We meet the wife from the hospital – a to-do list for a man

A significant event happened and you have a long-awaited baby. Very soon you will bring it home, and you need to thoroughly prepare for this solemn day. Dad will have to solve a lot of issues, his strong shoulders will be responsible for ensuring order in the house, as well as purchasing the necessary things and products for the newly-made mother with the baby.

How to meet your wife from the hospital? What should a man do before his wife is discharged? Experts from the COLADY magazine report.

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To-do list for the future dad.

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We will show you how to organize all these numerous cases in such a way that you will not forget a single one, as well as to complete them as quickly as possible, avoiding problems.

What a man should do 1-2 days before discharge from the hospital

  1. Decide with your spouse – will you thank the doctorswho took part in childbirth and after them. If such a desire is present, then it makes sense to check with the wife the name and patronymic of the doctor and the estimated amount of the gift.
  2. Carry out a general (necessarily wet) cleaning at home… Ventilate all areas.
  3. Stock up on condensed milk and other products.
  4. Go to the pharmacy. Buy in addition everything that you did not have time, according to the list.

What a man should do on the day his wife is discharged from the hospital

  1. Make sure everything is ready in the nursery. for the arrival of the baby. Will not be superfluous dust off again.
  2. Check your discharge bag. So that all clothes for the baby (including the blanket and the corner) and the mother are in place.
  3. Fill your baby cot (mattress topper, baby bedding, blanket). Attach a music carousel, if you have one.
  4. Prepare dinner for your spouse. In the maternity hospital, you always want homemade familiar food. And, given that the discharge time can be delayed, it is better to take care that the young mother does not remain hungry.
  5. Be sure to buy flowers. Even if the spouse said – “Do not try to spend money on these brooms!” Leaving your wife without a gorgeous bouquet on such a day is a crime.
  6. Don’t forget about the colors for the staff too. You can limit yourself to a modest bouquet. But picking flowers from a neighboring flower bed is not worth it: do not waste time on trifles – thanks to the staff of this hospital, your baby was born. Be generous and grateful.
  7. By the way, to whom to give this “less modest” bouquet? And this is already a tradition that has been followed since ancient times. At discharge, the baby is handed over to the dad by one of the junior nursing staff. A package with a box of chocolates and a bottle of quality alcohol is presented to this particular nurse. And at the same time, imperceptibly, with a slight movement of the hand, they shove a denyuzhka into the pocket of her dressing gown (it can be in an envelope). The amount depends on your spiritual generosity, but, of course, you should not put a small change in a nurse’s pocket.
  8. Concerning “Thanks” to doctorswho gave birth to a wife is a separate issue. If you decide to thank, then pass the packages with gifts (of course, before discharge – so you should arrive early) through the hospital staff. Or call your spouse – she will go down to the lobby and pick them up herself.
  9. Don’t forget to bring your camera from home (camera) to take the first shots of mom, dad and baby at discharge. Many people in the hustle and bustle forget about this important moment and then regret that there are no pictures from this holiday of the soul.
  10. Set a date for loved ones when they can come to visit you and look with affection at the new family member. Of course, relatives will want to rush right on the day of discharge, but for mom this is already too difficult a day, and she does not need guests after a week in the hospital and such physical overload.
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What a man needs to do after being discharged from the maternity hospital

The first month after giving birth is an important recovery period for the mother. Therefore, if possible, take a vacation for this time and protect your wife as much as possible from household chores. If she stopped being pregnant, this does not mean that you can again blame her doing laundry, shopping, watch at the stove and other joys.

Do not forget that childbirth is the hardest stress for the body, and it takes time to recover. Not to mention the postpartum seams, in which loads are prohibited at all. Therefore, take on all matters, including running around social institutions. In general, become for your wife the very hero who can do anything. So what should you do after you are discharged?

  • Get a birth certificate your crumbs.
  • Register the baby in your housing office. Without registration – nowhere. The sooner you do this, the less problems you will have with receiving benefits, etc.
  • Get a medical policy on the baby.
  • Get an INN for a crumb… It is better to do this a couple of weeks after receiving the birth certificate (it doesn’t make sense before).
  • Get in the queue for kindergarten in the district administration… Yes, don’t be surprised. Right now, almost immediately after giving birth. Because otherwise your turn for kindergarten may come up when the first school bell for the child has already rung.
  • Buy a large gymnastic ball (fitball), of course – high quality: check for smell, certificate, etc. The diameter of the ball is about 0.7 m. This useful toy will help you to lull your baby to sleep, and (when he grows up a bit) to carry out gymnastic exercises. Such a ball gives a lot for the development of the baby: training of the vestibular apparatus, prevention of micro-displacements of the spine, strengthening of the back muscles, etc.
  • Buy diapers… Not in pharmacies (this will be more expensive). And small wholesale in a large shopping center – it will turn out much more economically.
  • Buy a large tumble dryer (unless, of course, you have it yet). In the summer, such a dryer can be laid out on the balcony, and in the winter it can be placed near the radiator. This thing is one of the most necessary things in the household of a young mother.
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And the most important thing: do not forget that now your spouse is not only your beloved woman, but also your mother. Make a little room. In life, and on the bed too.

Be aware that at first the baby will be given more attention than you

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