Wedding calendar for the second half of 2021

Unfortunately, divorce statistics outpace the number of successful unions. But how to choose the very date that will bring family happiness for many years?

This is a very controversial and controversial issue. The point is, in order to choose a good date, you need many different nuances (sometimes it even depends on the date of birth of the parents of the spouses).

It will be very good if the couple gets on the overall positive date.

Not everyone adheres to numerological or astrological calculations. But in vain. Perhaps then there would have been fewer divorces and unhappy marriages. The decision, of course, lies with the young.

So, favorable days for marriage for the second half of 2021

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the 14 th of July

July 18

July 25

July 27

06 august

08 august

August 15

17 august

24 August

August, 26th

05 September

September 07

14 september

23 September

September 25

Mercury retrograde begins on September 27, and the wedding can go in a completely different scenario.

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I would not consider this month for a wedding at all, as it passes under the vibration of the most negative Code regarding relationships. However, it’s up to you to decide.

In addition, there will be a continuation of the reign of retrograde Mercury officially until October 19, but in fact, it can still spoil the whole impression until the end of the month. He’s a crafty little guy.

  • November
  • 04 November
  • 07 november
  • 10th of November
  • 11th of November
  • 14 november
  • 17 november

This month the eclipse corridor passes (19 November to 04 December).

Until December 4 (plus a gap of a couple of days) – the corridor of eclipses.

There are a couple of days left until December 19.

And there retrograde Venus will come into its own (19.12 – 29.12.)

This period is not suitable for marriage, as the prospects for marriage can be unpredictable.

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As a wedding gift, I offer you a simple formula on how to calculate the fate of your union by the date of birth of the spouses.

How to determine the fate of the future marriage by the date of birth of the spouses

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Our date of birth is an invaluable gift given to a person. According to it, we can identify and understand whether in a relationship a couple will be comfortable together or there will be some difficulties.

To do this, we summarize all the digits of the date of birth and reduce each partner to a single-digit number.

Then the resulting number is his and her sum and again reduce to a single-digit one. This number will be the compatibility code of the pair. He will not reveal all the subtleties to you, but he will already give you a general understanding of the situation. And for a more detailed analysis, it is worth contacting a specialist.


2 + 3 + 4 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 5 = 33 = 3 + 3 =6

  • she – 17.07. 1996 year

1 + 7 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 6 = 40 = 4 + 0 =4

Let’s summarize the obtained numbers: 6 + 4 = 10 = 1 + 0 =one

The compatibility code for this pair is one

Brief compatibility characteristic: one – gives the couple stability in the relationship, however, you need to remember that there can be discord due to the leadership qualities of this figure and you should always look for compromises. You should support each other, not pull the blanket over yourself.

Now let’s look at other values ​​as well:

2 – will help keep in a couple love with its tender and quivering feelings for many years. Don’t forget to pamper each other with cute gifts.

3 – introduces disharmony and anxiety into the relationship. Boredom and monotony can ruin relationships. Travel, arrange holidays. Listen to your partner’s opinion and wishes.

4 – not the most reliable union. Partners are rarely attached to each other and are often engaged in their own self-development and their personal achievements. Even having children makes little difference in a relationship.

5 – the union is stable and interesting. Life will be full of new emotions, impressions and hobbies. In such families, there is always a place for laughter and good mood.

6 – this is the most harmonious combination. Partners will enjoy each other’s company, live in mutual understanding and love, quickly get on their feet and gain financial independence.

7 – such couples limit relationships with the outside world and become isolated. If they are comfortable in a narrow family circle, then family life will be long and happy.

eight – in such a union, you must be careful and careful. Partners in it are aimed at career growth. If they have different goals in life, such a union collapses due to conflicts and disagreements. This is a mix of workaholics.

9 – if the family is important to the couple, and not the career, the union will become happy and prosperous. Such a guy needs children to give them his love and care. They always have four-legged pets in their family, which they take care of with pleasure.

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There are the main principles and rules of a happy relationship for everyone, without exception:

  1. Do not be offended by anything and never.
  2. Goodbye to mistakes – we are all imperfect.
  3. Don’t get annoyed that your partner is not like you, look for something good in this opposite.
  4. Do not interfere with each other to show their qualities. After all, there is always something to learn from each other.

Let me remind you once again that these are only general forecasts. The selection of the wedding date should be individual for each couple! After all, this is your family’s birthday and only the best should be put into it!

Advice to you, yes love!

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