What colors to use to look like a million

Who among us does not dream of creating an impeccable wardrobe that would help us look not only feminine, but also stylish, expensive, presentable? The color scheme we have chosen plays a huge role in this, because it is the color that has a key effect on how others read our image.

If you always want to look chic, then take note of these colors.


We often gaze at bold images of stars in chic red dresses and dream of getting something similar. But, this is hardly a good idea, because red is associated with aggression and therefore is not suitable for everyday looks and dates.

But his brother – a wine shade, will be the ideal solution for those who want to look spectacular and attractive. In one interpretation or another, wine is suitable for both festive and everyday looks. In addition, this color always looks expensive and presentable.

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2. Green

We often ignore shades of green, but meanwhile this color evokes many positive associations in our subconscious: trust, security, calmness, stability. Exceptions: neon and muddy-muted shades of green.

But feel free to try on all the other options in everyday life. Green shades are also suitable for office everyday life. In moderate dosages (blouse, skirt, scarf or bag), it will help you create a non-trivial but stylish look. Combine it with blue, yellow, or shades of purple.

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2. Blue

It is not for nothing that deep blue is called the royal color: due to its richness, it invariably looks noble, luxurious and attracts the attention of others. Blue suits fashionistas of all ages, because it will never look too frivolous or too prim on you, and will also help you out in any situation: from a romantic date to a business meeting.

In addition, he is ideal for a modern business woman, as others associate him with stability, reliability and composure.

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4. Brown

It is a huge misconception to consider brown as dull and boring. A well-chosen shade of brown (not dingy brown and not too dark) can look noble, status and elegant.

In addition, being one of the most natural colors in the palette, it does not hurt the eyes and does not act as an irritant, but, on the contrary, causes pacification. Pay attention to wrap dresses in brown shades: warm cozy sweaters and turtlenecks, and, of course, classic coats.

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5. Black

Black, as the color of classics and elegance, will never go out of style and will always remain relevant. You should not be afraid of mourning or boring: correctly selected and complemented by successful accessories and makeup, black can look businesslike, stern, bold, sexy or solemn.

It is this color that will turn you into a beautiful lady or a stylish business lady. The main rule: do not let black overshadow your natural characteristics and always choose a make-up that enlivens your face.

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6. White

White, like black, depending on the presentation, can act in completely different roles: from playful naivety to luxury and festivity. And if airy, flying and translucent fabrics will create a flirty and romantic image for you, then rigid, well-shaped materials and clear lines will give you a status and expensive look.

When choosing an image, remember that white, as the most easily soiled color, is considered an attribute of luxury and wealth, and therefore, for example, a Total white suit will make an indelible impression on others.

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