What hairstyles suit Nastya Ivleeva?

As part of the Star Experiment project, our team decided to conduct a bold experiment and offer the popular Russian blogger and TV presenter Nastya Ivleeva several new hairstyles.

Nastya Ivleeva

Nastya Ivleeva gained wide popularity thanks to her participation in the “Heads and Tails” program. Releases with her participation are distinguished by the presence of humor and reasonable extreme, which is why the TV presenter began to be called “Nastya – danger”.

Most of all, Nastya was remembered by the audience in the form of a spectacular blonde with red lipstick. Well, let’s try to offer her several alternative options. The first number will try to radically change the colors. The hair here is tinted blue, which is accentuated by the eyeliner. The lipstick was also chosen in a light shade. The image turned out to be winter:

Nastya Ivleeva hairstyles1

Number two is warm colors. Hair in the usual shade of blond with nude makeup looks cozy at home:

Nastya Ivleeva hairstyles2

The third was a sporty look. The pink hair color is accentuated by the color of the famous brand tracksuit. The makeup in this case is relatively calm, so as not to overload with unnecessary paints:

Nastya Ivleeva hairstyles3

Nastya leads an active lifestyle. He travels a lot, blogs on social networks and participates in various projects. It is not surprising if she suddenly wants to change the length of her hair to ultra-short. Dark chocolate would be perfect for her brown eyes. With short hair like a boy, a TV presenter might look like this:

Nastya Ivleeva hairstyles4

If we consider a darker color scheme, then one of the options would be a rich red color. If Nastya decided to change her image to a more feminine one, then one of the options could be biowave on long hair:

Nastya Ivleeva hairstyles5

The trendy rainbow coloration is often found on red carpets. If on short hair the transitions of shades are not so noticeable, then all overflows of colors are clearly visible over a long length. And if the beginning of a career took place in strict office walls with a regulated form of clothing, hairstyle and appearance in general, then the television industry is conducive to the most unusual experiments:

Nastya Ivleeva hairstyles6

Another eccentric and bold option would be a muted green hair color. The shade would also go with Nastya’s brown eyes. The image could be complemented by a small dark-colored hat and accessories in bronze.

Nastya Ivleeva hairstyles7


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Write the number of the image in the comments and share your ideas.

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