What documents to draw up for a single mother – important nuances

A family where a woman is forced to raise a baby alone is considered incomplete. Each such incomplete family has its own history, in most cases sad, with deception, betrayal, separation. But, since a single mother, having responsibility for a child, despite difficult life circumstances, should raise him healthy and happy, the state provides for some benefits and benefits that will help her in this.

Single mother – burden or deliberate choice?

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Many women decide to have a child, and at the same time refuse to participate in his biological father’s life.

  • A single mother is considered only a woman who has given birth to a baby, while she is not married, or the birth of a child occurred more than three hundred days after the divorce (divorce by court order), and in the birth document of the baby there is a dash in the column “ Father “, or the data of the father are recorded only from her words.
  • A single mother is also a woman who adopts a baby out of wedlock.
  • If paternity is not proven in court proceedings, or if the spouse’s paternity is contested with a further decision that the spouse is not biologically the father of the baby, then the woman is also recognized as a single mother.
  • A single mother is not considered to be a woman who has given birth to her child in marriage but is then divorced, or a woman who is a widow.

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What documents are required to prove the status of a single mother?

If the baby does not have a father, and the woman receives the document on the birth of her baby with a dash in the “father” column, or with the father’s data entered in the column only from her words, then in the same department of the registry office it is necessary to fill out a certificate form No. 25.

The application for obtaining the status of a “single mother”, together with the completed form No. 25 from the registry office, the woman must take to the department (office) of social protection of the city or district (at the place of registration), or send a certified letter with documents by mail (very desirable with acknowledgment of receipt).

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Documents for registration and receipt of monthly allowance for the baby

  1. An application for recognition of the status of a “single mother”, which a woman writes in the district or city department of social protection (necessarily at the place of her registration, and not at the place of her actual residence).
  2. Baby’s birth document (certificate).
  3. The stamp (on the document) of the child’s citizenship.
  4. A certificate that a single mother is living with a child (certificate of the composition of her family).
  5. Form No. 25 (certificate) from the registry office.
  6. Income certificate (work book or certificate from the city, regional employment service).
  7. Woman’s passport.

From all documents it is necessary make photocopiesby attaching them to the original documents and submitting a package of documents to the department (office) of social protection, which is located at the place of its registration.

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Single mom benefits and payments

In order to find out what benefits and payments are due to a single mother, as well as to clarify the amount of benefits, payments in one of the regions of Russia, a single mother needs to contact the office (department) of social protection (necessarily – at the place of the woman’s passport registration).

A single mother is unconditionally entitled to regular government benefits:

  • A one-time allowance that is paid to a woman who got up in the first trimester of pregnancy (up to 12 weeks) in a medical institution (antenatal clinic) for registration.
  • Pregnancy and childbirth allowance.
  • A lump-sum allowance that is issued after the birth of a child.
  • A monthly allowance that is issued to care for her baby (up to the age of one and a half years).
  • Monthly allowance for a child up to the age of sixteen (the allowance is paid at double the usual amount).
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In addition, in different constituent entities of the Russian Federation Provides regional supplementary benefits for single mothersm, for which a woman must submit a work book to the department (office) of social protection, which is located at the place of her passport registration.

Additional benefits include regional monthly payments to reimburse expenses (these are expenses to increase the cost of living); to reimburse the costs associated with an increase in the price level of basic food purchased for the child, other payments and benefits.

Single mother benefits

  • A woman who is raising and raising a child alone receives a monthly toddler allowance, which is larger than usual. This does not depend on the woman’s income level, family living conditions.
  • Until the baby reaches one and a half years of age, the single mother is paid an additional amount every month.
  • A single mother has an unconditional right to receive annual financial assistance for a child (approximately 300 rubles).
  • According to labor law, a single mother cannot be dismissed from work on the initiative of the administration until the child reaches the age of 14 (except for cases when the enterprise is liquidated with the obligatory provision of a woman with another place of work). At the end of the contract at work, the administration must provide the single mother with another place of work. For the entire period of employment, single mothers are paid an average wage (no more than three months after the end of the fixed-term contract).
  • A single mother is paid a sick leave for the illness of a baby, for the care of her child under 14 years of age, 100% for a longer period than the rest.
  • A single mother has the unconditional right to receive an annual leave of 14 days without pay, which can be added to the main annual leave at her request, or, at the request of the woman herself, used at a time convenient for her and the child.
  • A woman who is a single mother cannot be denied a job (in continuation of work) only for the reason that she is a single mother. In case of violation of the law, a woman can defend her rights in court.
  • Sometimes territorial departments for socially unprotected families, including incomplete families, arrange a sale of children’s clothes at low prices.
  • The tax deduction for a single mother is always doubled.

