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Pregnancy 32 weeks - fetal development and woman's sensationsYou need to get as much rest as possible. Try to lie down during the day. You may be feeling awkward and overwhelming, and even tired right now. It’s time to start attending parenting courses. The child was fully formed and his body became proportional. And thanks to the body fat, the baby looks plump.

What does 32 weeks mean?

So, you are at 32 obstetric week, and this is 30 weeks from conception and 28 weeks from delayed menstruation.

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Feelings of the expectant mother

  • As the child grows, he presses on the internal organs, and this leads to such unpleasant sensations as shortness of breath and frequent urination. Some urine may be released when you run, cough, sneeze, or laugh;
  • Sleep has worsened and it becomes more difficult to fall asleep;
  • The navel becomes flat or even protrudes outward;
  • The pelvic joints dilate before childbirth, and you may feel discomfort in this area;
  • In addition, the lower ribs may hurt, because the uterus presses on them;
  • From time to time, you feel a slight tension in the uterus. If it does not last very long and does not cause pain, do not worry: this is how the body prepares for childbirth;
  • The uterus with the baby rises higher and higher. Now it is located between the sternum and the navel;
  • It is generally accepted that starting from the 32nd week, your weight should increase by 350-400 g per week;
  • If you are cutting back on carbohydrates and milk drinks and your weight is still increasing, you should tell your doctor. The total body weight at the 32nd week is on average 11 kg more than before pregnancy.
  • A growing belly is going to be a lot of hassle for you this week. By this time, the child has already turned head down, and his legs rested against your ribs. This can cause chest pain if the baby pushes badly. Therefore, try to sit as straight as possible;
  • Fluid retention in the body can be a problem, causing veins to swell, ankles and fingers swelling. Remove all rings if they start to squeeze, and do not wear tight clothing. Continue to take nutritional supplements rich in vitamins and minerals; the child now needs it especially.

Reviews from forums, VKontakte and Instagram:


I have 32 weeks. Before pregnancy weighed 54, and now 57. How do they gain 20 kg, I can’t understand !? I eat a lot and everything is delicious! Why is it, the belly is just growing!) Mom added 20-25 kg, my sister is 5 months old, and has already added 10 and how to understand what is good and what is bad?


Hi! And we went to the 32nd week. I gained 11 kg by this time, the doctors put on a diet in unison, once a week fasting days, not a crumb of bread, only vegetables and fruits! And I myself know that I gained a lot, but, on the other hand, 11 is not 20. So, I’m not particularly worried. The other day we did an ultrasound scan, it was confirmed that we were expecting a girl. Moreover, a girl who is ahead of her development in all respects by 1.5 weeks. The doctor said that this means that it is possible to give birth 1-2 weeks earlier. We really hope for this, since we really want the child to be a lion cub by the sign of the zodiac, like her husband. The crotch area hurts a lot, but it’s okay. The doctor said that you need to eat more calcium and wear a bandage, especially since the baby has already turned her head down. There is also discharge, especially in the morning. The gynecologist advised me to wash myself with some water and dissolved soda. Girls, the main thing is not to worry, think less about the fact that you may have any deviations. There is no pregnant woman who has all the tests in order, nothing pulls and nothing hurts. The main thing is to tune in for the best! And it’s easier for you, and the birth will be easier. Good luck to everyone and until next week!


It is 32 weeks, already to tears, I can’t lie down when I’m going to sleep. The kids, apparently, rest against the ribs, it hurts very, very much. So far, you’ll only lie on your side, but if you didn’t have time to fall asleep in the first 10 minutes, that’s it, you have to roll over on the other side, everything is numb, the pain is tolerable, but all the same. I’ll put on pillows, I’ve already tried everything – nothing helps! (I can’t sit or lie in one position for a long time, well, it’s about 10-15 minutes for a long time …


We have 32-33 weeks, the mother-in-law said today that the stomach sank. A week ago, I began to strongly press on the bladder, the baby was in breech presentation. At the reception, the doctor said that she turned over, but I doubt it, well, on Thursday she will certainly show up at an ultrasound scan! Kicking hard sometimes is even very painful and scary. I feel exhausted and tired, I sleep badly and I can’t do anything. In general, a complete old woman 100% ruin!


Like everyone else, we also have 32 weeks. We run to the doctor with tests, they didn’t send an ultrasound scan, but I insisted, and we will definitely go, a little later, I want to take my husband with me.) I don’t know how we spin, but we push it for sure, especially if I lie on my left side, but right, everything is calm (already lay it down)). So we are growing slowly, getting ready and looking forward to September!)

Fetal development at 32 weeks

There are no major changes this week, but of course. this week is as necessary for your baby as the previous ones. It is about 40.5 cm long this week and weighs 1.6 kg.

