantage of the shopping center is work until late and on Sundays.

  1. Foorum.
  2. Melon, Estonia pst 1.
  3. Järve Keskus, Pärnu mnt 238.
  4. Rocca al Mare keskus, Paldiski mnt 102.
  5. Kristiine keskus, Endla 45.
  6. Mustika keskus, AHTammsaare tee 11.
  7. Norde Centrum, Lootsi 7.
  8. SadaMarket, Kai 5.
  9. Sikupilli Keskus, Tartu mnt 87.
  10. Solaris, Estonia pst 9.
  11. Stockmann, Liivalaia 53.
  12. Tallinna Kaubamaja, Gonsiori 2.
  13. Telliskivi poetänav, Telliskivi 60A.
  14. Viru Keskus, Viru Väljak 4.
  15. WW Passaaž, Aia 3 / Vana- Viru 10.
  16. Ülemiste Keskus, Suur-Sõjamäe 4.


  1. Profitable shopping for tourists in EstoniaCentral Market – Keldrimae, 9. We buy food and clothing at low prices. The market is open until 5 pm.
  2. Market at the Baltic Station. Address – Kopli, 1. You can buy anything in this mall – the assortment is unlimited.

As well as:

  • Duty free shops with the Tax Free Shopping service (look for the corresponding logo).
  • Fashion brand clothing stores Baltman, Ivo Nikkolo and Bastion.
  • Müürivahe streetwhere you can buy knitwear and visit the Estonian artisan market.
  • Katarina käik street. Here, in medieval workshops, souvenirs are created right in your presence.
  • Particularly famous for the house of the glass blower (there is also an exhibition of works with the possibility of purchase) and a doll house.
  • Antique shops in the Old Town. It will be interesting for lovers of antiquity and fan-collectors.
  • FAMu – inexpensive and high quality clothing.


  1. 1st: from Christmas to the end of January.
  2. 2nd: from mid-June to the end of July.
  3. Many shops offer discounts 4 times a year before the end of the season.
  4. Discounts range from 15 to 75 percent.

Grocery stores (retail chains):

  • Maxima. Opening hours until 10 pm.
  • Konsum. Opening hours until 9 pm.
  • Prisma.
  • Saastumarket (until 9 pm). The cheapest.

Normal store opening hours – from 10 am to 6 pm. On Sundays, there are mainly shops for tourists. And shopping centers, department stores and supermarkets work seven days a week – from 9 am to 9-10 pm.

As for private shops, they are usually closed on Sundays, and on Saturday they close very early (on weekdays – from 10-11 am to 6 pm).

12 types of goods that are most often bought in Estonia

In the distant Soviet times, all of Estonia was a real shopping center, which attracted people from other republics for various scarce goods.

Today Estonia, unlike many EU countries, offers authentic souvenirs (not imported or Chinese).

As a rule, people go to Tallinn, the resort town of Pärnu and other Estonian cities for the following purchases:

  1. Juniper products. For example, shovels and hot coasters, made of wood and with a sweetish specific aroma.
  2. Knitten things – as in Belarus. These include brightly patterned thick socks and mittens, pretty coats, ponchos, and deer sweaters. And also creative things, like a hat in the form of a cartoon character or a scarf decorated with soft toys. The price of a cap-cap – from 20 euros, a cardigan – from 50 euros.
  3. Marzipan (from 2 euros per figure). It is cheaper to take marzipan in briquettes, by weight. Figures will be much more expensive.
  4. Kalev chocolate… The incomparable taste of a delicacy that can be found in all towns of the country (from 1 euro per tile). The brand shop is located in the Rotermann quarter, at Roseni 7.
  5. Liqueur Vana Tallinn… One of the most popular souvenirs. The cost of a bottle is from 9 euros. Sold in any wine shop in the country. And Pirita liqueur (from 40 types of herbs).
  6. Amber… Everything is made from this stone: from simple jewelry in silver to copies of royal regalia and sets. The cost of a modest piece of jewelry is from 30 euros, earrings – from 200 tons. You can buy amber in souvenir shops and special shops. For example, in Toompea and around the Town Hall Square, as well as in Amber House.
  7. Knitwear. Exclusive wardrobe items with special patterns.
  8. Milk products. The most popular cheeses from Saaremaa, milk, kama (creamy dessert).
  9. Textiles from the Krenholm factory. Very cozy and soft towels and terry robes for men / women.
  10. Handmade ceramics. It is made on the Atla manor (50 km from Tallinn). You can buy ceramic souvenirs on the 1st floor of the Garden Market (for example, beer mugs and designer plates, figurines, etc.).
  11. Antiques. Estonia is a paradise for antiquity lovers. Here you can sometimes find things that you won’t find in other former Soviet republics in the daytime. For example, artifacts from the Soviet past – from books and military uniforms to crystal and gramophone records.
  12. Piparkook Pepper Cookies.

Shopping rules in Estonia: how to shop and transport them to Russia?

As for the prices in Estonia, here they are, of course, lower than in other EU countries, so it is definitely profitable to go shopping here (which even the Finns know about).

  1. How to pay? Credit / debit cards are used almost throughout the country, which can be used to pay even in the smallest store. It is recommended to take cards of those banks that did not fall under the sanctions.
  2. Services. In most of the malls, you will be offered free parking and Internet access, currency exchange and ATMs, places for a “snack” and even the services of a tutor (to leave your baby and wander around the shops). There is a summer school for teenagers in Estonia.
  3. Currency. The euro is valid on the territory of Estonia. It is not recommended to carry rubles (the rate is significantly lower than in Russia).

Tax free

When you see the corresponding logo in the window, be sure that you can refund VAT on purchases

To receive a tax refund on goods that you bought in Estonia, you must ask the seller for the relevant documents (special checks – Refund Check) when making a purchase. They will have to be certified (by presenting the UNUSED goods with tags and Refund Check) when passing the border at the customs officer (you must put a special stamp on the check issued by the seller).

  • Are you flying by plane? Look for the cash refund counter (card or cash) next to the Tax free counter.
  • Or traveling by train? If you have documents certified by border guards, you can return the money already in Russia.

How to get tax refund?

The already stamped Refund Check must be presented along with your passport and credit card at the nearest Refund Office, and then request an Immediate Refund on your card. Or in cash.

Tax refund items:

  1. Road: in Luhama, Narva and Koidula – in “exchangers”.
  2. In St. Petersburg: at Chapygin 6 (office 345) and at Glinka 2 (VTB 24).
  3. In the capital: at VTB 24 on Leninsky Prospect, Avtozavodskaya Street, on Marksistskaya Street. and on Pokrovka.

On a note:

  • VAT in Estonia is 20 percent. That is, the amount of compensation is equal to VAT minus the administrative fee.
  • Refund Check confirmation timeframe by customs officer – 3 months from the date of purchase. That is, from the moment you bought the item, you have 3 months to stamp your check at customs.
  • Purchase amount Tax Free must be above 38.35 euros.

What is forbidden to export from Estonia to Russia?

  1. Currency over EUR 10,000 – only with declaration. Before traveling, you must study the rules for transporting currency.
  2. Items of cultural, historical or artistic value… Especially those that were released before 1945, or those that are over 100 years old.
  3. Any precious metals and precious stones / stones.
  4. Animals without a vaccination document and honey / certificateissued 10 days before departure from the country.
  5. Restrictions on the export of alcohol – no more than 2 liters once a month.
  6. Maximum amount for duty-free export of goods – 5000 CZK.
  7. All plants, animals and products of plant / origin must be presented to employees of the quarantine service.

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