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Pregnancy 31 weeks - fetal development and mother's sensationsNow you have much more free time. You may still wake up early in the morning out of habit during the early days of your prenatal leave, even if the alarm is no longer ringing. Soon it will pass, and you will be happy to bask in bed for an hour or two longer. Now you can do all sorts of little things that you never got around to.

What does the term – 31 weeks mean?

Congratulations, you have already reached the home stretch, quite a bit – and you will see your baby. In the consultation, you are given a deadline of 31 obstetric weeks, which means that you are 29 weeks from conceiving a baby and 27 weeks from a delay in the last menstruation.

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Feelings of the expectant mother at the 31st week

  • Your the tummy increases in size, now it contains about a liter of amniotic fluid, and the baby has enough space to swim;
  • Uterus rose above the pubic symphysis by 31 cm or slightly more. It is 11 cm above the navel. By the 12th week, the uterus has filled only the pelvic region, and by the 31st week, it has already filled most of the abdomen;
  • Due to the fact that the growing uterus presses on the stomach and intestines, in recent months, the expectant mother may have heartburn;
  • Heartburn, shortness of breath, fatigue, back pain, swelling – all this continues to bother you and will go away only after childbirth;
  • But now you can alleviate these unpleasant sensations… Walk more outdoors, eat small meals, avoid salt intake, keep your posture and do not cross your legs when sitting. And, of course, get more rest;
  • Weight gain by the 31st week averages from 9.5 to 12 kg;
  • Your body is now producing a special hormone relaxin… This substance causes weakening of the joints of the pelvic bones. The pelvic ring becomes more elastic. The more pliable the mother’s pelvic ring, the less difficulties for the child during his birth;
  • Due to the weakened defenses of a pregnant woman, it may appear thrush
  • If you have negative rhesus factoryou cannot avoid frequent tests for the presence of antibodies in the blood (blood test);
  • If you are strong worried about puffiness, be sure to consult your doctor, this means that the kidneys cannot cope with the processing of fluid and the elimination of salts from the body;
  • Pregnancy tests continue to help your doctor evaluate your condition comprehensively. Once every 2 weeks are required general analysis of urine and blood… If pregnancy is accompanied by diabetes mellitus or a pre-diabetic state develops, the blood glucose level should also be monitored every 2 weeks;
  • After the onset of the 31st week, many women develop or rather develop the most difficult toxicosis, which is quite difficult to tolerate. It is also called late toxicosis. It is characterized by edema and may even be in the 31st week of pain. Therefore, in order to find out what is the matter, you need to consult a doctor in time. Now you have to think not only about yourself, but also about your baby;
  • If you still missed the signals of the developing toxicosis (which should not be), remember: a sharp headache, flashing of flies before your eyes, convulsions are signs of eclampsia, a serious complication. This is a serious threat to the life of the mother and child. They will be saved only by urgent hospitalization and immediate medical assistance.

Feedback from forums:


I am already in my 31st week … I found out that I would do a cesarean because I had problems, I am very worried … the baby will be born at 37 weeks, is this normal?


We are already 31 weeks old. Yesterday I bought a dowry for the baby, I liked everything so much, and so great! Next week, at the third ultrasound, we’ll see what’s going on there and take all the tests again. We are very active, especially at night (now it is clear that we will have to stay awake at night). I gained only 7.5 kg, my tummy is small, and almost does not interfere. A little heartburn torments if you eat or overeat at night, and there is no swelling or back pain.


Today I felt that I was pregnant! I went home from the doctor in a minibus. The heat is unbearable, but at least the place has given way, but it happens that everyone looks out the window, like they do not notice. I got off at the bus stop and walked quietly towards the house. Then a man of about 30-35 years old catches up and asks if I’m pregnant (and my belly is huge). I looked at him inquiringly, and he took out my wallet from somewhere and said: “Sorry, we noticed here that you are pregnant. Everything is in place, sorry, this is our job. ” And left. I was left standing there in shock. There was not so much money in the wallet, but he might not have returned it. And I didn’t even notice how he pulled it out. And most importantly, the minibus was not jammed, so I’m sure everyone saw how he pulled this wallet from me, but no one even hinted. These are the cases we have …


My 31st week started, and the baby stopped kicking distinctly! Maybe 4 times a day, or even less knocks and that’s it. And I read on the Internet that there should be at least 10 movements per day! I’m so scared! Can you please tell me if everything will be fine with the child or is it worth contacting specialists?


