We tighten the muscles of the face and remove the second chin

These exercises are as simple as they are effective. Performing them regularly will reduce the double chin and tighten the oval of the face.

With age, the skin of the face loses its former elasticity and begins to sag treacherously, which greatly upsets any woman. But aging does not begin in the skin, but deeper – in the muscles and bones.

Double chin Is nothing more than chin fat. It swells and increases in volume if metabolic processes are disturbed in the body. The cause can also be weakened chin muscles, non-physiological position of the tongue (it should rest on the palate), weakened muscles of the neck and back, and as a result, incorrect position of the head.

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You may have noticed that a certain angle in front of the camera can hide an imperfect chin. For example, if you lower your head, then the chin looks larger, and if you lift your face and turn it slightly to the side, then it looks more graceful.

We all know perfectly well that the correct physical activity contributes to the rejuvenation of the body, but the correct load is also needed for the facial muscles. There are exercises that can stop the process of double chin formation, strengthen the skin and improve blood circulation, complexion, smooth out many of the consequences of lifestyle errors.

Warm up your muscles before doing the following exercises. Gently make several circular movements with your head in one direction and then in the other direction. Pay attention to the posture: stretch the top of the head up, open the chest, directing the shoulder blades towards each other and deep into the body, lower the shoulders.

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Top 6 exercises from Sophie

  • Sweet yawn
 Sweet yawn
Sophie Shine. Author’s photo

Yes, yes, we will yawn! But not just yawn, there are nuances. We will yawn, opening our mouth as wide as possible, lowering the lower jaw to a comfortable maximum. Why is this useful? Relieves spasm from the chewing muscles, which contributes to relaxation not only at the physical level, but also at the mental level. It strengthens the muscles of the chin, which work exactly when the mouth is wide open. Now remember how often you open your mouth so hard? If it is rare, then you need to reeducate. Yawn sweetly and heartily!

Sophie Shine. Author’s photo

To perform this exercise, you need to imitate the scooping movements of the lower jaw. Pull your lower jaw forward slightly, open your mouth wide, pretend to draw water when you lower your head. When raising your head, close your mouth. Repeat 5-7 times. The corners of the lips and the upper part of the face should be relaxed.

  • Kiss the sky
Kiss the sky
Sophie Shine. Author’s photo

Raise your head to the ceiling. Pull your lips as far as possible, as if you are sending kisses to the sky. You will immediately feel the stretch in your chin and neck muscles. Hold your lips “in the kiss” for a few seconds, stretch your lips up as much as possible, and then relax. Repeat the exercise 10 times.

Sophie Shine. Author’s photo

Smiling is a good way to tighten your cheeks and lift your spirits. The exercise that we will now master will help strengthen the lower third of the face, it is only important to do it right. Put your lips together in a kiss, stretch them forward, with your index fingers press the corners of your lips to your teeth and from this position start smiling. Lips are collected, they do not change position, but you do your best to smile, stretch your cheeks to the sides and up, feel the smile. Hold the tension for 30 to 60 seconds and relax.

  • Curled lips
Curled lips
Sophie Shine. Author’s photo

Curl your lips over your teeth, stretch your lips towards the inside of your mouth. Hold this position for 15 to 20 seconds. Then lower your head to your chest, rest your chin on the collarbone, hold on for another 15 to 20 seconds and relax.

  • Ball exercise
Ball exercise
Sophie Shine. Author’s photo

You will need a tennis ball for this exercise, and is best done while sitting. Place the ball under your chin and press it firmly against your chest.

Repeat about 20 times. If you do not have the ball, then you can use your own fist instead: place the fist upright, index finger under the chin, little finger in the collarbone region. Press down on your fist with your chin. Try not to affect the thyroid gland, the pressure goes to the chin and clavicle.

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