What is the best sleeping position for different signs of the zodiac

How to make sure you get good quality sleep every night and get up in the morning fresh, well-rested and ready for exploits and achievements? It turns out that this can easily be associated with our zodiac sign.

London-based astrologer and sleep expert Inbaal Honigman is convinced that for every sign there are the most effective night rest positions, and she strongly advises that this information be taken into account.

Aries and Scorpio

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Inbaal Honigman calls Aries “Hot-tempered extrovert”and Scorpio “A closed man on his mind”… But she emphasizes that both signs are always in motion when awake – which is why the soldier pose will help to fully charge their internal batteries.

Be sure to take note: use only one pillow to sleep in this position.

In this position, you sleep on your back with straight legs, and your arms are extended along your torso.

According to Julie Jennings, an independent occupational therapist at HSL, the soldier pose “Improves the health of the body during sleep as it helps to evenly distribute pressure across the spine, neck and arms.”


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This sign prefers to sleep on its stomach, which, according to Julie Jennings, is not very good, since the spine is not held in a neutral position.

“However, Taurus likes to ignore prescriptions and recommendations. It is difficult to prove to this stubborn person what is good and what is not, – Inbaal describes this sign. – It’s just so convenient and comfortable for him. When Taurus go to bed, they fall flat and turn off, and that’s it – you won’t hear a sound from them until dawn. “

Gemini and Aquarius

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Inbaal advises these two signs to sleep in a special position on their side, and even with outstretched arms.

“They are reluctant to go to bed, because, in their understanding, they still have so much to do and learn, and sleep is a waste of time,” Inbaal says of Gemini and Aquarius. “Because their arms are stretched out forward, as if they are trying to reach something or grab something.”

Cancer and Pisces

What sleep positions should zodiac signs choose to feel rested
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“These signs fit Embryo posture, – explains Inbaal Honigman. – Why? Both signs value love, care and affectionate relationships. They love human contact and the feeling of being hugged by someone.

Actually, Embryo posture – one of the most common, and it symbolizes comfort and security. Julie Jennings also claims this pose is great for lower back pain and snoring.

Leo and Sagittarius

What sleep positions should zodiac signs choose to feel rested
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Pose suits Leo and Sagittarius “starfish”, which, according to Inbaal, “You need to know what is happening in every corner of the bed, and literally cover everything around”

Julie Jennings notes that this pose protects against pain in the shoulders, lower back and neck. It is especially effective if you work in a seated position all day.


What sleep positions should zodiac signs choose to feel rested
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Inbaal Honigman emphasizes that Virgo is the most intelligent sign, each time choosing “the most useful option.”

Unsurprisingly, Virgos love to sleep on their side, which Julie Jennings says reduces joint and back pain and reduces the risk of snoring loudly to the displeasure of others.


What sleep positions should zodiac signs choose to feel rested
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Mummy Pose is sleeping on your back with your spine, neck and head aligned. And this is also a very common option, so Libra, as a rule, prefers it.

“Libras may not particularly like sleeping on their back, but if you tell them that it is right and very useful, they will train themselves to fall asleep that way until it becomes a habit,” says Inbaal.


What sleep positions should zodiac signs choose to feel rested
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Free fall pose is a slightly strange position in which the sleeper spreads his arms in both directions, while bending his knees slightly. This is what parachutists look like in flight.

“This pose is not for everyone,” explains Inbaal Honigman. “However, it demonstrates that the sleeping person is a person with principles and beliefs, as well as rigid standards. Something like a typical Capricorn. “

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