What is customary to give for Christmas? Nice Christmas gifts.

What do they give for Christmas – the COLADY editorial team conducted a study of this issue for you. The magazine’s top experts have compiled a list of the best gifts for Christmas.

Christmas is a traditionally quiet, spiritual, family holiday. It’s time to forget all the quarrels and make peace at the common table. It is wonderful for the whole family to go to church that day, to light a candle for the repose of the dead loved ones and friends and for the health of the living. But expensive gifts for Christmas are not worth giving. Rather, gifts should be humorous or for luck.

Christmas gift traditions

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Gifts are given at Christmas. Did you know about this? Symbols of Christmas are considered traditional gifts – wreaths with candles, all kinds of stars, angels, in Catholic countries – Santons and, finally, ordinary Christmas cards.

  1. Christmas cards used by all in all countries of the world, but still Americans are considered record holders for greeting cards. By the way, giving postcards is wonderful tradition… Nobody encourages you to draw postcards, neglecting the store’s colorful “stamping”, not every person is capable of this, but sign a postcard with non-trivial phrases, warm and good wishes everyone can! Moreover, in the age of scanners, computers, printers, layout programs and other equipment, making a beautiful collage is not so difficult. By writing in wishes, congratulations with your own hand, you put a piece of your soul into the paper.
  2. Santons Catholics love to give each other at Christmas. Previously, they were usually made by hand from clay and then painted. Santons represent figurines of a manger, newborn Christ, Joseph, Mary… Today, of course, few people make santons on their own; it is easier to buy them in a store. Handmade santons are very different from store-bought santons.
  3. Candles are considered one of the nicest gifts for Christmas. They are very different: small and large, wax and gel, in the form of Christmas and New Year’s figures. In general, for every color and taste. At Christmas traditionally candles should be placed in the center of the wreath, recalling the crown that was placed on the head of Jesus. They are lit every Christmas night. In general, with the appropriate design, you can make any gift for Christmas. You can simply decorate the package or the gift itself with Christmas stars, angels, Christmas tree decorations, especially in golden, green, red Christmas colors. You can make these decorations yourself, for example, by pasting them with foil and cutting them out using a stencil.
  4. Christmas star or herringbone cake most often presented to their loved ones. You can prepare it by cutting the baked cakes according to the stencil. You can decorate the Christmas tree cake no worse than the real one with all sorts of marmalades and chocolates. Or even better if the star of Bethlehem will burn on the table, just imagine – on the table there is a Christmas cake in the shape of a Christmas star, and next to it there are the same stars hung on a Christmas tree!

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Are there gifts for Christmas? Of course yes!

What can you give your family and friends for Christmas?

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Here are some more options for Christmas gifts for dear people.

For parents

There are many different gifts you can give parents, depending on what your parents are into. If you know the legend about the birth of Jesus Christ, then you will surely remember what the wise men from the East brought as a gift. It was gold, myrrh and incense. Therefore, on this day, gold jewelry is considered a wonderful and symbolic gift. Unfortunately, not all of us will be able to afford to give gold, therefore, perfumes, colognes and other aromatic gifts are also considered a symbolic gift to parents.

For children

A gift for a child, it is not so difficult, especially if the child is young. You can give him a beautiful toy and the child will be happy, but it is best to play with this gift in some special way! Don’t just give and say “here’s a present for you and dad for Christmas”, it is best to put the first half of the gift under the Christmas tree, and you can leave the second half on the balcony, but not just put it, but ask your baby to feed the birds with cereal or millet, but they will give him a gift. At night or in the evening, the child will sprinkle cereals on the balcony, and in the morning you will remove the millet, and put a gift in its place. Thus, you can teach your child to love animals, and he can also believe that if he helps the birds, then it will be credited to him later! The main thing is not the cost of the gift, but it is best if this toy becomes necessary in the daily life of the baby.

To a loved one

Most often these are symbolic gifts – figurines made of dough, they are relied on for happiness to be eaten right there. It will be great to organize a romantic dinner for the two of you. You can add charm and magic to such an evening with the help of aromatic Christmas candles, figurines in the form of stars and angels.

What gifts do you receive and give for Christmas?

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