What kind of man do Aquarius women love – the secrets of communication and seduction

A lively and impetuous Aquarius woman will always and everywhere attract the attention of the opposite sex. But it’s not easy for her to like her, and it’s even harder to keep her attention.

Information about what kind of man women born under the sign of Aquarius love will help not to make irreparable mistakes and once again try to answer the question: what does this woman want?

What kind of man do Aquarius women love?

What is an Aquarius woman like?

When communicating with her, it must be borne in mind that the element of the sign is air, with all the ensuing consequences.

Aquarius women are characterized by:

  • ease in everything;
  • energy;
  • cheerfulness;
  • sexuality;
  • increased sociability.

Aquarians are more “down to earth” in comparison with other air signs, they are more balanced and reasonable, they have strong intuition and insight.

Like all air signs, Aquarius women love bright fun, enchanting parties and a kaleidoscope of people and events around. And also freedom from external restrictions, often not paying attention to the social framework, they are guided only by their internal principles.

Remember! If Aquarius behaves like a child, then he is happy.

What kind of man is loved by women of Aquarius

What can attract an Aquarius woman in a man?

Women born under the sign of Aquarius are creative people with an unlimited supply of energy. Their attention is attracted by extraordinary strong-willed representatives of the opposite sex, far from the concepts of “everyday life” and “passivity”. It is such a man who will be loved by an Aquarius woman.

Naturally witty and charming, possessing innate intelligence and bright appearance, Aquarians almost always become the center of attention in any company. However, for all their hypertrophied sociability, they approach the choice of their man with a high standard.

To attract such a woman, it is not enough for a man to give a couple of expensive trinkets – Aquarians do not like the category of men who make such gifts with consequences.

In a man, Aquarius primarily values ​​an interesting interlocutor with high intelligence, and the presence of exquisite manners and a subtle sense of humor will make a man in the eyes of Aquarius simply irresistible. It is these men that Aquarius women love most of all.

At the same time, even the most handsome and erudite man, if he picks his teeth with a fork or wipes his hands on the tablecloth, does not have the slightest chance to interest this woman.

What kind of men do Aquarius women need to love?

In personal relationships, Aquarius women value their freedom and personal space very much, they will gladly support a light flirtation or “resort romance”, but it is not easy to start a more serious relationship with her.

She needs a man who accepts her for who she is and does not try to dominate or reshape her for herself.

Important! When Aquarians want to escape from reality, they withdraw into themselves …

What to expect from the union of an Aquarius woman with men of different signs

Not every man is able to attract and retain an Aquarius woman. Here is a brief description of relationships with men of different zodiac signs.


The union is unlikely to be successful due to the conservatism of Aries and the tendency to focus on everyday issues.


Taurus combines with Aquarius like oil and water – they have practically no intersection points. For an Aquarius woman, Taurus is not the man who needs to be loved.


Gemini man for Aquarius woman

The two air signs are so similar in the ease of relationship to everything around that there is practically no place for serious feelings to appear. This is a union of summer butterflies – pleasant and non-binding.


The brutal restrained Cancer is able to arouse short-term interest in Aquarius, but very soon the former macho will begin to be perceived as a stubborn and boring retrograde.

a lion

The fiery Leo man also did not make it to the list of “What Men We Love” – ​​he is too authoritarian, jealous and despotic.


A rational Virgo man with his orderly being rarely attracts the attention of an Aquarius woman.


A great option for an Aquarius girl. The two air signs are perfect for each other in every way.


A heavy and energy-intensive Scorpio is one of the worst men for an Aquarius woman.

Scorpio man for Aquarius woman


A good option, such alliances arise only because of mutual attraction, proximity of interests and outlook on life.


Relations with the conservative realist Capricorn most often have no future, and the present is also under a big question.


A connection with an Aquarius man can only arise by chance, as a by-product of some kind of joint action. But on the other hand, they will be 100% friends, due to the similarity of views and life priorities.


Such men are loved by Aquarius women. Largely for their ability to accept her for who she is, without trying to remake for themselves or limit her freedom.

Although no horoscope is true in the absolute, it is able to greatly facilitate the life of the Aquarius woman, suggesting whom you should not spend your attention on. It will also tell the man who has decided to conquer the representative of this sign, which is definitely not worth doing.

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