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Pregnancy Week 38 - Fetal Development and Mother's FeelingsAt 38 weeks pregnant, you feel sluggish and even bump into various objects, because your volumes are decently large. You cannot wait for the moment of birth, and you rejoice, knowing that this moment will soon come. Your rest should be long, enjoy the last days before meeting your baby.

What does term mean?

So, you are already at 38 obstetric week, and this is 36 weeks from conception and 34 weeks from delayed menstruation.

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Feelings in the mother

  • The moment of childbirth is rapidly approaching, and you constantly feel the heaviness in the lower abdomen;
  • The more your weight becomes, the more difficult it is for you to move;
  • The feeling of fatigue that haunted you in the first trimester may return again;
  • The height of the fundus of the uterus from the pubis is 36-38 cm, and the location from the navel is 16-18 cm. The placenta weighs 1-2 kg, and its size is 20 cm in diameter;
  • At the 9th month, you can be very upset with stretch marks or so-called lines, these reddish grooves appear on the abdomen and thighs, and even on the chest. But do not be too upset, because after childbirth they will become lighter, respectively, not so noticeable. This moment could be avoided if from the first months a special remedy for stretch marks was applied to the skin;
  • Many women feel as if the uterus has descended. This feeling usually occurs in those women who have not yet given birth;
  • Due to the pressure of the uterus on the bladder, urination may become more frequent;
  • The cervix becomes soft, thereby preparing the body for the moment of childbirth.
  • Contractions of the uterus become so palpable that sometimes you are sure that labor has already begun;
  • Colostrum can be a harbinger of early labor. If you begin to notice small spots on the bra, then a joyful event is very soon. Try to wear only a cotton bra with durable straps, this will help preserve the natural beauty of your breasts;
  • Weight gain does not occur. You will most likely even lose a few pounds before giving birth. This is a sign that the baby is mature and ready to be born. Accordingly, labor will begin within a few weeks.
  • On average, over the entire pregnancy, the increase in body weight should be 10-12 kg. But there are also deviations from this indicator.
  • Now your body is actively preparing for the upcoming childbirth: the hormonal background changes, the pelvic bones expand, and the joints become more mobile;
  • The belly is so big that it is almost impossible to find a comfortable position. The skin on it is taut and it constantly itches;
  • Tingling sensation may be felt in the legs.

What they say on the forums about well-being:


I’m 38 weeks old, but somehow there are no signs (cork coming off, abdominal prolapse), except for back pain and aches in all bones … probably my boy is in no hurry to go out.


I can’t wait to see our lyalka. At first I was afraid to give birth myself, I even wanted to give birth to a cesarean, but my friend supported me well, said that when I was born it didn’t hurt, it hurt, when I had contractions, but they could also be tolerated like monthly patients. So far I’m not afraid at all. I want to wish everyone an easy and fast delivery!


I have 38 weeks, today on the ultrasound they said that our baby turned over and lay down correctly, weight 3400. It’s hard and scary, although for the second time, the first time when I gave birth as a fighter, went to childbirth, I had so much fun, now somehow not very … But nothing, everything will be fine, the main thing is a positive attitude.


We are currently undergoing a redecoration of the house, so it is somewhat delayed. How could I make it. Although if it is that my parents live on the next street, then we will live with them for a while.


And we just got back from the doctor. They told us that the baby’s head is already very low, although the uterus has not dropped (37cm). What worried me was the son’s heartbeat, there were always 148-150 beats, and today it is 138-142. The doctor said nothing.

Fetal development

Length your baby is 51 cm, and his weight while 3.5-4 kg.

