What do the tattoos on various parts of the body symbolize?

Each tattoo often symbolizes something very personal – a story, emotion, memory, feeling, attitude, or even a loved one. That is why such a pattern on the body can fairly accurately characterize its owner.

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“Given the growing popularity of tattoos, sociologists simply could not help but become interested in this trend.“, – says a clinical psychologist and writer Vinita Mehta

She refers to research conducted by Viren Swami, a professor of social psychology at the University of Britain. Anglia Ruskin, which concludes that tattoos and their location reveal certain character traits.

The most common message of this skin pattern is:

  1. you are an extrovert and very sociable person;
  2. you are looking for new experiences and adventures;
  3. you want to be unique and stand out.

The meaning of the location of the tattoo

Let’s take a closer look at what tattoos mean and symbolize on various parts of the body:

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1. Face

They are brave and rebellious personalities with a rebellious character. People who tattoo their faces in this way are protesting against generally accepted social norms. They have a strong, confident and decisive character, and they are not afraid of evaluating, incomprehensible and judgmental views from the outside.

2. Behind the ears

Most people use this body part to memorialize their loved ones or pets. Symbols, totems are also applied behind the ears, or to emphasize their love of music. Sociologists say that this is a sign of a confident person who wants to express himself openly and freely. Such a person does not want the drawing to be conspicuous, but at the same time remain visible.

3. Neck

The tattoo on the front neck is visible, while the tattoo on the back of the neck can be hidden by hair or clothing. It is believed that people with such a tattoo are brave, strong and wise. Women with tattoos on the back of their necks tend to be independent, and they make their own choices and decisions.

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4. Chest

Such placement of a tattoo is a symbol of something really valuable and meaningful to a person, but in many respects it also depends on the size of the drawing. A small tattoo is a reminder of a life event from the past that had a serious impact on a person. The large drawing represents something very close to your heart. For men, a chest tattoo means that they are very confident. For women, it is a symbol of love, romance and affection.

5. Ribs

This is not the most popular part of the body due to the sensitivity and pain of application, therefore the owner of such a tattoo is a persistent and courageous person who loves his body and is not ashamed of it. Girls with designs on the ribs (under the breasts) are usually very artistic, creative, but emotionally receptive.

6. Back

Back tattoos mean something important to a person, but you don’t have to see them all the time. These are mysterious, brave personalities who do not care a lot about other people’s opinions. Women with lower back tattoos are usually feminine and sensual, with powerful self-esteem. Men with tattoos on their backs are characterized by increased confidence, they are very fond of themselves and tend to show off.

7. Hands

Hand tattoos have a lot of meanings that can be correctly identified by the size of the pattern. If you have a small drawing on your hand, it may mean that you are a rebellious person, but still be careful about something. A “half-sleeve” tattoo characterizes a person who is eager to show his creativity, but at the same time at any time can cover up the drawing and look “normal” for the outside world.

But a person with a full sleeve tattoo clearly does not care what the environment thinks about him. A tattoo on the inside of the bicep shows that you have something to share with the world, but are not sure about it. Secretly, you want people to notice your drawing and ask you about it. In general, hand drawings mean that you are very confident and willing to take risks. You like to be in charge of your life.

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8. Forearm

While forearm tattoos can be covered with long sleeves, they still love to show off their jewelry. This part of the body shows that you are strong, courageous and want to attract the attention of others. These tattoos tend to highlight the principles and values ​​of a person.

9. Wrist

Placing a tattoo on your wrist signifies that you are a sensitive person who is going through or is going through intense emotional pain. This place is also chosen by people who want to hide their scars, which symbolizes their personal growth, a way out of depression or victory over destructive and addictions.

10. Fingers

This placement of the tattoo is less common, but such drawings on the fingers show that you are straightforward, concise and businesslike. Usually words and letters are used on the fingers. Due to the limited space, the artist needs to use what is available to convey the meaning of the tattoo.

11. Hips

Thigh designs mean you are shy, but with these tattoos you get a little more confident and want to grab attention and interest. These tattoos can be very complex and quite sexy. Not so many people see them, therefore only very close ones have access to such drawings.

12. Caviar

Men are more likely than women to adorn their calves. This part of the body is often chosen by athletes, since they wear shorts, which means that the tattoo can be freely shown to others. These are usually fairly large and complex images that tell a whole story.

13. Ankles and feet

People with tattoos on their ankles and feet are wary and sometimes even shy about their designs. This placement of the tattoo shows that you are mysterious and very selective in terms of dating and communication. These drawings are usually small but meaningful. They often remind of grief and loss, for example, of a loved one. This is a favorite spot for introverts.

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