  • In the last stages of pregnancy, the baby perfectly hears what is happening around. He recognizes the beating of your heart, is familiar with the sounds of peristalsis and the murmur of blood flowing down the umbilical cord. But against the background of all these sounds, the baby singles out the voice of his own mother: therefore, as soon as he is born, he will immediately trust you by his voice.
  • The baby has become like a newborn. Now he only needs to put on a little weight.
  • In the uterus, there is less and less room for “maneuvers” and the child lowers his head down, preparing for birth;
  • Interestingly, it is at 32-34 weeks that your baby’s eye color is determined. Although most fair-haired babies are born with blue eyes, this does not mean that the color will not change over time;
  • The pupils begin to dilate and the type of sleep is established after birth: closed eyes during sleep and open during wakefulness;
  • By the end of the month, usually all babies are in the final birth position. Most babies lie head down, and only about 5% are in the wrong position. In this case, a cesarean section is shown, so as not to damage the child during childbirth;
  • Your baby’s movements will peak this week. From now on, they will change in quantity and quality. Don’t forget to keep track of his activity;
  • Your baby has gained weight mainly from fat and muscle tissue since the last (last) month;
  • The immune system is laid down: the baby begins to receive immunoglobulins from the mother and intensively form antibodies that will protect him in the first months of life;
  • The volume of amniotic fluid surrounding the baby is one liter. They are completely renewed every three hours, so the baby always “swims” in clean water that can be swallowed painlessly;
  • By the 32nd week, the skin of the fetus acquires a light pink tint. Lanugo practically disappears, the original lubricant is washed off and remains only in the natural folds of the body. The hair on the head becomes thicker, but still retains its softness and remains sparse;
  • The work of the endocrine glands – the pituitary gland, the thyroid and parathyroid glands, the pancreas, the adrenal glands, the genital gonads – is being improved. All these structures are directly involved in the metabolism and work of all body systems;
  • Babies who are born this week are most likely to have problems with breastfeeding. This also applies to babies who weigh less than 1500g at birth. Good and vigorous sucking is a sign of neuromuscular maturity.

Photo of the fetus, photo of the abdomen, ultrasound and video about the development of the child

Pregnancy 32 weeks - fetal development and woman's sensations
Photo of the fetus at 32 weeks
Pregnancy 32 weeks - fetal development and woman's sensations
Ultrasound of a child at 32 weeks
Pregnancy 32 weeks - fetal development and woman's sensations
Photo of mother’s belly at 32 weeks

Video: What Happens in Week 32?

Video: ultrasound

Recommendations and advice to the expectant mother

  • In the middle of the day, try to place your feet on a hill more often. For example, put your feet on a chair and watch your favorite movie;
  • If you find it difficult to fall asleep, then practice relaxation exercises before bed. Try to fall asleep on your side with your knees bent and one leg propped up on a pillow. Do not worry if you have not managed to fall asleep, this is a normal state during this period;
  • If you have problems with involuntary urination, then do special exercises that strengthen blood vessels and muscles;
  • Start attending parenting courses;
  • Be sure to have a blood test at week 32 to make sure you don’t have anemia or Rh-related troubles;
  • Try not to drink anything an hour before bed and go to the toilet before bed;
  • Now you can make a birth plan, how you imagine this process, for example, who you want to see next; whether you will pain relieve labor and a series of questions about medical intervention;
  • If the pregnancy is proceeding normally, then you can safely continue intimate relations with your husband. You cannot harm your child, because it is protected by a fluid-filled bladder. Usually, an obstetrician or doctor warns about the danger of sexual life, for example, if the placenta is low;
  • It’s time to dream. Find a place convenient for you, take a blank sheet of paper and a pen and write a heading: “I want …” Then write on the sheet everything that you want right now, starting each paragraph with the words “I WANT …” Write everything that comes to mind … During these months you have accumulated so many desires, the fulfillment of which you put off “for later.” Surely you write: “I want to give birth to a healthy, beautiful baby!” Fine, but what would you wish only for yourself ?! Remember your most cherished, innermost desires. Now take a close look at what happened. And start doing them!
  • Having covered yourself with sweets, read with pleasure the book that you have long dreamed of reading;
  • Soak up the bed;
  • Go to a classical music concert, new film screening, or musical;
  • Theater is a great alternative to cinemas. Choose comedy and comedic performances;
  • Buy cute outfits for the next two months and a wardrobe for your baby;
  • Treat yourself and your husband to different goodies;
  • Take care of the choice of the hospital;
  • Buy a photo album – soon adorable photos of your baby will appear in it;
  • Do whatever you want. Enjoy fulfilling your desires.

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