  • At the 38th week, the placenta already begins to lose its previous plethora. Active aging processes begin. The vessels of the placenta begin to desolate, cysts and calcifications form in its thickness. The thickness of the placenta decreases and by the end of the 38th week is 34, 94 mm, compared to 35.6 mm at the 36th week;
  • Restricting the supply of nutrients and oxygen leads to a decrease in fetal growth. From this moment, the increase in his body weight will slow down and all the useful substances coming from the mother’s blood will be spent, mainly, on life support;
  • The baby’s head is lowered closer to the “exit”;
  • The child is practically ready for an independent life;
  • The baby still receives nutrition (oxygen and nutrients) through the mother’s placenta;
  • Baby’s nails are so sharp that they can even get scratched;
  • Most of the lanugo disappears, it can only remain on the shoulders, arms and legs;
  • The child may be covered with a grayish grease, this is vernix;
  • Meconium (baby’s feces) is collected in the baby’s intestines and will be excreted with the newborn’s first bowel movement;
  • If this is not the first birth, then the baby’s head will take its place only at 38-40 weeks;
  • During the time that is left for him before birth, the baby will still gain a little weight and grow in length;
  • In boys, the testicles should have descended into the scrotum by now;
  • If you are expecting a girl, then you should know that girls are born earlier, and perhaps this week you will become a mom.


Pregnancy Week 38 - Fetal Development and Mother's Feelings
Photo of the fetus at 38 weeks
Pregnancy Week 38 - Fetal Development and Mother's Feelings
Ultrasound of a child at 38th week
Pregnancy Week 38 - Fetal Development and Mother's Feelings
Photo of the mother’s belly at 38 weeks

Video: What’s going on?

Video: 3D ultrasound at 38 weeks of gestation

Recommendations and advice for the expectant mother

  • By this week, you need to be prepared for labor at any time. Have your phone with you wherever you go. The doctor’s phone number and exchange card should be with you everywhere. If you still have not packed your things at the hospital, do it immediately. And, of course, do not forget to grab the things for the baby that you will need at first;
  • You need to have a general urine test on a weekly basis;
  • At every meeting with your doctor, he will listen to your baby’s heart;
  • The last days before childbirth, try to relax as much as possible and give yourself all kinds of pleasure;
  • For any ailments or insomnia, contact your doctor, do not self-medicate;
  • If you are tormented by unpleasant sensations in the abdomen – immediately report it;
  • If you do not feel at least 10 shocks from your baby per day, see your doctor. He should listen to the baby’s heartbeat, perhaps the baby is emaciated;
  • If Braxton Hicks contractions are palpable, do breathing exercises;
  • Do not worry that the baby may not be born on time. It is quite natural if he is born 2 weeks earlier or later than the due date;
  • You should not panic if you do not feel the baby’s movement, perhaps at this very moment he is sleeping. However, if there are no movements for a long time, immediately inform your doctor about it;
  • Severe edema can be avoided by keeping track of how much you stand or sit, as well as the amount of salt and water you consume;
  • Pregnancy Week 38 - Fetal Development and Mother's FeelingsQuite often, in the last weeks, women wake up “nest syndrome”. When it is not clear where the energy comes from and you want to equip a children’s room, sort out things, etc.;
  • It may be worthwhile to check again in your maternity hospital what things and documents you will need, as well as medicines and so on;
  • In the case of joint childbirth, your husband (mother, girlfriend, etc.) must pass preliminary tests for staphylococcus and do fluorography;
  • It is important to know that childbirth at 38-40 weeks is considered normal, and babies are born full-term and independent;
  • If you have not yet decided on a name for your baby, then now it will be easier and more pleasant to do it;
  • If possible, surround yourself with loved ones, because before giving birth you need moral support more than ever;
  • This week, they will check the condition of the uterus again, take all the necessary measurements and clarify the general condition of you and your baby;
  • The most morally unpleasant, but no less important, will be the test for HIV and syphilis, however, without these results, there will be delays in admission to the maternity ward;
  • Find out in advance where in your city you can consult about breastfeeding, as well as other issues that a young mother may have;
  • You just have to make sure that everything is ready for the trip to the hospital, and of course, for the baby to appear in your home.

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