What Did Roger Stone Say About John Mccain

A few weeks ago, Stone tweeted that he had been working for the Republican candidate Kelli Ward. He also warned of violence if Trump is impeached, which McCain denies. Then, he defended his actions, saying he had only acted in self-defense. Nevertheless, some people are still suspicious of his motives. What did Roger Stone have to say about John McCain

Stone was scheduled to testify before the House Intelligence Committee on July 24, but the hearing was postponed after Stone insulted the members of the committee in a radio interview. He also made fun of Sen. John McCain, saying that he had asked him to explain his ties to the Russians. He said more. Here, he criticized the former prisoner of war for saying he wanted to tell the truth about the dossier.

While McCain and Stone don’t share a political view, they do share some personal and professional differences. Both have been working in the corporate world for many decades. They met in the early 1990s and fell in love. Their relationship was so close that Stone briefly served as communications advisor for Trump during the 2016 campaign. Stone and McCain even formed a political action committee in order to support the candidate. During the interview, Stone also criticized McCain for criticizing Sen. John McCain and Jeff Sessions. Stone claimed that McCain asked him to explain his relationship with the Russians during the radio interview.

Stone, a former prisoner-of-war, also posted an Instagram defense of President Bush. Stone used a juvenile line to call Bush names in the post. “Well, she’s dead, he’s president” as well as “Who won that fight?” In other words, “I’m dead and he won.” This is exactly the opposite of what Trump’s premise is.

Stone also criticised the president at the time of the alleged insults. McCain was also criticised by the former prisoner-of-war for giving the FBI the dossier. He claimed it was true. The president stated that he does not trust the FBI and believes it is biased and corrupt. He did not say what he said, and it is unclear what happened to him in the interview.

In an Instagram post, Stone defended the president and called him names. Stone used a juvenile line to write “well, she died and now he’s president.” Who won? Trump wrote the tweet. The following week, the two men continued to be friends. But their friendship grew colder. Neither man had a political agenda and the other had a similar view.

In a recent interview, Stone defended McCain. His criticism of the president was unfounded, but his statements were inaccurate. In a subsequent Facebook post, Stone also attacked McCain, saying “We’re not trying to get rid of the president, but we are doing our best to keep the country united.” The alleged treason is unacceptable. The senator lied to the American public, and the country will suffer because of it.

Stone posted an Instagram post in which he defended President Bush. Moreover, he called Bush’s wife a “patron,” a word he uses in a mockery of McCain’s daughter. This was in response to her praise of the former president. He also called McCain a “patron” and said: ”I’m sorry, she was dead and ‘he’s the president.

Stone has a complicated and contentious relationship with the president. During the 2016 campaign, he briefly served as the communications advisor for Trump and established a political action committee. During the campaign, Stone claimed to have the president’s ear. He cited Tuesday’s fact that McCain had asked Stone for information about his Russian connections. This was a clear indication that the former prisoner of war had a very strong relationship with the President.

Stone was the most prominent lobbyist. However, former president Barack Obama was also a major player in the campaign. The pair spent a decade lobbying for the president. In the end, they helped Trump win in 2008, and he ruined the Democratic Party in the process. In the years following the presidential election, both Stone and Manafort became close friends. They were both indicted for illegally collecting espionage documents. Despite their personal and professional relationships, they did not reveal which of these figures they contacted, but their relationship was still intact.

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