What are marriages – 4 types of marriage in the modern world

Not all girls can live in a fairy tale – in castles with a handsome prince, who in twenty years will turn into a gray-haired stately king. One girl can spend her whole life with a swineherd, but live happily, in perfect harmony. The other will fight the brave knight. And the third will live with the lazy Emelya, and still remain Nesmeyaya.

COLADY will tell you about 4 types of marriage in the modern world.

Official and unofficial marriage – how are they different? Told by the psychologist, expert COLADY, Elena Tolkacheva

What types of marriages are there in the modern world
Elena Tolkacheva – owner of an international dating agency, expert of COLADY magazine

There are the following types of marriages in Russia: official (he is civil, legal, registered with the registry office) and informal (many confuse it with a civilian, unregistered).

The rest are already subspecies of these two:

  1. standard (for love, official);
  2. fictitious (for some benefit of one or both spouses, also official);
  3. guest (when the spouses live in different apartments and sometimes even cities, it may not be official);
  4. monogamous / polygamous (with one or more sexual partners, may or may not be registered).

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of some.

Official (legal) marriage

Relationships are registered with the registry office and are regulated by the family code.


  • Spouses can receive benefits, including mortgages, and participate in government programs to support young families.
  • With a stamp in the passport, in case of the birth of children, a special procedure for establishing paternity is not needed.
  • You can conclude a marriage contract.
  • When traveling to Muslim countries, the legal spouses will be accommodated in one room, in contrast to the roommates.
  • You can obtain citizenship in another country (where one of the spouses lives).
  • If one of the spouses is in intensive care, then the second legal spouse will be allowed to see him.


  • It is necessary to reach 18 (in some cases 16) years.
  • The procedure for selling property becomes more complicated – the consent and presence of the spouse is required.
  • Financial debts are common. That is, before the debt is repaid, common property can be withdrawn.
  • For a man, the disadvantage can be the payment of alimony in the event of a divorce.
  • If the court reveals a fictitious marriage, you can lose all rights under the law (for example, property rights), you will have to return all the funds paid by the state. In addition, you can get a punishment in the form of imprisonment (if, for example, the marriage was contracted for illegal migration to another country and obtaining registration there).
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Unofficial (unregistered) marriage

In this case, the couple is considered cohabitants, and their union is not registered with the registry office and has no legal obligations and legal force.


  • There are no legal obligations to each other.
  • No one owes anything to anyone even in the event of a break in relations.
  • Also, when parting, the division of property is not supposed (for example, the apartment remains to the one who acquired it even at the time of the relationship).


Everything is simple here – there is no way to get what I prescribed in the advantages of legal marriage.

Types of marriage in the modern world – commentary by family psychologist Alexander Shugaev

What types of marriages are there in the modern world
Alexander Shugaev – family psychologist

There are 4 types of marriages in the modern world:

  1. Trial marriage – “civil marriage” among the people. Moreover, this popular name is fundamentally wrong. But more on that later. A trial marriage is when 2 people live together, have a common life, they may have children, a common family budget, large purchases, but for some reason they do not register their relationship.
  2. Legalized marriage relationship – when 2 people legalized their rights to each other and obligations to each other in the registry office. Formally, it is the usual legalized marriage union that is civil marriage (that is, the marriage relationship is enshrined in all the requirements of the Civil Code).
  3. Weekend marriage – the relationship of 2 people who do not lead a common household and household, meet on the territory of one of the partners, or on a neutral territory for 1-3 days a week. Such relations are not considered serious in our country. Often they are found in families in serious condition, where there are treason.
  4. Guest marriage – the most popular type of relationship among young people. Such a marriage does not imply cohabitation and life, but it does not exclude the presence of children. Such relationships are built on great trust in each other and mutual assistance. But it also implies a certain freedom in the behavior of the spouses due to the lack of control.
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From the point of view of the development of the family, the creation of everyday life and the successful functioning of the family as a separate unit of society, as well as the upbringing of children, a classic, registered marriage has the greatest potential. Including because of the preservation of certain guarantees for women.

Since in the first time after the birth of the child, she will not be able to earn money herself and will be busy with the child, in all other cases, she runs the risk of being left alone, without earning money, with a child in her arms.

Also, marriages can be divided according to the principle of “main” in the relationship:

  1. A leading man – a slave woman – this is the strongest and most classic union. It develops when a man with a large number of muscular qualities and a woman with a large number of feminine qualities meet.
  2. A leading woman is a follower of a man – such a union is possible if a woman has a large number of muscular, and a man, respectively, has feminine qualities.

*The prevalence of: for a man 80% muscular qualities and 20% feminine for a woman 80 feminine and 20 muscular The rest of the options, when both leaders or followers are doomed to failure, since in such a relationship there will never be a balance.

Which marriage do you personally prefer? Let us know in the comments!

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