What is the correct skirt length for a girl, a woman

What is the correct skirt length for a girl, women - fashion etiquetteThe length of the skirt is an incredibly important parameter to consider when creating the perfect look. Even this little thing determines how you will be perceived.

Unfortunately, none of us are perfect. Therefore, today we will consider how to choose a skirt to hide absolutely all defects in appearance, including full or overly thin legs, voluminous hips or ugly knees.

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The content of the article:

  1. What are the lengths of skirts?
  2. Calculating the ideal length
  3. Skirt length according to figure flaws
  4. Choosing shoes for skirts of different lengths

Classification of skirts according to length

Skirts are standardly divided into five categories. Each of them is suitable for a specific situation and type of figure, so you should carefully analyze what exactly you should wear.

There are such skirts, depending on the length:

  1. Micro mini (supermini).
  2. Mini skirt.
  3. Knee-length skirt.
  4. Midi skirt.
  5. Maxi skirt.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these types, as well as what is worth wearing with them – and not worth it.

1. Micro mini

The main difference between micro-mini and just mini is that for micro-mini you need not only perfect condition of your legs, but also a certain dose of courage. Such a skirt looks sexy when its owner is one hundred percent confident.

Supermini goes well with both an extravagant top and a completely simple one, because it already adds zest to the image.


If the bottom turns out to be pretentious and flashy, then the top should be discreet, and you can balance it with a beautiful suspension.

You can’t go to work, the theater, or a date in a skirt like this because it draws too much unnecessary attention to itself. But for going to a nightclub, visiting the beach or relaxing with friends, it is quite suitable.

Micro mini

Super mini

Super mini

2. Miniskirt

The miniskirt belongs to the very category of things that will never go out of style. She doesn’t look as provocative as a supermini, but at the same time – more feminine.

In addition, you can safely wear a high heel with it.

Follow a few important rules:

  1. The miniskirt takes away age. Therefore, wear it carefully; if you are well over 35, you can overdo it and look like you are an old woman, but have come to have fun at the disco. In this case, the mini should be correctly balanced with top and makeup.
  2. The scheme “short bottom + long top” works here. The shorter the skirt itself, the longer the top should be. Therefore, voluminous jackets of a man’s cut, airy blouses, oversized shirts look good with her.

Mini skirt

Almost any top fits the mini-skirt.

Remember that here, too, you need to maintain a balance, do not make the top too flashy with a bright bottom, otherwise the image will turn out to be vulgar. For example, choose restrained pastel colors for floral designs, add long beads and hoop earrings to your look.

Mini skirt

3. Knee-length skirt

This skirt model is considered universal. It can be worn at any event, if the style does not look overly extravagant.

In addition, it becomes the basic element for many interesting images, which is why famous stars and bloggers like it so much.

Here are the top secrets for wearing a knee-length skirt:

  • Choose a pencil skirt if you have moderately plump, feminine hips and attractive knees.
  • A-cut will suit absolutely any girl. Pull the length of the skirt down a few centimeters to hide imperfections in the knees.
  • Use a curvy cut to mask skinny legs and a lack of curvaceous thighs.

Knee-length skirt

Knee-length skirt Knee-length skirt

4. Midi skirt

A midi skirt is usually kept in the wardrobe of those girls who, for some reason, are not satisfied with the shape of the hips.

According to fashion experts, everyone should have this style. And the reason is not so much versatility as in charming femininity and spontaneity.

Midi skirt

She can be a little tapered at the bottom, or flared, loose, or tight – and in any case, a woman will look good, regardless of the type of figure.

Midi skirt

The length of the midi already hides the imperfections of the legs, but not completely, seductively revealing the ankles. Therefore, you should definitely take it into service.

5. Maxi skirt

Maxi length is one of the most popular styles of this season. She is romantic, feminine, suitable not so much for the work process as for romantic walks. And this is its convenience!

Maxi skirt

Not sure what to wear to the theater? For these cases, the wardrobe should have a maxi-skirt – wavy, slightly flared, which, complete with a tapered top, will make you a sophisticated fashionista.

Maxi skirt

How tailors calculate the ideal skirt length – calculation examples

It doesn’t matter if you decided to sew a skirt yourself or entrusted this matter to a master – a simple formula comes to the rescue. It is she who will help to calculate the optimal length.

