Weather In Saint John New Brunswick In October

The average temperature in Saint John in October is 52degF, which is colder than the city’s average. In 2020, the city’s average temperature will be 26degF. There are only three days with temperatures above 65degF, and the highest and lowest temperatures will be around 10:59 am and 1:49 pm. On average, the sun will shine for 17 days in October.

The temperatures in Saint John are at their highest during October. On average, temperatures are -12.1 degrees Celsius below the minimum and 24.2 degrees Celsius above the maximum. The nights are cool with an average temperature of 6 degrees Celsius. In February 1992, the lowest temperature was -22.8 degC, but in October 2016, it was 33.7 degrees. There are nineteen hours of sunshine in each day, making the average temperature of this month in Saint Jean-Bretre 15 degC.

The average temperature in Saint John is 71 degrees Fahrenheit. The day length decreases by 1 hour and 17 minutes in October. This means that the average daily high temperature is 69 degrees, and the lowest is 66 degrees. The shortest and longest days are on October 31 and October 1, respectively. In a map, the black line indicates the length of daylight. The color bands show the hours of twilight or astronomical twilight.

The length of the day decreases by one hour, 17 minutes during October. The minimum temperature will be 2.7 degrees and the highest will be 13.8 degrees. October 31 will be the shortest day and October 1 will be the hottest. Over 12 days, October’s total rainfall is 115mm (4.5 inches). This will keep the area dry but may result in snowfall.

The average temperature in Saint John in October is mild. The average monthly temperature is 8.3 degF. October 30 is the shortest day. October 1 is the hottest day. However, the coldest month is January. The maximum temperature is -7.2 degC. Both the minimum and maximum temperatures are the same for both months. On October 31, the sun is visible in the sky at noon.

The length of the day in October is short. Saint John’s temperature is slightly higher than last year. The day will last 10 hours with five hours of sunshine. It is warm in November, but the high and low temperatures will be in the mid-50s. You should book your travel plans at least two weeks in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises. And if you are planning a holiday to Saint John in October, be sure to check the weather in the region in August or September before your trip.

October is mild. The average day in Saint John is approximately 17degC. The October minimum temperature is only eight degrees Celsius. A sunny seven-dayday day is the highest temperature. The lowest day is September, with a maximum of twenty-three degC. October 31 is the shortest day of October. November is the coldest month. The temperatures are only five degrees warmer than the summer months.

Despite its milder climate, October is the coldest month of the year in Saint John. The daytime highs range from a comfortable 25degF to a chilly -5degC. Saint John’s temperatures can vary greatly from year to year. It is best to plan your trip at least two weeks in advance if you plan to travel there.

In October, the minimum and maximum temperatures are the same as in July. The maximum temperature is 20 degC. October 31 is the coldest day. The hottest day is October 29. October 30 is the lowest temperature. The shortest day is October 1. During the month of October, the weather is cool in Saint John. The daily minimum temperature is eight degrees Celsius in the fall.

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