What kind of shoes to buy a child for the winter

So the last autumn month has begun. And after a few weeks, winter begins. Many parents faced such a problem as the choice of winter overalls, hats and shoes for the winter for their beloved children. The children’s footwear market is overflowing with a variety of models from both foreign and domestic manufacturers. And many parents are tormented by doubts about which ones to choose.

What shoes are best for a child

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Every mother wants her baby to be warm, comfortable and easy to dress in any weather. And manufacturers try to take into account all the wishes of parents, so every year new models appear on the market. Let’s take a look at the most popular ones:

  • Felt boots – traditional winter footwear in our country. They have many advantages. The main thing is that they perfectly retain heat even in the most severe frosts. Boots are made from felt and felt, which are breathable materials. This will keep your baby’s feet from sweating. And also in such shoes it is very comfortable and the legs do not get tired. Valenki are very easy to put on and even a small child will cope with this task. Manufacturers of children’s shoes have improved felt boots, eliminating some of their shortcomings. Now in stores you can see felt boots with rubber soles and a shape recommended by orthopedic doctors. Modern felt boots are decorated with various embroidery, fringes, pom-poms, fur, stones and rhinestones. Now they can satisfy the most demanding children and parents, because they have not only a beautiful design, but they keep warm and do not get wet in any weather.
  • Ugg boots – such models have appeared on our market relatively recently, but are confidently gaining popularity among parents. They perfectly retain heat and give a feeling of comfort. If they are made of natural materials, then the skin breathes in them. The main disadvantage of this shoe is that it cannot be worn in wet weather. It gets wet very quickly, loses its shape and becomes stained. These shoes are quite popular among teenagers, so manufacturers mainly focus on their tastes. Ugg boots are decorated with a variety of applications, rhinestones, buttons, fringes and satin ribbons.
  • Dutik – these shoes are very warm and perfect even for very harsh winters. Thanks to the air between the layers of the fabric, excellent thermal insulation is provided, which does not allow frost or wind to pass through. Children like these models due to their beautiful design and bright colors. The disadvantage of such shoes is that the feet sweat in them, because they do not let air through.
  • Moon boots – a novelty in the children’s footwear market. They feature a high platform, wide heel counter and massive lacing. These boots are popular with preschoolers and primary school children. These boots are made of waterproof fabric with insulation, they are not afraid of frost, dirt or dampness. Moon boots are not suitable for small children, as the platform causes them inconvenience.
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Materials used to make shoes:

  • Today on the market there are children’s shoes made of different materials, the main of which is leather and textiles… After all, these materials are quite durable, warm and breathable. However, when buying such shoes, you need to take into account some of the nuances. For instance, leather shoes can stretch, a textile shoes require special care
  • Some manufacturers for the manufacture of children’s shoes use nubuck, artificial leather and suede… These shoes have their drawbacks. Suede and nubuck shoes look great, but slushy or snowy winters will quickly become unusable. And shoes made of artificial leather are breathable.
  • When choosing children’s shoes, pay attention not only to the appearance, but also to its inner content. remember, that only natural fur should be used for children’s shoes
  • Has become quite popular lately membrane shoes… These shoes have a special film that releases steam out from the inside of the shoe. But moisture does not pass from the outside to the inside. Thanks to this technology, the leg does not sweat. In no case should such shoes be dried on a battery, the membrane will lose its properties.

Popular manufacturers of children’s shoes

  1. Ricosta (Germany) – is considered one of the most reliable brands. This manufacturer specializes in the production of children’s shoes. All Ricosta products are made from natural leather or high-tech materials. And the polyurethane sole is 50% air. Thanks to this, children’s shoes from this manufacturer are flexible, lightweight and non-slip. And to make the baby comfortable and convenient, the manufacturer uses Sympatex membrane technology. The cost of Ricosta children’s shoes starts at 3200 rubles.
  2. ECCO (Denmark) – this manufacturer has long gained popularity in the Russian market. But recently, consumers have had a lot of complaints about the shoes of this manufacturer: they are not warm enough, the models are narrow, and the sole begins to slip in severe frosts. If you chose this particular manufacturer, then pay attention to the sole: if it says ECCO LIGHT, then this shoe is designed for European winter, but if ECCO, then the shoe is warmer. Only natural materials are used for the manufacture of these shoes. Its sole is cast two-component with a GORE-TEX membrane. The cost of ECCO children’s shoes starts at 3000 rubles.
  3. Viking (Norway) – one of the most reliable firms, but quite expensive. Over the years, there have been no complaints about the quality of her shoes. They are very warm and designed for a wide leg. In addition to Norway, licensed footwear of this brand is also produced in Vietnam. It is also quite high quality, but less warm and much cheaper than Norwegian. Shoes from this manufacturer are made from natural materials using the GORE-TEX technology. The cost of Viking children’s shoes starts at 4500 rubles.
  4. Scandia (Italy) – this trade mark has become more and more popular in recent years. However, some models have serious complaints. Scandia shoes, which are made in Italy, have a special patch in the form of the national flag inside, but models made in other factories do not have such a patch and their quality is much worse. Winter shoes from this manufacturer are very warm, they have a three-layer insulation that works as a heat pump and a moisture separator. The outsole is made of polyurethane, which has excellent traction and good stability. The cost of Scandia children’s shoes starts at 3000 rubles.
  5. Superfit (Austria) – there are practically no complaints about this manufacturer either. Shoes from this manufacturer are lightweight, warm, soft and do not get wet. A very large selection of models designed for different feet, a very comfortable last. Superfit shoes are highly recommended by podiatrists. Boots of this brand have a special insole with a cushion, which strengthens the ligaments and muscles of the foot. The shoes are made from natural materials. The cost of Superfi children’s shoes starts at 4000 rubles.
  6. Reimatec (Finland) – shoes of this brand are not very well-known, but many people wear them. Boots from this manufacturer are quite high quality, warm and do not get wet. However, they are designed for a narrow stem. This manufacturer uses faux fur to insulate shoes. The cost of Reimatec children’s shoes starts at 2,000 rubles.
  7. Merrel (USA / China) – high quality professional footwear. It warms well, does not get wet and has positive reviews. This company produces both membrane shoes and multi-layer boots. The cost of Merrel children’s shoes starts at 3000 rubles.
  8. Kuoma (Finland) – multilayer insulated boots and Finnish felt boots. It is better not to climb in puddles in these shoes, they get wet. It can be used only at temperatures no higher than -100C, if it is warmer outside, the child’s leg will quickly sweat and freeze. The cost of Kuoma children’s shoes starts at 2,000 rubles.

Should you buy used shoes?

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Quite often, young parents do not have enough money. After all, now there is a small family member on which you cannot save. One of the savings items is children’s shoes, which are often purchased not new, but used. But is it really so economical and does such shoes not harm the health of the baby?

There are several reasons parents sell shoes:

  • Children have grown out of these shoes, and there is no reason to store them and nowhere.
  • The purchased shoes did not fit the child, for example, they turned out to be small.
  • The shoes were uncomfortable for the child. What was uncomfortable for one person is unlikely to be comfortable for another.

If you nevertheless decide to buy used shoes for your child, when choosing them, observe some regulations:

  1. Find out if the previous owner had a leg problem. If so, then it is better to refuse the purchase;
  2. Pay attention to the outsole. If it is worn down to one side, it is likely that the previous owner had a clubfoot.
  3. Examine closely all joints and seams. If you find any defects, it is better to refuse to purchase;
  4. Deformation on the shoes could be a sign that the previous owner had a problem with the shoe. In this case, it is better to refuse the purchase.

What kind of shoes do you buy for your baby? Share with us in the comments!

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