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Pregnancy 24 weeks - fetal development and woman's sensationsOne of the most comfortable weeks of waiting for a baby. You look great and you feel happy and satisfied. If you haven’t gained enough weight before this week, then it’s time to catch up. Now you are starting to look pregnant.

What does this term mean?

So, the gynecologist tells you the term – 24 weeks. This is an obstetric term. This means that you have 22 weeks from conceiving a baby and 20 weeks from a missed period.

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Feelings of a woman in the 24th week

Your health is great, your appearance pleases, and your mood is back to normal. Now all that remains is to enjoy your position and prepare for childbirth. Your tummy grows rapidly, your hips expand, and with them your breasts are prepared for feeding.

  • You will feel energized… Mood swings are no longer as severe and may even disappear completely;
  • Most likely, your well-being and appearance will improve: the hair will shine, the skin will become clean and soft, the cheeks will turn pink. But sometimes it happens in a different way: oily hair becomes greasy, dry – begins to break and fall out, the condition of the skin can also worsen, and the nails become more brittle;
  • Light movements of the baby develop into jolts and even kicks.… Some mothers experience severe pain if their baby presses especially hard on the sciatic nerve, which runs along the back of the leg;
  • You may have slight swelling of the face, and in the body “extra” water… To avoid this, it is worthwhile to reduce the amount of water consumed for a while, not to get carried away with salty and spicy dishes;
  • Quite normal for this week – a sharp increase in body weight;
  • From now on you need looser clothes… Time to go shopping;
  • There may be perspiration problem… Take a shower more often, drink more water (if there is no edema) and do not wear synthetics;
  • By week 24, weight gain should be 4.5KG… Farther weekly you will gain an average of 0.5 kg

Feedback from forums and social networks:


Before pregnancy, I was thin, everyone tried to feed me, but I just have such a body constitution. By the 24th week, with grief, I gained 2.5 kg in half, the doctor swears, thinks that I am following the figure. Did you know that gaining weight is just as difficult as losing it?


This is my second child, but something strange happens to me during this pregnancy. I am constantly swollen, my hair and skin are oily, pimples all over my forehead. I have already been tested several times for the state of the liver and hormones, but everything is in order. I’m going to have a girl, so don’t believe in folk signs now. She took all my beauty.


Before pregnancy, I was forced to lose weight, lost it and got pregnant. And now he is stubbornly not recruited, according to analyzes – it is the thyroid gland “indulges”. I am very worried, I want the baby to have enough.


The first and long-awaited one. You know, before that I was a very suspicious person and was afraid that the whole pregnancy I would spoil the lives of myself, my husband and doctors. Surprisingly, my baby calms me down. Believe me, as soon as I start thinking nasty things, he knocks!


I have 24 weeks, already like 3 weeks “at liberty”, before that I lay on conservation. I really want to work out, but the doctors forbid, that’s the attack. Believe it or not, I was a fitness instructor before pregnancy.

Fetal development – height and weight

Your baby is actively growing and developing, while he already loves attention and communication. Don’t cheat him, talk to him, read fairy tales to him, sing.

Its length this week is about 25-30 cm, and its weight is 340-400 g

  • The baby is growing up and behaving more actively. Periods of activity when you feel it move alternate with periods of complete rest;
  • The baby has well-developed muscles in the arms and legs, and he regularly checks their strength. He can push, roll over, knows how to squeeze a fist;
  • The baby does not yet have a fat layer, so he is still very thin;
  • Sweat glands form on the baby’s skin;
  • The kid can cough and hiccup, and you can distinguish this process by a specific knock;
  • The fetus already hears your voice and music. If he likes the melodies, he informs you about it with his movements. He shudders at the harsh sounds. He distinguishes well the mood by voice – it is important for him whether his mother is sad or cheerful, whether she is worried or happy;
  • Hormones that carry a negative charge can worsen the well-being of the baby;
  • The future child frowns, squints his eyes, puffs out his cheeks, opens his mouth;
  • But most of the time – 16-20 hours a day – he spends in a dream;
  • All systems of internal organs are in place, and the baby finally acquires human features;
  • Now he is moving on to performing his primary task in the last stages – weight gain;
  • If the baby is born by the end of this trimester, doctors will most likely be able to leave.

Photo of the fetus, photo of the abdomen, ultrasound and video about the development of the child

This is what the fetus looks like in the twenty-fourth week of pregnancy.
This is what the fetus looks like at the 24th week.
Ultrasound - 24 obstetric week
Ultrasound – 24 obstetric week

Video: How does a baby develop in utero at 24 weeks?

Ultrasound video for a period of 24 weeks

Recommendations and advice for the expectant mother

  • Before the next visit to the doctor, you must pass: – a general urine test; – general blood analysis; – a smear from the vagina for infections;
  • Now it is very important to give your legs a rest. Do not be lazy to engage in the prevention of varicose veins. It is better to warn than to engage in treatment in the future;
  • If you have small or flat nipples and want to breastfeed your baby in the future, ask your doctor what you can do;
  • Continue to do gymnastics, just remember to take breaks and not be overly active. Also practice relaxation and breathing exercises;
  • Enjoy your position today. This is a natural state for a woman. Therefore, you should not complex and torment yourself with sad thoughts that you are unattractive. If you have a close, trusting relationship with your husband and he, like you, dreams of an heir, then now you are the most beautiful woman in the world for him. And he does not notice either your fullness or stretch marks. Most husbands find their wives very attractive. And even a huge belly seems tempting to them;
  • While experiencing some semblance of contractions, don’t worry – it is the uterus that learns to contract and relax. But if you feel that the contractions are becoming regular, contact your doctor immediately, as this may be the beginning of a premature birth;
  • Rest pillow. As your tummy grows, it will become more difficult for you to find the right sleeping position. A pillow filled with microgranules (it is made in the shape of a crescent) will help you to get comfortable. After the baby is born, it can also be used to feed the baby. The cover, made of dense hypoallergenic cotton fabric, can be easily removed and washed by hand or in a machine.

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