What jeans will be relevant in the spring of 2021

Jeans are an essential part of a modern, functional wardrobe. They are always relevant and allow you to create an incredible number of looks in various styles. Today we are going to talk about the trendiest jeans for spring 2021 and talk about what to wear with them.

1. Wide leg jeans

This trend is smoothly moving from the previous season to the new one. Wide jeans perfectly stretch the silhouette and accentuate the waist. They can expand directly from the hip or from the knee – depending on your preference. It is best to wear such jeans in dry warm weather, which will be much more practical.

Wide jeans can be combined with both heels and flat shoes. And as for the top, it is better to give preference to a semi-fitted cut so that the image does not look fat. Basic T-shirts, feminine blouses and trendy cardigans will look great with these jeans.

Wide jeans
Photo @leasy_inparis
Wide Leg Jeans 2
Photo @constancearnlt
Wide Leg Jeans 3
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2. Jeans with slits

One of the main trends this spring is vertical slit jeans that can be considered a kind of alternative to ripped jeans. Slits can be either wide jeans or skinny ones.

The vertical lines perfectly stretch the silhouette, and in combination with heels, the effect will be greatly enhanced. These jeans can be used in a relaxed casual look by pairing them with a plaid shirt or knit vest.

Jeans with slits
Photo @klozetstyle
Jeans with slits 2
Photo @klozetstyle

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3. Mom jeans

A classic to include in your wardrobe this spring. Mom-jeans are versatile – they fit perfectly on any figure and emphasize the waist advantageously without disturbing the proportions.

These jeans can be worn not only in everyday life, but also in the office with a loose dress code. Pair it with everything from a classic white shirt to a trendy crop top.

Mom jeans 8
Photo @emmahill
Mom jeans 7
Photo @emmahill
Mom jeans 6
Photo @fakerstrom

4.With raw edge

In the new season, it is better to abandon the turn-ups on jeans, so if you need to adjust the length, it is better to just cut them, because the raw edge has been in fashion for more than one season in a row.

In cool weather, these jeans can be combined with ankle boots or high boots, and with the onset of warmth they can be combined with loafers or pumps.

Raw Edge 9
Photo @vivianeaudi
Raw Edge 10
Photo @ lucywilliams02

5. Skinny jeans

Over the past few seasons, many have already managed to get tired of oversizing, which means that less voluminous models are coming to replace it. If you have long wanted to introduce something new to your wardrobe, skinny jeans are an excellent choice. An important rule when buying an up-to-date model is a dense material that will not stretch after a pair of socks.

It is best to combine such jeans with a voluminous top, and as for shoes – in the new season, you can safely tuck skinny jeans into boots or high chelsea.

Skinny Jeans 13
Photo @filippahagg
Skinny Jeans 12
Photo @fakerstrom
Skinny Jeans 11
Photo @ brooklynblonde1

6. Straight jeans

Straight cut jeans are a compromise for those who do not like skinny, but at the same time do not want extra volume. Such a model perfectly corrects the figure and visually lengthens the legs.

Straight jeans are often used in their looks by French women, whose outfits are always simple, but so elegant. We recommend combining this model with classic shirts, coats and jackets, and as shoes you can choose ankle boots, pumps or mules.

Straight Jeans 14
Photo @pia_mbd
Straight Jeans 15
Photo @elborn_doris

7. Cropped jeans

Cropped jeans are a must-have for spring. In cool weather, they can be combined with high boots, and with the onset of warmth, they can be combined with loafers, shoes or sandals.

This style visually adds a few centimeters to the height and creates an emphasis on the ankles, making the silhouette more sophisticated.

Cropped Jeans 16
Photo @soniaheartsfashion
Cropped Jeans 18
Photo @cocobeautea
Cropped Jeans 17
Photo @leiasfez

8. White jeans

White color always adds chic and elegance to the image, so jeans in a light shade will be a great purchase this spring. They are suitable not only for drawing up everyday outfits, but also for festive looks.

Such jeans can be used both in monochrome bows, which look very impressive and slim the figure well, or they can be used as an accent of the image in dark colors, if you prefer more restrained combinations.

White jeans 19
Photo @modedamour
White jeans 20
Photo @oliviafaeh
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