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What is kids fitness? First of all, this is a complex of game activities that harmoniously combine elements of choreography and aerobics, as well as gymnastics, etc. The main goal of fitness for kids is to develop artistry and strength, a sense of rhythm, flexibility and endurance, coordination. When can you give your baby to fitness, and how to choose a program?

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Features of children’s fitness

About 20 years ago, no one had any questions about the inactivity of children – in the courtyards from early morning and until dark, children’s voices rang out. Outdoor games were an integral part of childhood – football and hockey, hide and seek and cycling. Pleasant tiredness in the evening and calm, healthy sleep at night. Today’s children are known to spend most of their time with tablets and laptops. Physical development with such a lifestyle is out of the question.

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Children’s fitness, as a fun and active activity, solves this problem.

How does it differ from regular physical education and sports schools?

  • The format of the classes is playful and exciting.
  • Programs are individual, based on the psychophysical state of the baby.
  • The development of all muscle groups occurs evenly.
  • There is no system of personal competitions and assessments. Children attend classes with pleasure – you won’t have to be upset about losing.
  • Compulsory physical education and sports activities in the sections seduce the child less than play activities to music in comfortable psychological conditions and taking into account adapted loads.
  • Part of children’s fitness is playing games with a speech therapist.
  • Low invasiveness. That is, the safety of the classes.
  • Variety of activities.

Age for children to train in a fitness club

Crumbs are usually brought to fitness classes from one and a half years. Of course, not without taking into account the characteristics of the organism. The maximum number of children in a group is 10-15 people.

Age groups:

  • The smallest are 2-4 years old

Classes for strengthening muscles and spine, for coordination of movements and for the development of motor skills. The presence of parents is required.

  • Baby – 4-6 years old

Aerobic, strength and developmental exercises. Classes for the development of speech.

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  • Older kids – 7-11 years old

Emphasis on posture, strong-willed qualities, muscle development. Trainings on simulators.

  • Adolescents – under 16

A set of exercises aimed at general physical development and endurance.

Lesson times for each age:

  • For babies 2-4 years old – a maximum of 30 minutes and no more than 2 times / week.
  • For children under 10 years old – half an hour 2-3 times / week.
  • For teenagers – 40 minutes three times a week.

Where and how are the classes held?

Children’s fitness rooms are specially equipped rooms with swings and ropes, with dry pools, with a Swedish wall and machines, with soft modules, etc. Classes for little ones are usually plotless and role-playing – exclusively in a playful way.

Taking into account the characteristics of the body / age, such types of aerobics as fitball and step, dance aerobics and even yoga can be used.

Children’s fitness – the result of classes:

  • Development of all muscle groups.
  • Posture correction.
  • Development of coordination of movements.
  • Development of orientation in space.
  • Development of social skills, leadership qualities and communication skills.
  • Better sleep.
  • Help with problems with the musculoskeletal system.
  • Formation of a muscle corset.
  • Improving joint mobility.
  • Developing self-control and discipline.
  • Development of logical thinking.
  • And etc.

The lesson scheme consists of …

  • Warm-ups. Here the main emphasis is on general strengthening exercises for all muscle groups.
  • The main part. In it, active games are carried out using inventory.
  • The final part. The game part to consolidate the result.

Contraindications for children’s fitness

One of the most significant advantages of training is the absence of contraindications. There are practically none. And even if there are any, you can always choose an individual program to improve the health of your baby.

  • In case of chronic diseases, an individual set of classes must be selected.
  • If you have problems with the spine, strength exercises are prohibited. On the other hand, aerobics (and swimming) are very beneficial.
  • With asthma, aerobics is already excluded, and yoga classes, on the contrary, expand.


In addition to consulting with the instructor directly, it is recommended that you consult a pediatrician as well. Check with your doctor about your plans. This is especially true for mothers of very young children.

Best Kids Fitness Programs

There is no clear program of classes in children’s fitness. This, perhaps, is its main advantage.

What do kids fitness clubs offer for toddlers today?

  • Logo aerobics

This type of fitness involves performing exercises in conjunction with the pronunciation of certain sounds, quatrains.

The type of activity adored by many modern kids. Combines special leg movement technique, dance and martial arts.

  • Beast aerobics

These exercises look like imitation of the movements of animals. Crumbs love this type of fitness very much.

  • Rock climbing and ropes.
  • Roller skating / cycling.
  • Dancing and swimming.
  • Yoga.
  • Fitball.
  • Classes on massage mats.
  • Power training.
  • Programs for the development of motor skills, to improve posture or to prevent flat feet.
  • Physiotherapy.
  • Rhythm and aerobics.
  • Ushu.
  • Kinesiological exercises.

Classes to activate mental abilities, cerebral hemispheres.

  • Ballinger Training Gymnastics

The goal is the development of mental functions.

  • Hardening gymnastics.
  • Dance gymnastics.
  • Water aerobics.
  • “Rocking chair” for kids (exercise equipment).

Is children’s fitness possible in the conditions of your apartment?

Of course, you can do it at home – no one will forbid you to do it. But training is recommended to be carried out with the participation of a trainer and following his recommendations.

And given that one of the goals of children’s fitness is the development of social skills and the maximum switching of the child from the computer to real life, it is still better to accustom the baby to activities outside the home – in groups with peers.

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