What kind of women do Aries men like?

Many people like the representatives of the zodiac sign Aries: they are smart, gallant, temperamental. However, falling into the heart of an Aries man is not as easy as it seems. They are quite amorous and are easily carried away by women, but they also easily cool off to their chosen ones. How to conquer this fickle handsome?

Aries men like a woman

Relationships with women

Aries men, as typical representatives of the fire element, give themselves up to the feelings with their heads. They adore the process of conquering a woman: they like to court, to seek the attention of a lady, to make romantic surprises. But if a woman immediately reciprocates, then a man can quickly lose interest in her. The favorite of all women in Russia, humorist Ivan Urgant, who was born under the sign of Aries, expressed his opinion on this issue:

“There are girls who submit immediately. Moreover, you have not even had a desire to conquer them, but they are already conquered. And there are girls who, on the contrary, do not give up. In Leningrad there is such avenue – Nepokorenykh. It seems to me that a woman should create in a man the feeling that she is from this avenue. That he achieved it, conquered it, took it away, stole it, stole it. And it doesn’t matter at all that while she was sitting and waiting for him for 15 years at the window. And as soon as he entered, I almost fainted from happiness. “

In relationships, Aries loves to dominate. He is not prone to compromise, so be prepared to adapt to his desires and interests. If you can tame a stubborn Aries, you will get a caring and loyal partner who will be next to you in the most difficult situations.

Aries’ favorite women

Since Aries are bright and confident people, they are looking for the same notable personalities for partnership.

Aries' favorite women

It doesn’t matter if his girlfriend is blonde or brunette, thin or curvy, tall or short. The presentation of oneself is much more important. A stylish outfit and fashionable hairstyle are more important for Aries than just a pretty face.
Of course, a girl must be well-groomed. The famous Aries Dmitry Nagiyev confirms this:

“For women, 50% of attractiveness is grooming. “Ah, she has breasts, ah, she has teeth …” Well, do something with your breasts. Do something with your teeth. Just do it, don’t sit. Pay attention, go to fitness, for a massage, run in the morning, swim those to whom nature has already given something. They cherish it. They save. Take care of themselves. “

In order to please Aries, you have to work hard. You must be brave, but at the same time unapproachable. You will have to show all your best qualities: intelligence, sense of humor, assertiveness and determination. However, do not seek to tell everything about yourself, because you should remain a mystery to Aries! Here is what Sergey Lazarev says about his beloved women:

“At school, I paid attention only to excellent pupils and leaders. At the institute, he had a weakness for such, you know, slightly hooligan individuals who would not go into their pockets for a word and could shave them off. Nuns and whims were never interesting to me. A woman must be smart, maybe even smarter than a man, in order to allow him to feel himself in charge, leading. We, men, are like that, it is important for us! And everything else, all these notorious borscht – in fact does not matter. I am used to eating by leaps and bounds: where I sat down, there I ate, what I gave, then I chew ”.

Aries man chooses a companion

Compatibility with other zodiac signs

Aries and Gemini and Aries and Leo have the greatest prospects. Gemini women are inquisitive, energetic and tireless, which Aries likes. Together they will never be bored: they will have parties, excursions and hikes in hot places.

Lionesses are fiery and hot girls who strive to ensure that everything in their life is the best. Aries is quite suitable for the role of the ideal groom. Polite, courteous and romantic men will be able to give the Lioness whatever she wants. And she, in turn, will give him all her passion.

Aries have a hard time converging with representatives of water signs – Cancer, Pisces and Scorpions. The Cancer girl, most likely, will seem boring to the gentleman. Pisces is too complex emotionally, a straightforward Aries is unlikely to be able to understand them. Aries will unleash a real war with Scorpio: both signs prefer to be leaders in relationships and do not give up their throne without a fight.

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