For calculations, refer to the table below.

Skirt length


Micro mini

Growth multiply by 0.18

Mini skirt

Growth multiply by 0.26

Knee-length skirt

Growth multiply by 0.35

Midi skirt

Growth multiply by 0.5

Maxi skirt

Growth multiply by 0.62

We remove figure flaws by choosing the right skirt length

Often it is the defects of the figure that prevent us from wearing the desired length.

But can you really not afford to look your best?

Choosing the right look can work wonders! And now you will see for yourself.

If your legs are overweight

The most suitable option is mid-calf skirt… It doesn’t matter what kind of leg shape you have, O or X – you can always choose a maxi that flares slightly downward.

It should be loose, but not strong – keep the golden mean. Lightweight, delicate materials will be just right.

Skirt length if legs are full

Avoid tight fabrics as they will only accentuate imperfections.

You can choose a top with romantic elements, as well as long earrings or hoop earrings – this way the image will turn out to be complemented.

If your legs are too slender

To make your legs visually appear a little fuller, choose tights with pictures or slightly asymmetrical skirt

Also pay attention to knee-length straight skirts and fluffy mini skirts, which will draw attention to the length, not thinness.

If your legs are too slender

Voluminous hips

This deficiency is “treated” very simply:

  • Choose A-line skirt
  • Skirts below the knee or mid-calf – a win-win.

You don’t have to dress only in maxi length, you can try in midi. However, do not experiment with miniskirts – more often than not, they only highlight flaws.

It is not so much the skirt that plays a role here, but the correct choice of top and shoes. It is advisable to choose a top that is fitted, emphasizing the dignity, and the shoes should in no case be flat. A small heel will make you a real queen – just try it!

Don’t like your own knees

Knees can seem like a real disaster. They often look so ugly that skirts can be forgotten.

Fortunately, you can only forget about mini skirts. Owners of such a figure can safely wear a little loose skirts just below the knee, for example, a “sunny” cut.

If you are short, choose shoes with small heels.

For skirts of the right length – the right shoes!

A lot depends on the right choice of footwear. Perhaps the first thing that others will look at is the length of the skirt, and immediately after that – at the shoes, so it must be suitable.

A pair of ugly boots can ruin a beautiful image, so watch out!

Micro mini (supermini)

For skirts of this type, it is better to choose shoes. with a small heel… You already draw attention to your legs, visually making them much longer due to the length of the micro-mini.

Micro mini (supermini)

Stop for sandals, clogs, or flip flops. Alternatively, you can consider athletic shoes such as sneakers or trainers. If you are focusing on the skirt, do with more discreet colors of shoes and tops.

Mini skirt

As mentioned above, don’t be afraid to wear a high heel with a mini skirt. He will only emphasize the slimness of the legs if they are in perfect condition.

Be sure to adjust your footwear choices according to the event you are going to. Any formal event calls for discreet, classic shoes with low heels. Romantic meetings, going to the cinema or walking around the city, boats, ballet shoes are allowed.

Mini skirt

In some cases, sports shoes or even massive boots will be appropriate, which will make the image more memorable.

Mini skirt

However, in any case, do not confuse the purpose of the shoes! Boots – only for rocker, heavy images, sports shoes – for oversized tops, oversized jeans over simple plain T-shirts, windbreakers. It will be comical if you choose biker boots for a romantic look with ruffles and delicate make-up.

Mini skirt Mini skirt

Knee-length skirt

The beauty of a knee-length skirt is that it fits absolutely any event. Therefore, you can wear it with any footwear – from wedges to ballet flats!

Knee-length skirt

True, you should be a little more careful with massive shoes, because here they will look a little out of place.

Midi skirt

If you look at the photos of famous models, actresses and bloggers, you can see that they prefer to wear midi with heels.

Midi skirt

Sometimes there are also options for ballet flats or other classic shoes, wedge shoes are permissible.

Maxi skirt

If it’s bad taste to wear midi shoes, then in the case of maxi, heavy shoes can be explainable.

But more familiar looks include ankle boots, low heels, sometimes even sneakers or slip-ons.

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