what is it, and is it possible to get rid of it

Translated from Sanskrit, the word “karma” means “action”, and this term is actively used in a number of philosophical and religious trends (Buddhism, Hinduism). Let’s try to understand how karma works and if family karma exists.

Family Karma: What Is It?

Family karma
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It is believed that family karma is passed down from generation to generation. Therefore, your current life situations are not only the consequences of your personal actions, but also of your parents and more distant ancestors. But how is this possible?

In other words, even if you are an honest, spiritually advanced and decent person, but you are not the most crystal clear ancestors who committed unrighteous deeds, then, relatively speaking, this evil can affect you too. Even your parents who are abused and emotionally traumatized can (quite unintentionally, by the way) carry this negativity into your life.

If your relationship with your parents is very far from ideal, otherwise they are not at all, you are very likely to inherit family karma from them. And if you communicate, discuss many problems, try to solve them and become better, then karma will definitely improve.

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How do you know if you have family karma?

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First of all, family karma is present in all of us. However, this does not mean at all that it is negative. Often, family karma is so positive that your life develops and develops in the best way for you. However, when you carry the burden of a heavier karma from the past several generations of your family, you may even notice its symptoms.

The most common signs are:

  • You are very keen on everything that happens in your family, and sometimes you can even see some patterns, as if history moves in a circle. For example, a certain chain of events that happened with your grandparents is repeated with your parents, and then with you.
  • You are constantly involved in some incomprehensible events and difficult dialogues in your family, as your family energy and your personal karma “work” in tandem.
  • It seems to you that you are carrying the whole load of problems and obligations of your family. This, in principle, should be so, since your subconscious mind requires you to work out this karma in order to get rid of it at least partially in the future.
  • You perceive yourself in the family as a real black sheep. Sometimes it even seems to you that you were thrown to them in infancy, you are so different from your close relatives. These feelings are due to your spiritual growth and maturation. There is a huge distance between you and the level of spiritual development of your family. Take it for granted and just carry on with your current mission.

Family karma: is it possible to get rid of it

Family karma: what is it, and is it possible to get rid of it
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Even if you are a really kind and highly spiritual person, you are still not free from this family karma, which even seems to lure us into a trap on the earthly level. The traumas of the past are always passed on: they influenced your parents, they affect you now. To get away from not the best family karma, you need to analyze, perhaps think about the past and what could have happened there.

Also remember that not everything can be learned, comprehended and corrected. In this case, you should take care not of the unresolved problems of your family, but of your personal path of development towards goodness and light.

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Karma in Buddhism, Hinduism, and Spiritism

In Hinduism, karma is the result of our actions, thoughts and deeds during earthly life. When we die, this “baggage” remains with our soul and passes along with it into our next incarnations.

In Buddhism, karma is seen as our intentions (good and bad), that is, what prompts us to act. Actions have consequences, for which we are responsible and “pay the price” for them.

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If we talk about spiritualism, then, according to this doctrine, when we reincarnate, we automatically take karma with us, that is, the consequences of our actions in a past life. If there were many problems and wrong actions in it that the person did not correct, then in his new incarnation he will again face them until he fully works them out and moves to a new level of spiritual development.

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