Single mother’s rights

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  1. A woman who is raising and raising a baby alone has the right to receive all benefits provided by the state for this social category. A woman should inquire about the amount of benefits and payments at the department of social protection, which is located at the place of her passport registration. All benefits and payments for single mothers are higher than the usual amounts paid.
  2. A single mother is also unconditionally entitled to receive regional benefits and payments for single mothers for low-income families.
  3. A single mother has the unconditional right to place a child in a preschool institution out of turn, to enjoy benefits for payment.
  4. If a woman who is raising a baby alone then gets married, then all benefits, payments for a child, benefits for her remain. Eligibility and benefits are lost if the new husband adopts the child.
  5. A working single mother has the unconditional right to take regular leave at any time that is most convenient for her.
  6. A single mother has the unconditional right to refuse overtime or night shifts. Engaging a woman in overtime work is not permissible without her written consent.
  7. A single mother has the unconditional right to short shifts, part-time work, which is agreed in advance with the employer and is enshrined in a written agreement of the parties.
  8. A single mother has the unconditional right to demand from the employer a refusal to work in writing, as well as to appeal it in court if she believes or knows that she was refused a job only because the woman is a single mother.
  9. If the living conditions of an incomplete family are found unsatisfactory, a single mother has the right to sign up for housing, as well as to improve housing, living conditions (on a preferential basis, in sequence).
  10. When the time comes to attend kindergarten, single mothers are required to take a child to a preschool institution out of turn, for state support (full), or receive up to 50% – 75% discounts on kindergarten fees.
  11. A child of a single mother has the right to food at school free of charge (up to 2 times a day), which is provided in the school cafeteria. A set of textbooks for a schoolchild is also issued free of charge (these questions are at the discretion of the school principal).
  12. A single mother has the unconditional right to receive a free or partially paid voucher to a health camp or sanatorium (once in one year, or in two years) in the queue for this benefit. Travel, accommodation of the mother is included in the voucher (for health improvement in a sanatorium).
  13. If the child of a single mother becomes ill, she is eligible to receive benefits for the purchase of certain drugs (a list of these drugs must be asked at the clinic). Some expensive medicines for a single mother receive a 50% discount.
  14. A child of a single mother has the right to visit the massage room in the clinic at the place of residence free of charge.

Subsidies that can be given to a single mom

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The “single mother” status itself does not entitle one to receive government targeted subsidies (for paying or purchasing housing) in and of itself. But a single mother can be compensated for all utility bills (subsidies earmarked for utility bills), if the total total income of all members of this family does not exceed certain figures (set minimum).

In order to find out whether a single mother has the right to receive subsidies, as well as to determine the amount of subsidies, it is necessary to contact the district or city department (office) of social protection of the population located at the place of residence of the family. A woman should remember that she has the right to receive subsidies only in the absence of any debts on utility bills – the last payment receipts must be taken with you.

To calculate family income, the sum of monthly benefits, scholarships, pensions, wages is added and divided by the number of family members, including children. These calculations are performed in the district or city department of social protection, located at the place of the family’s passport registration. If a single mother’s family is below the minimum, she is eligible for legal government subsidies to pay for utility services.

In order to apply for and continue to receive a subsidy, a single mother needs to collect documents:

  • Certificate of all family income for the previous six months (6 months).
  • A standard certificate from the housing office (ZhEK) about the composition of her family.
  • Help from the social service (about the amount of benefits).
  • A salary certificate for 6 months (six months), or a certificate of the presence or absence of unemployment benefits from the Employment Service.
  • Certificate of ownership of housing.
  • Mother’s passport, birth certificates for all children.
  • Receipts for full payment of all utility services for six months (previous 6 months).
  • Application for the appointment of subsidies (written when accepting documents).

A single mother is also eligible for federal targeted housing assistance assistance.

In Russia there is a state federal young family program, within which all families (in which spouses or one spouse under the age of 35) are paid subsidies for the improvement, purchase of housing. Single-parent families (family of a single mother) also qualify for this category of citizens if she is over not more than 35 years old… A woman with one baby is eligible for a subsidy, at the rate of 42 sq. meters (total area of ​​housing).

Only solvent mothers who are in line for preferential housing, improvement of their living conditions, and the age of applicants less than 35 years old, are eligible to receive subsidies for the purchase of housing. Each woman can learn more about these conditions from the administration of the city or district in which she lives.

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