What are they – Taurus women: character traits

Those born under this constellation have tremendous strength – internal and external. They do not waste time on long conversations, but prefer to just listen and draw conclusions in silence. Kind and even naive in many matters, Taurus often suffer from betrayal of loved ones and strangers. Women have many weaknesses that prevent them from living. She does not try to fight them.

Taurus woman

1. Stability is the key to success

They are supporters of everything permanent and do not tolerate temporary. The relationship should be forever and with only one person. You should not try to build a connection with them for a short period of time – she will not go for it.

Even during betrayal, they will carefully hide the connection on the side from everyone – and they do it perfectly. Girlfriends go through life and don’t change. Things, interior, furniture and other household items are purchased for life, so as not to spend honestly earned money again.

2. Houses and walls help

The house is a shrine that is carefully guarded from prying eyes. Here she takes a break from the bustle of work and gains strength before a new day. She is not interested in the view outside the window – the main thing is comfort inside the house.

The interior is done in warm colors and soft fabrics, pleasant to the touch. The bathroom and kitchen occupy the largest areas – these are the places where a woman spends the most time. Convenience and novelties from household appliances are present in Taurus first in the house.

3. Humor helps to survive all adversity

Their facial expressions are so developed that they can tell the whole anecdote with the movements of their eyebrows and eyes. This spectacle is a real show that you will not see from the most famous comedians. Funny stories performed by a Taurus woman are presented in a real theatrical performance, where all the characters are performed by one person. It is possible to bring anyone out of depression in this way, so there is never boredom and sadness next to them.

Taurus woman personality traits

4. Patience and work will grind everything

Patience is one of the main benefits of this zodiac sign. This character trait helps to achieve a lot, which the majority rejects. They are lucky in love, gambling, lotteries and careers. Taurus is ready to wait indefinitely, so they will not miss a convenient moment for action. Women carefully hide this quality from strangers, disguising it behind the mask of a lazy person.

5. Faithfulness in creation

They are loyal and honest people. They can be trusted in everything. Telling about other people’s secrets or using them for their own purposes is not in their rules. These are creators who are not capable of destroying anything.

6. Jealousy can be scary

Jealousy is in her blood. Do not try to flirt in front of her eyes – this is fraught with serious consequences. She will be jealous of a loved one even for a car, TV and hobbies. The Taurus woman should be aware of everything that is happening around her and among the people close to her. Do not give up her advice and guidance – this will help prevent many unpleasant moments.

7. Fearlessness is the lot of the brave

In her heart, this woman is afraid of everything, but she hides it so carefully that outwardly it is manifested by bold and brave deeds. She carefully fights her fears, turning them into strength and courage.

Features of the character of Taurus women

8. Goodness Returns Twice

A Taurus woman will never forget what was done to her. She may forget the date of birth of her parents, but this phat in her biography will forever remain in her memory. In response to his benefactor, good will fly in triple the size – this zodiac sign knows how to pay the bills.

9. Anger destroys worlds

You should not anger a woman under the influence of this constellation. It may be dangerous. In anger, this woman is terrible – she will destroy everything in her path, but she will take revenge on her offender. This is a vindictive person who can wait for the right moment and strike at the moment when it will be much more painful.

10. Beauty rules the world

Next to her, this woman tolerates only a stylish and neat person. With a person who dresses modestly and without taste, she will simply break off the relationship or even not begin to talk. Taurus sees everything and points out these shortcomings once.

Communication with such a woman will give many pleasant moments, but it is worth considering all the features of her character so as not to lose her trust. Beauty and style should be in everything – this will increase the chance of interest on her part.

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