what happens to the fetus and what the woman feels. Harbingers of childbirth and pulls the lower abdomen

Pregnancy 37 weeks - fetal development and mother's sensationsThe beginning of exactly the 37th week of pregnancy means the transition of your baby to the status of full-term, mature, completely ready for birth. You have completely coped with your task, now all that remains is to give birth, besides, very soon you will take your baby in your arms. Try not to plan any long trips for this period, do not leave the city, because childbirth can begin at any time.

What does this week mean?

37 obstetric week is 35 weeks from conception and 33 weeks from missed periods. A 37-week pregnancy is a full-term pregnancy. This means that you have already reached almost the end of the path.

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Feelings of the expectant mother

In most women, 37 weeks gestation is characterized by a state of constant and very impatient expectation of childbirth. Questions from others like “When will you give birth?” can cause real aggression, everyone seems to have conspired and endlessly ask you this very question.

Don’t overreact because people are interested in your condition and your baby. The desire to end the pregnancy as soon as possible will only grow in the future, so, most likely, this is just the beginning.

  • The feeling of discomfort is growing all sorts of pains increase. You may feel awkward and oversized, and sometimes even maternity clothes may not be fastened on your body. Do not worry about trifles, think more about your baby, and not about how dimensionless you seem to yourself;
  • The appearance of precursors of childbirth is possibleThis means that the baby’s head is in the pelvic area. You will most likely feel some relief as the pressure on the internal organs is relieved;
  • It becomes easier to eat and breathe. But despite this, the woman’s need for frequent urination persists. This is due to the fact that the uterus is now pressing on the bladder with even greater force;
  • Braxton Hicks abbreviations may become more frequent and prolonged, they may also cause more discomfort. At this period, they can give pain in the stomach, groin and back. Each time they become more and more like real labor pains;
  • Abdominal ptosis may occur usually this phenomenon takes place several weeks before delivery. The feeling that your stomach is pulling can just accompany the lowering of the abdomen. Also because of this, you may feel a decrease in heartburn and easier breathing. The uterus has now sunk lower and does not press with such force on the diaphragm and stomach;
  • Discharge at the 37th week indicates a discharge of the mucous plug., which closed the entrance to the uterus for harmful microorganisms. Typically, such discharge is pinkish or colorless mucus. If at 37 weeks you observe bloody discharge, consult a doctor immediately.
  • Weight can be significantly reducedDo not worry, this is quite normal when preparing the body for childbirth.

Reviews from forums and instagram about well-being in the 37th week

Pay attention to some of the reviews that expectant mothers who are in the 37th week of pregnancy leave on the forums:


The wait is already very painful, the stomach is getting bigger and bigger every day, it’s very hard, especially when the heat is incredible. Sleeping is also difficult, often insomnia torments. But I understand everything, I don’t want to rush my daughter, I have to endure and treat everything with understanding. Moreover, she gave birth to her first son at 41 weeks. When she wants to get out, then I’ll wait for her. I wish everyone an easy delivery and only healthy babies!


I already have 37 weeks, what happiness! The husband and daughter hug, kiss the tummy, talk to our baby. I wish everyone an easy delivery!


Oh, and I have 37 weeks and twins. The weight gain is really small at all, 11 kilograms. The feeling that something is in the stomach all the time. When you meet acquaintances, first everyone sees the belly, and then only me. No clothes are fastened, I can’t wait to finish. It’s very difficult for me to sleep, and sit, and walk, and eat …


We have 37 weeks! Feelings are wonderful! This is the first long-awaited pregnancy. In general, everything is easy for me, sometimes I myself even forget that I am pregnant. The pelvis aches from time to time, then I immediately lie down and try to sleep. There is no particular craving for food. I have already gained 16 kg. I collect the bag slowly every day, stretch the pleasure.


So we got to 37 weeks. The feeling of excitement never leaves. This is my second pregnancy with a difference of 7 years, from the first time everything was already forgotten. Pregnancy at the age of 21 and 28 is perceived very differently. The bag with medicines is already collected, the little things for the child are washed and ironed. In general, the mood is suitcase, although the wait is probably still at least 3-4 weeks.