I was told that the baby is very low, his head is very low and that he might be born prematurely. It turns out to be 7 months old, scary.


And my lady turned over! They did not do an ultrasound, but the doctor felt it there – felt it, listened to the heart and said that everything was already in order! Yes, I myself feel: I used to hit at the bottom, but now everything is kicking in the ribs!

Fetal development at 31 weeks

At this time, the nature of the baby’s movements usually changes – they become more rare and weak, since the baby is already cramped in the uterus, and he cannot spin in it as before. Now the baby only turns his head from side to side. The child has already gained about 1500 grams of mass, and his height already reaches 38-39 cm.

  • Future child growing and prettier;
  • He starts smooth out wrinkles, arms and legs are rounded;
  • He already reacts to light and dark, eyelids open and close;
  • The baby’s skin is no longer so red and wrinkled. White fatty tissue is deposited under the skin, which gives the skin a more natural color;
  • Marigold already reaching the fingertips;
  • More and more lungs improvein which a surfactant is produced – a substance that prevents the alveolar sacs from sticking together;
  • The brain continues to develop actively, nerve cells are actively functioning, nerve connections are formed. Nerve impulses are now transmitted much faster, protective sheaths appear around the nerve fibers;
  • Continues to improve liver, the formation of liver lobules ends, which are responsible for cleansing the blood of all kinds of toxins. Bile is also produced by liver cells; in the future, it will take an active part in the process of assimilating fats from food;
  • Pancreas increases its mass by increasing the number of cells. After the baby is born, she will produce enzymes that will break down proteins, fats and carbohydrates;
  • With an ultrasound scan, you can see that the child has already formed the so-called corneal reflex… If the baby accidentally touches an open eye with a pen, he instantly close her eyes;
  • Don’t worry about your dyspnea after walking or climbing stairs, it can harm the baby – the placenta performs its functions clearly and in full, so the worries are in vain – the child has enough oxygen.

Photo of the fetus, photo of the abdomen, ultrasound and video about the development of the child

Pregnancy 31 weeks - fetal development and mother's sensations
Photo of the fetus at the 31st week
Pregnancy 31 weeks - fetal development and mother's sensations
Ultrasound of the child at the 31st week
Pregnancy 31 weeks - fetal development and mother's sensations
Photo of the mother’s belly at the 31st week

Video: What Happens in Week 31?

3D ultrasound video at 31 weeks

Recommendations and advice for the expectant mother

  • Contact the childbirth preparation center, where there are masseurs who work with pregnant women and know all the features of massage in an “interesting position”. Some of them may also come to childbirth in order to have a relaxing and pain-relieving massage;
  • If your doctor recommends that you decrease your activity, do not ignore this advice. The well-being of not only yours, but also of the child may depend on this;
  • If you have not yet asked your doctor about childbirth preparation courses, ask about them during your next visit;
  • When you see the doctor, ask what the baby’s presentation is, as this is very important. The most correct is the longitudinal presentation of the child with the head down. Childbirth with this presentation is the safest;
  • Do not neglect wearing a bandage, you will feel how much easier your back will become. But, do not rush to put on the bandage, if the baby has an as-pelvic presentation, it is possible that he will still roll over;
  • Incorporate daytime rest into your daily routine and lie on your side instead of your back. Now is the time to follow this advice. You may notice that when you lie on your back, fluid starts to leak. Your health will immediately improve if you lie on your side;
  • You will also need to do an ultrasound scan at the 31st week. Thanks to him, the specialist will be able to find out in what position the fetus is, look at the amount of amniotic fluid and find out if there will be difficulties during childbirth. In addition, due to changes in the hormonal background at the 31st week of pregnancy, the discharge may be increased, it will be necessary to pass tests and find out if there is an infection. But pregnancy at 31 weeks, the uterus increases significantly. It is placed fourteen centimeters above the navel.

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