What does Kate Beckinsale’s daughter think about her mother’s romance with boys?

The first husband of Kate Beckinsale was the last adult boyfriend of the girl. After parting with him, the actress “went young”: her current lover is only a year older than her daughter. What does the heiress herself think about this and what did the star answer to the question about her preferences?

Romance with guys who are suitable for children

After a divorce from 47-year-old director Len Vaismanov, 46-year-old Kate Beckinsale became seriously interested in guys who are much younger than her. The girl’s first boyfriend was 26-year-old comedian Pete Davidson. A little later, the actress was spotted with 30-year-old rapper Machine Gun Kelly, who is now in a relationship with Megan Fox. And for a year now, Kate has been dating her daughter’s age-old 23-year-old Goody Grace.

And so, Beckinsale, for the first time ever, commented on her novels. To a commentary asking why Kate prefers young people who are “suitable for her sons,” the artist ironically replied:

“My whole relationship was solely to annoy you.”

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Recall that rumors about the romance of the British star and the Canadian rock musician appeared at the beginning of the year, but were confirmed only in the spring, when on Easter Sunday the paparazzi saw the lovers walking. The couple also spent the quarantine together.

Does the daughter of the artist accept young partners of the mother?

Close to Kate are sympathetic to her choice in a relationship. For example, the Us Weekly insider, who introduced himself as a good friend of Beckinsale’s daughter Lilo Mo Shin, said that the girl is not at all against the fact that her mother is able to take her boyfriend away – the aspiring actress does not interfere with her mother’s personal life and is only glad to see how she blooms in love.

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“Mom likes the young and the same creative as herself. This is her type, and it seems to me that this is cool! ”- Lily allegedly said.

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