What happens in the mother’s body?

  • Here you are heroically made it to the finish line, just imagine, it’s already 37 weeks. Very soon your baby will be born. After reading the reviews of mothers on various forums at this time, you will notice that for some there is already a certain burden. I already want the baby to appear as soon as possible. Do not run ahead of the locomotive, everyone has their own time;
  • For many, by this time it has already happened abdominal prolapse As we know, this is a sign of approaching the very moment when your baby will finally see our beautiful light;
  • By week 37, women are doing great contractions according to Braxton Hicks… The main thing, of course, is not to confuse them with real labor pains;
  • Many lose weight this is normal, although for some reason women are very worried about this. Do not worry in vain if there were any unpleasant moments, your doctor would have told you about this long ago. But you yourself now need to be constantly on the alert.

Fetal development, height and weight

At the 37th week of pregnancy, the baby’s weight can be about 2860 grams, and the height is about 49 cm.

  • Child completely ready to be born and just waiting in the wings. As soon as his body is fully ready for birth, the birth process will begin. At this point, your baby already completely looks like a newborn;
  • Body practically got rid of lanugo (vellus hair), a child may already have a beautiful head of hair on his head;
  • The baby’s nails are long, reaching the edge of the fingers, and sometimes even go behind them. Because of this child maybe myself scratch yourself;
  • Has accumulated under the skin required amount of fat, especially in the face area. All this makes the baby more plump and cute;
  • The lifestyle of a baby at 37 weeks is about the same as that of a newborn. Sleep takes up most of his time, and if he is awake, he sucks on whatever comes across: fingers, forearms, umbilical cord. Child clearly reacts for allwhat is happening around his mom;
  • Hearing and sight are fully matured, the baby sees and hears everything perfectly, and his memory allows you to remember many interesting things, starting from the mother’s voice. Scientists have proven that if a mother listens to a lot of music during pregnancy, then there is a high probability that she will have a gifted baby;
  • Stirring become less frequent. This is due to the darkness of your uterus and should not scare you in any way.

Photo of the fetus, photo of the abdomen, ultrasound and video about the development of the child

Pregnancy 37 weeks - fetal development and mother's sensations
Photo of the fetus
Pregnancy 37 weeks - fetal development and mother's sensations
Ultrasound of a child
Pregnancy 37 weeks - fetal development and mother's sensations
Photo of mother’s belly

Video: What happens at the 37th week of pregnancy?

Video: How the ultrasound goes

Recommendations and advice for the expectant mother

Perhaps you have a few days left until the moment when your baby is born. Therefore, you need to be prepared for anything. It can be very useful to pre-register at the hospital, a few weeks before the birth.

It is also advisable to find out in advance about all the services provided by the maternity hospital. It will be useful to do tests to determine your blood group and Rh factor (if you do not have such information, of course).

Try to follow all the recommendations of your doctor, this also applies to those that you follow throughout your pregnancy.

Now the following information will be extremely important for you, namely, by what signs you can determine what you need to prepare for an early birth:

  • Sank belly… It became much easier for you to breathe, but back pain and pressure on the perineum increased too much. This means that the fetus is most likely preparing for release by fixing the head in the birth canal;
  • The mucous plug has come off, which from the very beginning of pregnancy protected the uterus from getting any infection. It looks like yellowish, colorless or slightly blood-stained mucus. She can move away both abruptly and gradually. This means that the cervix has begun to open;
  • Upset digestionThus, the body gets rid of the “extra burden” so that nothing interferes during childbirth. Already in the hospital, you should not give up the enema, it will be quite normal to use it immediately before childbirth;
  • Well, if contractions have begun or water has receded, then these are no longer precursors, but real childbirth – call an ambulance as soon as possible.

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Starting from the 37th week, the mother should be ready for a trip to the hospital (ready, both morally, and completely must be collected for the hospital).

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